You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1779 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (9)

Chapter 1779: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (9)

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Even if Liang Liang hadn’t entered, Li Tingting could also not stay any longer.

She hadn’t even eaten dinner, yet she had vomited so much. Besides that, her clothes were wet. She had to return home, change her clothes and rest.

At this thought, Li Tingting pressed down the anger in her and nodded to Liang Liang. Before walking out of the door, she turned around and glanced fiercely at Qiao Yiyi.

Only after Li Tingting had left did Qiao Yiyi turn her head to take a glance at the two people and slowly walked out.

When she was at the door, Lu Nanze suddenly narrowed his eyes. He stopped faking to be asleep and suddenly said, “Qiao Yiyi.”

Qiao Yiyi stopped in her tracks.

Lu Nanze spoke again, “Go home and bring some things for me.”

That look of his… It was obvious that he wanted Qiao Yiyi to leave the hospital, in case she overheard their conversation.

If Qiao Yiyi couldn’t even tell that from his words, she would be really stupid.

Her lips instantly curved into a nonchalant smile, her expression was still really calm. “Ok, what do you want me to get?”

“Pyjamas. I’m not used to the clothes from the hospital.”

“Uh huh.”

After their exchange, Qiao Yiyi walked out.

She then closed the door and obediently went downstairs.

When she reached the first floor, she walked out of the hospital and found her sports car quickly.

Then she quickly changed into Traceless’ clothes.

Suck that!

She wondered what they were saying that she wasn’t allowed to hear.

But the more they didn’t want her to hear, the more she wanted to know.

Qiao Yiyi laughed softly, came out of the car quickly and went into the darkness.

Since his room was on the third floor, Qiao Yiyi jumped through air-conditioning units and balconies to reach his window.

Then she climbed onto the window and listened, hidden.

As her movements were too fast and the two men inside were immersed in their thoughts, contemplating how to speak up, they didn’t realize when she climbed up. The moment she reached the window sill, she heard Liang Liang ask, “Was the person who fell down with you Traceless?”

Although it was a question, his tone made it sound like a definite sentence.

When Lu Nanze heard his words, he plainly lifted his head and took a glance at Liang Liang. Then he said, “Since you already know, why are you asking?”

Liang Liang was agitated by his casual attitude. He instantly took a step forward and grabbed Lu Nanze. “Don’t speak so casually. You know that Traceless and I- If you knew about her, why didn’t you tell me?!”

Hearing his words, Lu Nanze lifted his head to look at him again and then said, “What’s up between you and Traceless?”

Liang Liang: …

Liang Liang wouldn’t believe for a second that Lu Nanze hadn’t heard their story. However he had still shamelessly asked about it.

Liang Liang felt something stuck in his heart and there was unexplainable sadness.

He took in a deep breath and replied, “I dated Traceless.”

Lu Nanze asked, “Are both of you still dating?”

“No, we’ve broken up, but—”

“Isn’t that alright, then? I know so many people from that world, am I supposed to tell you every team I hear from each one of them? If that was the case, would I even still be alive?”

Liang Liang: …

He actually didn’t have anything to counter Lu Nanze’s weird reasons.

Lu Nanze’s identity was indeed unique. As a person who had gone from illegal business to being an honest businessman, he had to ensure his previous friends wouldn’t be worried, and that his friends in the legitimate and open industry wouldn’t be afraid of him. Thus it had always been hard on him.

He then heard Lu Nanze ask, “So can you tell me about what exactly happened between you and Traceless?”