You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1654 - Epilogue (27)

Chapter 1654: Epilogue (27)

Mo Xicheng reached out and grabbed the ten red strings. Then he slowly said, “Nianyao and I have really gone through a lot to reach this day, so I’m not scared about our efforts being destroyed by this red string.”

After saying so, he took in a deep breath, randomly chose a string and pulled hard.

In the room, the red string in Shi Nianyao’s hand suddenly tightened.

She widened her eyes in surprise and looked at the door in shock. After that, she jumped up in agitation. “You got it! You got it!”

She was so happy. It was as if she had won 50 million in the lottery.

Everyone in the room was stunned with surprise.

Everyone looked at the scene in disbelief. The ten percent chance had happened for Shi Nianyao!

They gulped simultaneously.

Su Penghao, who was outside the door, was also extremely shocked. “He really got it?”

In the room, the person who was assisting him shouted, “He really got it!”

Su Penghao: …

Su Penghao was really speechless. It seemed like even god was helping them.

He patted his forehead and said, “Your luck is really crazy! I think you can buy the lottery!”

Mo Xicheng stared at his unwilling look and said, “Excuse me.”

Su Penghao: …

Although Su Penghao wasn’t very willing, he had to keep his word. Thus he turned around and opened the door for Mo Xicheng and his team to enter.

Mo Xicheng was walking at the very front. He saw Shi Nianyao the moment he walked into the room.

She was standing there gracefully, with a really pure aura. She was so beautiful, as if she was a fairy who had descended on earth, catching everyone’s eye.

Mo Xicheng’s eyes wrinkled as he smiled.

Si Jingyu laughed as well, but as she laughed, her eyes reddened.

She stared at Mo Xicheng as he walked step by step till he stood before her daughter. Then he suddenly lowered his head and carried Shi Nianyao into his arms, like a princess.

Everyone around watched and cheered.

Mo Xicheng carried Si Nianyao in front of Si Jingyu. He stared back at Si Jingyu and said, “Mom, we’ll be leaving now.”

After he said so, he put Shi Nianyao down.

The two of them stood before Si Jingyu, knelt down and bowed.

Si Jingyu’s tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

She stretched out her hands and looked at the couple. “Good kids, good kids. Hurry and stand up.”

But she wasn’t able to stop her tears. She stared at Shi Nianyao and said, “We have always spoiled Nianyao. I hope that after you’ve gotten married, both of you can love each other and not fight. If she does something wrong, don’t be too angry at her. Tell me and I will help you scold her.”

After Mo Xicheng heard her words, he turned to glance at Shi Nianyao and said in a serious tone, “Mom, don’t worry. I swear that I will be extremely good to Nianyao for our whole life. I will not let her suffer.”

Si Jingyu nodded.

She turned around.

At that moment, Shi Jinyan walked over and patted Si Jingyu’s shoulder. Then he looked at Mo Xicheng and Shi Nianyao.

Shi Nianyao said, “Dad.” When he heard her calling him, the normally resilient Shi Jinyan teared up.

Shi Jinyan had cried less than five times in his whole life but at that moment, he couldn’t describe how he felt about letting his daughter marry.

He waved his hands and, immediately after, Mo Xicheng carried Shi Nianyao up and left with large steps.