Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 202 - I’ve Warned You; Don’t Touch Ji Nuan. Did You Treat My Words Like Wind Past Your Ears?

Chapter 202 I’ve Warned You; Don’t Touch Ji Nuan. Did You Treat My Words Like Wind Past Your Ears?

When he entered, the doctors and nurses all turned their heads, drawn toward his strong aura. 0

Mo Jingshen was still dressed in the same clothes. Although his shirt was slightly stained by the blood from Ji Nuan’s forehead, he did not appear disheveled at all.

They looked at the cold, handsome, and tall man and noticed his grim and cold expression. All of the doctors and nurses were frightened by his icy gaze. After all, Miss Ji had already been sent in for more than ten minutes, yet none of them had managed to help her clean her wounds.

“S-Sir… Miss Ji refuses to let us touch her…,” one of the doctors said. Her emotions are extremely

unstable. Were worried that if we try to touch her, she will feel more panic and shock… what should we…”

Mo Jingshen glanced at the people surrounding Ji Nuan. His thin lips pursed coldly, and his long legs stretched forward, taking big steps forward.

When he approached, Ji Nuan remained curled up. She did not even raise her head.

He had never seen Ji Nuan appear this way.

The Ji Nuan he knew was cheerful, radiant, and beautiful. Although her character changed slightly several months ago, she remained the same person he knew; she had become more rational and ambitious but remained confident, radiant, and beautiful.

He had never seen her face as pale as a sheet of paper, and her gaze so frightened as though all of her defenses were up against the world.

She was curled up; her body was trembling uncontrollably. She did not dare to meet anyone’s gaze while she placed her hand right next to her lips as she bit on her fingers. It was as though she had suffered a fright her heart could not handle, and it was disturbing her rationality.

Mo Jingshen bent down, carrying her up from the corner of the wall she was shrunk against. He held her back, warmly and softly saying, ‘You’re covered in wounds. You need to see the doctor. Be obedient. After taking care of your wounds, well go straight home”

When she heard Mo Jingshen’s voice, Ji Nuan slowly raised her head. Her frightened expression could not be hidden. Seeing that it was Mo Jingshen, she did not refuse his touch, but her eyes remained fully guarded.

The doctor saw that she was finally cooperative and wanted to take the opportunity while she was

being held by this man to clean her wound with a cotton ball soaked with alcohol.

However, before he could even touch her, he heard the woman’s low, cold voice: “Don’t touch me!”

The doctor: “…”

As expected, aside from this man, she really refused anyone from touching her.

This must be because she had suffered a severe fright and because she trusted and depended on this man heavily, making him the only special one.

When he saw that Ji Nuan was really fearful of other peoples touch, he gently patted her head, asking softly, “Anywhere on your body hurting?”

Ji Nuan shook her head.

“Does your head hurt?” he asked softly.

She kept shaking her head, but when his hand

touched her wound, she knitted her brows from the pain.

Mo Jingshen did not say more. He used his gaze to indicate for the doctor to place the wound-cleaning tools on the shelf next to him. He then carefully wiped the traces of blood off of Ji Nuan’s forehead and face before wiping the surroundings of her wound. When he saw that the wound was not deep and it was only a surface wound that did not require stitches—caused by colliding against the pebble-wall—he brought over the alcohol-soaked cotton balls to continue cleaning her wound.

Although the wound was not deep, the affected area was not small. The pain from the alcohol caused Ji Nuan to shudder. However, when Mo Jingshen lowered his eyes in concern, she bit her lip silently and tolerated the pain. She did not move.

“Don’t bite yourself!” Mo Jingshen brought over a clean piece of gauze, folding it thickly. He placed it by her lip and, when she bit into it, he

continued disinfecting her wounds.

Ji Nuan really did not make the slightest noise from the pain; only her gradually paling face revealed how much pain she was in.

Finally, Mo Jingshen pasted the gauze over her wound and gently held her blood and sweat-stained hair. He used a hair tie borrowed from a female doctor to tie her hair up and asked for an ice pack to perform the cold compress on her swollen cheek.

When he was done, Ji Nuan leaned in his embrace silently. She still refused anyone from touching her, preventing any tests from being done. After repeatedly asking if she was uncomfortable and confirming that she had no other wounds, Mo Jingshen brought her out of the hospital.

When they returned to the condo, Ji Nuan quickly fell asleep. However, she kept experiencing nightmares and woke up from fear every few minutes. Even though Mo Jingshen was holding her, she continued startling awake. Every time she opened her eyes, she would stare at the light in the room for a long while, as though confirming her location. When she gradually confirmed that she was safe and her heart was at ease, she would close her eyes before startling awake once more in several minutes.

This continued until it was early morning when she finally fell into a deeper sleep. However, she remained deep in her nightmares; both her hands were tightly gripping Mo Jingshen’s sleeves, as though terrified that he would leave and abandon her.

Early in the morning, it was extremely silent.

Mo Jingshen’s phone vibrated against the bedside

table. He glanced at Ji Nuan who had finally fallen asleep for more than half an hour and reached over to pick it up. After scanning the screen, he answered.

The other party was clearly startled that he had answered. After calling for so many times, he actually answered.

“Jingshen.” A girl’s clear and happy voice answered. “I’m really sorry about Xueyi. She is…”

“After the delivery incident, I already warned you; don’t touch Ji Nuan. You treated my words like wind past your ears?” The man’s voice revealed the frost in his heart, and the temperature in the room appeared to be forced down by his cold demeanor.

The woman on the other end was about to speak up when she heard his cold voice once more. “Regardless of whether you are the Su family’s person, since you’ve given up on the last

tolerance I have for you, after today, you’ll understand the consequences of provoking me!’

The other party did not have the time to reply before the call was coldly hung up.

Mo Jingshen tossed his phone onto the table. He turned back to see that Ji Nuan had begun furrowing her brows once more. She gripped his sleeves tightly in unease, as though she was being chased by a frightening person in her dreams and had no escape. Her entire body tightly shrunk against him.

The man avoided her wound and gently caressed her forehead. After several minutes, Ji Nuan’s body finally relaxed. She pressed her face against his chest, and her brows gradually relaxed.

It was normal for her to feel uneasy from the fright she had suffered in the underground bar tonight. However, from her appearance, the stimulation she had experienced did not appear

as simple as that.

When she vented by stabbing that man in the underground room, her bloodshot eyes seemed to be seeing something else. Her madness during then was not purely venting, and that hatred and fear could not be simple.