Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1628 - You Are My Little Love Song (195)

Chapter 1628: You Are My Little Love Song (195)

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Seeing that the medical staff had all entered and the man covered in blood had been pushed into the emergency room, Ji Nuan walked behind Shi Niange.

“Miss Shi, are you all right? There’s so much blood on your body. If you’ve been injured, quickly go and deal with it. Is it your friend inside? I’ll stay behind to help you negotiate with the doctor. Quickly go check your wounds.”

“I’m fine.” Shi Niange watched as the lights in the emergency room were turned on. She then turned around and raised her hand for Ji Nuan to see the blood on her hand. “I’m not injured. The blood is theirs. The ones who were injured were my chauffeur and assistant. I’m fine….”

On the sixteenth floor of the hospital.

“Where’s Doctor Qin?”

“I don’t know. Earlier, the first floor’s emergency room received three seriously injured people in a car accident. Doctor Qin happened to be on the phone with Elder Zhou from the emergency room. I don’t know what he heard, but he suddenly put down the phone and left. At that time, the elevator had yet to come up, and he went rushing down through the safe passage…”

“Safe passage? This is the sixteenth floor. Where is he going….”

“I don’t know… I’ve never seen Doctor Qin so anxious….”

Ji Nuan originally had some matters to look for Qin Siting. Seeing Shi Niange’s condition, she was too worried and did not leave.

At this moment, many reporters had already run in from outside the hospital. As they took photos of the situation in the hospital, they asked, “May I ask if the two of you are friends of the injured family? The car accident near Yuan Yang Road Park is very strange. Can anyone explain the situation in detail…”

The emergency room was in a mess because of the reporters’ intrusion.

Shi Niange did not speak. Ji Nuan was about to separate her from the reporters when a low male voice came from the back of the crowd. “Scram.”

That voice was unbelievably cold. She turned to see Qin Siting standing there expressionlessly in a white coat.

The moment Qin Siting appeared, the entire first floor of the hospital fell silent. No one dared to speak loudly.

The reporters were stunned. This was the first time they had seen a doctor speak so impolitely. They raised their cameras to face him.

However, before the reporters could finish their words, the hospital’s security guards had already rushed over and chased the reporters out. As they rushed out, they sternly said, “The emergency room is not a place for reporters to take photos. Quickly leave. Don’t block the way and delay the doctor’s treatment of the injured. Quickly leave!”

The reporters were chased out of the hospital, and the surroundings gradually became quiet.

Qin Siting glanced at Ji Nuan coldly and indifferently, as though he did not know she would come. He then casually shifted his gaze onto Shi Niange, who was behind Ji Nuan. He saw that Shi Niange was standing there with a pale face and did not speak.

He walked over, his voice low and clear. “Where are you hurt?”

He was asking Shi Niange.

Earlier on, Shi Niange was in the ambulance and did not realize that the Central Hospital the medical staff was talking about was this Central Hospital. Now that she came to her senses, she realized that she went to the hospital where Qin Siting worked.

However, when she saw his cold expression, she was silent for a moment. Her slightly pale face did not reveal any particular expression. She only answered indifferently, “I’m not injured.”

When she answered, she turned her eyes away. Her tone was as cold as Qin Siting’s.

If he thought that she had intentionally come to his place to seek his pity or to make her presence known, there was no need. She did not have such thoughts.

Seeing Shi Niange’s avoiding gaze and equally cold expression, Qin Siting placed one hand in the pocket of his white coat. His cold eyes scanned her body, and a cold smile gradually formed on his lips. “That’s true. Miss Shi has always been tough.”


Did he know that her parents were no longer around and that she was the only one left? Was he saying that her life was tough because she was injured in a car accident, but she was fine?

She suddenly turned to look at him, meeting Qin Siting’s cold gaze. Her gaze was calm, and her tone was even. “Right now, my chauffeur and assistant are seriously injured. It’s not clear if they’re dead or alive. Doctor Qin can target me, but please don’t add fuel to the fire at such a time.”

Qin Siting sneered. “I couldn’t tell that Miss Shi has quite a conscience for the people around her. Your conscience, which was eaten by a dog, has gradually grown back in the U.S. over the years?”

Shi Niange did not speak further as she stared at him.

She suddenly felt that the man in front of her was somewhat unfamiliar.

She knew that there must be some misunderstanding, but she could not explain anything at this moment. She could not find the direction and did not know what had happened.

But his eyes were still filled with cold mockery.

Ji Nuan could not stand by the side any longer and said, “Doctor Qin, when Miss Shi ran in earlier, she had a slight limp. Perhaps she had injured the bones in her leg. Her complexion is so poor. Even if the blood on her body isn’t hers, she must have received quite a shock. You’re a man, after all. Can you not stab someone’s heart at such a time?”

“Shock? What shock?” Qin Siting said coldly and meaningfully, “Even if ten thousand arrows pierce a person with a heart of stone, she won’t feel anything. If my words can stab her heart, she won’t be Shi Niange.”

With that, he left.

Ji Nuan could not bear to watch any longer. It was clear that she had something to discuss with him. After comforting Shi Niange for a while, she quickly followed him.

Seeing Qin Siting’s cold back view as he entered the elevator, Shi Niange stood in front of the emergency room without moving.

In the afternoon.

Ji Nuan only came up to chat for a while before leaving. Qin Siting then went for an operation.

When he came out of the operating theater, it was already past four in the afternoon. The sunset glow outside the hospital had already risen.

Before walking back to the consulting room, he glanced at the nurse at the reception desk. After a moment of silence, he went over and asked, “Did anything happen in the emergency room this afternoon?”

The young nurse was surprised that Doctor Qin would suddenly take the initiative to ask such a question. She quickly stood upright behind the reception desk and answered, “Ah… I’m not too sure…”

Qin Siting was expressionless. “You nurses gather every day during mealtimes and breaks to gossip about various departments. Is there anything you don’t know?”

The young nurse’s face instantly turned red. She stuttered, “Uh… nothing. I just heard that the lives of two people who had a strange car accident today were saved. It seems like the driver inhaled a large amount of hallucinogenic gas before he drove. The police came to the hospital to investigate.”

Qin Siting glanced at her indifferently. The nurse quickly lowered her head in embarrassment.

He did not speak further and turned to leave. He walked to the door of the consulting room and was about to push it open to enter when he paused. After two seconds, he turned back to the elevator and entered it.