Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1629 - You Are My Little Love Song (196)

Chapter 1629: You Are My Little Love Song (196)

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On the first floor of the Emergency Department, as usual, the patients were crowded.

The police had been there for a long time. After investigating, they brought Shi Niange to a temporary intravenous injection room to record her statement. After all, the three of them were in the accident. She was the only one who could answer the questions soberly. Although the other two were alive, they had yet to wake up.

Shi Niange sat there to speak with the police.

However, the blood on her face and body was still there. She had yet to deal with it. Her face was filled with exhaustion as she faced everyone’s interrogation.

Qin Siting walked into the intravenous injection room and saw this scene.

“Then, Miss Shi, did you notice anything strange in the car before you got in?”

“No. The car drove for more than twenty minutes before the burning smell began. I’ve already shown you the video I recorded on my phone. For the time being, I have faith in the new driver. After all, he had inhaled hallucinogens. At the time, he was unable to control the car’s speed, and the situation gradually became out of control. However, if you wish to continue investigating him, you can only wait until he wakes up.”

The police listened as they wrote by the side. Then, they looked at her sitting there. Her expression seemed to be very haggard. After thinking for a moment, they asked another senior police officer by the side, “Miss Shi seems to be in a poor state. The statement has almost been recorded. Why don’t we let her rest first, and let’s go back to the station?”

Before the other police officer could speak, Qin Siting’s voice was already heard. “You’ve already asked what needs to be asked. There’s indeed no need to focus on the victim to keep her nervous.”

Hearing this clear voice, several police officers turned back to look at the person standing in front of the door. When they saw that handsome face, one of the older police officers recognized him. “Doctor Qin?”

Qin Siting nodded lightly. “Can I take her away?”

The police officers were surprised. They didn’t know what relationship this Miss Shi had with the famous abandoned businessman from Hai City, Qin Siting. However, Qin Siting was usually so busy and never interfered in other people’s business. It seemed like they were very familiar for him to suddenly come to the emergency room and say that he wanted to take her away.

“Yes, you can take her away. I see that Miss Shi’s complexion is very poor. After experiencing such a dangerous incident in the morning, her body and mind must be slightly overloaded.”

Qin Siting did not speak anymore. He looked at Shi Niange through the people who had automatically made way for him.

Shi Niange’s expression was slightly wooden. She raised her eyes to look at him and was momentarily at a loss for words.

Right now, her face was indeed ashen, and she was in a sorry state. She kept holding her phone in her hand. It was likely that she had shown the police the video of the so-called car.

“You can still walk?” Qin Siting did not go over. He only looked at her and then at her legs, asking coldly.

However, he clearly remembered that Ji Nuan had previously mentioned that Shi Niange had a slight limp when she walked. She might have twisted her leg, but she did not show it. Right now, she sat there unmoving.

Shi Niange retracted her gaze and looked at the policemen beside her. She asked, “Can I leave now?”

The police officer nodded. “Sure.”

She got up and tried to look less pathetic, but she knew that it was all in vain. From her body to her heart, from top to bottom, she looked pathetic.

She subconsciously resisted Qin Siting, who was dressed in white.

When she slowly walked in front of him, she thought that he wouldn’t notice that her leg was hurting because she had slowed down. However, the more she did this, the more obvious it was in Qin Siting’s eyes.

When she reached him, she glanced at him and did not speak. She walked away from him.

Qin Siting stood there in silence for a moment before turning around to leave. He calmly said, “Follow me to the consulting room.”

Shi Niange continued to walk out as if she did not hear him. Qin Siting looked at her, his cold brows seeming to become even colder. He watched as she walked to the hospital entrance with some difficulty step by step and was about to leave. He walked over with large, expressionless steps and suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Shi Niange did not expect to be suddenly held back. Due to inertia, she staggered backward, and half of her body suddenly bumped into his arms. She turned her eyes sharply and saw Qin Siting, who was right in front of her. Her entire body trembled. She then noticed that the dried blood on her body had rubbed against his white coat. She immediately felt uncomfortable and quickly moved aside. She raised her hand to shake his hand away.

Qin Siting did not let go and only looked at her coldly. “Follow me to the clinic. I don’t want to repeat my words a third time.”

Shi Niange felt that the hand on her wrist was very tight. She frowned and said impatiently, “There’s no need since I’m not injured. I’ve already spoken with the police. Right now, I need to return to the company to deal with the subsequent problems. I’ll send someone to take care of things at the hospital.”

Qin Siting’s tone remained cold. He did not let go of her hand. “Go up and check if there are any side effects from the car accident. Your leg is injured.”

“I’m fine. There’s no need to trouble Doctor Qin.” Shi Niange continued to tug her wrist out of his palm expressionlessly.

“Eh? Doctor Qin, why are you here? I’m looking for you on the sixteenth floor. Your patient seems to have something on in the ward. His family members are rushing to see you….” In front of the hospital’s emergency room, a young doctor walked out from the side passage. Just as he walked over and finished speaking, he suddenly noticed that Doctor Qin, who usually kept a distance from women, was actually holding a lady’s wrist. He was immediately surprised and looked at Shi Niange curiously.

Shi Niange avoided his gaze and turned to look at Qin Siting. She whispered, “Let go.”

Qin Siting did not say anything. He still held her wrist and did not waste any more words. He dragged her away.

Shi Niange did not expect that he would suddenly use force in front of his hospital colleagues. She was caught off guard and was dragged to the elevator.

There were too many people around, so that she couldn’t say much. When the elevator stopped on the first floor, Qin Siting pulled her in. Thankfully, there were no patients or anyone else inside. There were only the two of them in the elevator.

“Let go,” she said again.

This time, Qin Siting let go. As he let go, he walked to the front to press the floor number. He maintained a suitable distance from her before turning back to look at her.

Shi Niange raised her eyes to meet his gaze. “Didn’t Doctor Qin say that I have no conscience? What has it got to do with you? Why should I go to your clinic? I should return to the company.”