Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 201 - You Dared to Touch My Woman, Are You Unhappy with How Long Your Life Span Is?

Chapter 201 You Dared to Touch My Woman, Are You Unhappy with How Long Your Life Span Is?

If she needed to vent, let her vent. After all, Mr. Mo was here. No one would dare to touch a single strand of her hair.

Even when his body was covered entirely in blood, Ji Nuan continued stabbing the knife down onto his body with bloodshot eyes.

Outside, the policemen were gradually breaking open each door. Mo Jingshen abruptly stood up and brought Ji Nuan into his embrace in a smooth motion. He pressed her down tightly, forcefully preventing her from charging forward. He then bent down to whisper in her ears, All right, that’s enough!”

Ji Nuan was still glaring with reddened eyes at

the man lying limply on the ground. She gritted her teeth heavily, raising her wrist once more. Right before the police were about to slam open the door, Mo Jingshen snatched the knife from her hand and threw it onto the ground.

As though she had lost her rationality, Ji Nuan struggled madly in his arms, wanting to charge toward that person.

Mo Jingshen held her down: “Nuan Nuan, calm down!”

Ji Nuan paid no heed to him and continued struggling. Mo Jingshen abruptly turned her around, his deep, black eyes meeting her gaze. “Ji Nuan!”

After taking a clear look of Mo Jingshen’s face, Ji Nuan finally froze. She did not continue

struggling and only stared at him with bewildered eyes. Her bright red eyes were fixed on his black ones.

His heavy voice spoke right by her ears, gently coaxing and comforting her agitated emotions. “I’ll make sure they pay the price for their actions. I won’t leave them with a single breath they’re not supposed to have. Right now, you need to calm down and rest. Your wounds have to be attended to by a doctor. Don’t make me worry. Listen to me.”

Ji Nuan stared at him for a long moment before softly leaning into his embrace. Her head fell limply against his chest as she closed her eyes.

“Mrs. Mo!” Seeing that she had fainted, Feng Ling knitted her brows. She was both worried and in heartache.

Mo Jingshen silently wrapped his coat tightly around Ji Nuan and picked her up. He glanced coldly at the blood-soaked, half-dead man on the ground.

“Cooperate with the police’s investigation. Bring

all of the people secretly involved in this underground bar down. Before daylight, I want all of them ruined.” Read more chapter on Free Novels Read Online

Feng Ling nodded. Just as the police entered and Mo Jingshen was about to bring Ji Nuan away, she suddenly spoke up, “Mr. Mo, about Miss Su’s cousin…”

Hearing this, Mo Jingshen’s gaze clearly darkened. He said frigidly, “There’s no need for you to interfere with the Su family in America. I have my own plans to deal with the people who can’t learn from their past mistakes.”

Understanding his intentions, Feng Ling nodded.

Since the Su family did not take Mo Jingshen’s warning to heart, regardless of how influential they were, there would be no peace in the days ahead for them.

When the policemen charged in and saw the

bloodied, bespectacled man lying on the ground, they appeared clearly startled. None of them dared to stop Mo Jingshen as he carried a pale, similarly blood-covered Ji Nuan out. The policeman in charge approached in panic and concern. “Mr. Mo, this…”

An underground bar created so much chaos in an entire stretch of street, yet the T City’s police force did not even make an attempt to control it. Did you really think that no one would find out?” Mo Jingshen’s heavy voice left these words behind. The T City’s police force really leaves a lot of questions unanswered!’

The policeman immediately stiffened. “Mr. Mo, don’t worry. We will definitely investigate this bar and everything that happened today thoroughly and give you a satisfactory answer!”

Mo Jingshen carried the unconscious Ji Nuan in his arms; all of the policemen backed off to create

… a path for him to leave.

He stepped out of the underground area. In the bar, the man with the knife-wound scar as well as his underlings were being restrained by the police. Mo Jingshen coldly glanced toward the ‘boss’ of the bar.

You dared to touch my woman, are you unhappy with how long your life span is?” Mo Jingshen’s voice was coated with a layer of ice.

The boss did not dare to speak. When he realized that the woman they had brought in today was actually the great Mo Corporation’s CEO’s wife, he already understood that the years of experience he had in the underworld were useless. Today, he was really done for…

Ji Nuan was brought out of the bar. It was already late at night, and more than ten police cars were surrounding the bar. Even though she was unconscious, she was not at ease. When she

heard the sirens of the police cars, she silently furrowed her brows in his embrace.

Half an hour later, at the hospital.

A group of helpless doctors exchanged glances before turning to the woman curled up tightly on the bed; her head was still stained with blood as she trembled heavily.

The man who had brought her in was currently outside speaking with the police, who had escorted them to the hospital.

This Miss Ji had already been here for more than ten minutes now. They had been instructed to clean her wounds and check if she had any other injuries or difficulties. However, she had refused anyone from touching her.

No matter if it was a doctor or a nurse or a man or a woman, no one could approach her.

Even when a harmless and caring nurse brought her a cup of water hoping to calm her down, the cup was slapped away onto the ground.

They could see her emotions were extremely unstable; she must have suffered from a terrible fright. Her eyes were unfocused, but her trembling body made it clear to them that she was not in a good state.

“Miss R.” The doctor looked at her file and checked for her name. He tried his best to comfort her. ‘You’re safe right now. This is the hospital. We need to check your wounds. The blood on your forehead is already scabbing. If we don’t clean it soon, it might become infected. Please cooperate with us…”

Ji Nuan appeared not to have heard them. Just as the doctor approached, she abruptly bent her legs and hugged her knees close to herself. She then buried her head down and refused to move.

The doctor was about to take the opportunity to tug her over when Ji Nuan suddenly raised her head. Her reddened eyes watched them warily, as though if they dared to touch her, she would bite off their wrists.

Like a little creature that was injured, carefully licking her own wounds and refusing anyone’s approach.

The doctors were helpless. Don’t mention a check-up, right now, no one was able to even touch her.

Although her outerwear was slightly torn apart, the clothes she wore underneath were intact. Her pants and her intimate areas were also untouched. She did not experience any irreversible harm. However, from Ji Nuan’s condition, it was clear that her fright was not that simple.

In her heart, an enormous black hole had been forcefully ripped open. Inside of it, there were countless wounds she was terrified of revealing but was unable to continue concealing.

When Mo Jingshen finished speaking to the police and returned to the room—the moment he pushed open the door—he saw a pale, frightened

Ji Nuan curled up on the bed being surrounded by several doctors and nurses.