Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 204 - Do You Want to Snatch My Man? Come!

Chapter 204: Do You Want to Snatch My Man? Come!

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“With Mr. Mo’s appearance, the T City’s police force dare not take their time. Those who should be taken down have all been taken down. Those who should be ended have all lost their opportunity to see today’s sunlight.”

Hearing these words, Ji Nuan subconsciously looked at Feng Ling. Although Feng Ling did not say more, her meaning was clear. The man who had almost sullied her last night was most likely dead by now.

“Was he killed by me?” When Ji Nuan asked this question, her tone was calmer than she expected. After all, she recalled stabbing him many times last night.

“No, the wounds you left on him were not life-threatening. At most, it caused him to lose too much blood. The true cause of death was his resistance during the capture. It led the police to harm him and kill him mistakenly.” Feng Ling curved her lips slightly at Ji Nuan, indicating for her not to overthink.

How could a half-dead man have the strength to resist the police? Although she already had the answer, Ji Nuan did not say more.

Some people were meant to die. Since they were already at this stage, she did not have the mood to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind. Feng Ling used such a method for her not to overthink and Ji Nuan accepted such an ending. It was much better than knowing that these people were still alive; it would ruin her appetite every day.

Seeing that Ji Nuan did not say more, Mo Jingshen sat on the sofa, indicating Ji Nuan to come over.

“Does your head still hurt?” When she approached, the man gently caressed her head. Although he avoided her wound, he intentionally checked the other areas for possible injuries.

“It doesn’t hurt. When I was struggling last night, I was pushed against the wall by that person. My head only collided slightly with the wall.” Ji Nuan tugged his hand down, saying, “I know you’re worried that I have a concussion. I was dizzy last night, but it’s much better right now. Don’t worry about me. I’m really all right.”

She was already calm and had a lot of things she needed to think through.

Recently, no matter if it were the injuries or problems she faced, they all appeared related to a certain someone from America, Los Angeles.

When Ji Nuan’s hands were held by Mo Jingshen, she suddenly asked, “That Su Xueyi, what exactly is her background? Was her goal to ruin me, or did she have other plans?”

Although she knew that Mo Jingshen was right by her side, Ji Nuan shifted her gaze onto Feng Ling, staring at her. “Before this incident, I had already sent her photo to you. Have you checked? Are there any results?”

Feng Ling’s expression faltered. Her gaze stopped on Ji Nuan’s face for several moments. Just as she was about to speak, Ji Nuan suddenly felt Mo Jingshen’s grip tighten around her hands.

“There’s nothing else for you to do here. Go out first,” Mo Jingshen calmly said; his words were directed at Feng Ling.

Seeing Feng Ling turning to leave, Ji Nuan subconsciously tried to tug her hands out of Mo Jingshen’s grip but was held even more tightly.

“What do you want to ask?” He looked at her, his gaze open and honest.

Ji Nuan stared at him. A sudden vexation in her heart urged her to pull her hands away from his grip. However, Mo Jingshen did not let go of her, his composed gaze was directed at her.

“Let go of me first.” She furrowed her brows. After several attempts, she still could not free her hands.

“I won’t.”


Ji Nuan’s anger was stifled. She wanted to be mad but knew that it was not the time and could only grit her teeth to hold it in. “Was Su Xueyi the fiancée you had in America?”

Mo Jingshen stared at the woman who sat on the sofa with him. Her pale face clearly revealed her suppressed emotions. Her forehead was still covered with a gauze. Under the light entering through the windows, she appeared delicate and weak but was stubbornly maintaining her rationality.

“No,” he answered.

“No?” Ji Nuan’s expression was suspicious. “Then why did she target me? From start to finish, there were so many incidents. Could it only have been a coincidence? Su Xueyi came from Los Angeles, this is undeniable. If she is not your fiancée, what could she be? It can’t be that every woman who shows up finds me an eyesore and is a crazy who wants to take me down? All of her actions must have had a goal!”

After her rebirth, Ji Nuan was too good at tolerating. However, after enduring for so long, she really could not hold on anymore.

After last night, who could possibly tolerate?

She stared at the man’s near, handsome face and closed her eyes. After taking in a deep breath, she attempted to tug her hands out but was unsuccessful again.

“I don’t have any so-called fiancée. At least, right now, I only have you. You are the true Mrs. Mo.” Mo Jingshen did not allow her to retrieve her hands. Their hands were intertwined while he stared straight into her eyes. “The issues in America cannot be easily explained. But you have to believe in me. From start to finish, I only have you, Ji Nuan, as my woman. Although my past isn’t as clean as a sheet of paper, it has never had any woman’s mark that shouldn’t be there. I’m your husband. Right now, in the future, and for forever.”

Ji Nuan’s expression did not warm up. “I’m not a demanding, unreasonable woman. I’ve never even considered your past. I’m very realistic; I only look at the present and what is before my eyes. But the person I’ve been neglecting and refusing to consider has been showing up and challenging my bottom line repeatedly. She’s been showing up in my vision over and over again. I cannot be so tolerating.”

“I know.” Mo Jingshen held her hands. “I’ll deal with it.”

How would he deal with it?

Right now, she did not even know who the person hiding in the dark and targeting her was.

Ji Nuan took a deep breath to suppress her emotions. However, she ended up saying coldly, “My head hurts. I’m going back to my room to sleep.”

As she spoke, she abruptly stood up from the sofa and tore her hands out of his grip. She did not say more as she headed into the bedroom without even looking back.

Mo Jingshen could tell that she was truly angered and was resisting the urge to release a full temper tantrum. However, she clearly wanted to be alone and to ignore him; she did not wish to say even a single word more to him.

Ji Nuan entered the bedroom, slamming the door closed with a ‘peng’ sound. When she recalled the blood-covered, wedding dress doll, as well as the frightening experience from last night, she really wanted to dig three meters into the ground to find that hidden woman out.

Do you want to snatch my man? Come, ah! If you have the ability, challenge me head-on.

What was the point in hiding and stirring up trouble? Creating a distance between them? Or to prevent her from having any peace?

Were these incidents to challenge her bottom line? Did she think that she would be afraid?

She understood that she had to be rational right now and could not push Mo Jingshen away at such a time or she would end up as Xia Tian warned her; unaware when this piece of meat was eaten away by someone else.

But she was really angry!

Angered to the point of wanting to ignore him!