Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 205 - Mo Jingshen, I Don’t Feel Like Talking to You Right Now!

Chapter 205: Mo Jingshen, I Don’t Feel Like Talking to You Right Now!

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A moment later, a knock resounded against the door.

Ji Nuan did not pay any attention to it. As she sat on the bed feeling stifled, she thought, Forget it. This piece of meat is covered in gold; it’s far too precious and far too difficult to protect. Let them bite it away as they please. Can I not want it anymore?

Several more knocks resounded against the door. A few seconds later, the man calmly called out, “Nuan Nuan.”

Ji Nuan laid on the bed and used the blanket to cover her head, unwilling to hear his voice.

Mo Jingshen knew that the door was locked from the inside and made a futile attempt to twist the doorknob. He said softly, “Nuan Nuan, open the door.”

Ji Nuan did not speak, keeping herself wrapped in the blanket. She used her silence as a form of an answer.

This woman’s temper came as it pleased; Mo Jingshen could not allow her to lock herself up just like this. His tone became firmer. “Ji Nuan, open the door!”

Catching his heavy tone, Ji Nuan abruptly sat up on the bed. She resisted the urge to throw the pillow against the door. “I won’t! My head hurts. I want to be alone!”

“If your head hurts, go to the hospital. What’s the point in locking yourself up? Open the door!” The man’s voice was low, heavy, and clearly much colder than before.

“I’m not opening it. I’m not going anywhere. I want to sleep!”

“Ji Nuan!”

“Mo Jingshen, I don’t feel like talking to you right now!”

“Are you going to open the door, or do you want me to do it?”

Ji Nuan recalled last night’s experience at the underground bar; that solid door had been easily kicked open by him. He had multiple ways of opening the door, and she had no way to stop him.

She hugged the blanket and laid on the bed motionless. She decided not to speak. Let him do as he pleased. Anyway, this condo belongs to him. He can kick the door down if he wants.

After a moment of silence, Ji Nuan suddenly remembered; if this condo was bought by him, he must have the key to every room in this place.

She abruptly sat up and flipped through the bedside tables and cabinets. Finally, she found the bedroom key in the last drawer of the bedside table.

Seeing that the key was not in his hands, Ji Nuan’s heart was finally at ease. She returned the key to its place and climbed back on the bed, covering herself tightly with the sheets.

She was originally upset, but after nestling in the sheets for a while, she fell asleep.

When she awoke, it was already in the evening. The sunset glow was layered over the sky, and it was slightly dark in the room. Ji Nuan sat up, glancing toward the door that was still tightly shut.

Mo Jingshen actually did not enter.

And it was completely silent outside.

Did he head out? Or did he fly directly back to Hai City after receiving the cold shoulder from her?

She had slept for several hours; in these few hours, anything could have happened.

Ji Nuan sat gloomily on the bed for a while, paying attention to any movement outside. She confirmed that it was really silent and pushed the sheets aside, approaching the door to press her ear against it.

The entire condo was quiet, as though she was the only one here.

Ji Nuan unlocked the door and opened a small gap. She saw that there was something on the ground and was startled. As she could not gain a clear look of it, she could only open the door further.

The instant the door was opened, the room lit up as though there was a motion sensor operating. The lights in the living room caused the rose petals scattered on the ground to appear especially dazzling.

The center of the living room was largely covered with rose petals. In the center, a heart shape space was lined up with twenty-one cakes. The first cake was white, representing the pure-white, angelic purity at one year old. Following it, the shades of the cakes gradually turned deeper, from white to pink to red. Finally, the twenty-first and very last cake was in the shade of red that represented marriage.

Ji Nuan stood stiffly in front of the door. She had been so preoccupied with losing her temper that she had even forgotten that it was her birthday today.

Furthermore, it had been far too long since she celebrated her birthday. This celebratory atmosphere was especially foreign to her.

She could only see the rose petals and cakes in the room. When she raised her head, she did not see Mo Jingshen’s silhouette.

She approached the door. Just as she passed by the first white cake, the sight of dazzling fireworks bursting across the sky through the windows caught her attention.

Ji Nuan stared dazedly at the windows. She subconsciously took another step forward and watched as more fireworks burst across the sky.

Just like this, her gaze was fixed on the scene outside the window as she walked around the room. As it was a heart-shaped path, it led her back to her initial position. When she arrived at the final red cake, fireworks did not spread across the sky once more. Instead, she saw a warm light on the balcony through the ceiling-to-floor windows she was facing.

A man dressed in a white dress shirt stood there, holding a lighter in his hand. By his feet, there were many more unlit fireworks.

Ji Nuan was dazed. She subconsciously rushed over, tugging open the ceiling-to-floor windows.

“Are you looking for me?” Mo Jingshen quietly smiled at her, igniting the unlit firework in his hand.

As the dazzling fireworks exploded right before her eyes, Ji Nuan’s gaze remained fixed on the man standing amidst it all. She stood there, unmoving.

The abrupt firework show appeared to have caused a large sensation in T City, yet the person being celebrated was completely dumbstruck, standing there like a pole. She was completely frozen.

She was not sure when Mo Jingshen had approached, coming back to herself only when he held her hand. He placed a soft kiss on her hand, softly whispering, “To the one-year-old little Ji Nuan, happy birthday.”

Before Ji Nuan could react, the man had already wrapped her up in his arms. He placed another kiss on her forehead. “To the two-years-old little Ji Nuan, happy birthday.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

“To the three-years-old little Ji Nuan, happy birthday.”

“To the four-years-old little Ji Nuan, happy birthday.”


He kissed her hands, her face, her nose, her brows, her forehead, her ears, and many other places.

“To the twenty-years-old little Ji Nuan, happy birthday.”

Finally, the man pressed a kiss against her mouth and did not move away. He gently whispered against her lips, “To the twenty-one-years-old Mrs. Mo, happy birthday.”

As he finished his words, he abruptly pressed the dazed Ji Nuan against the clear glass windows. This last kiss was unlike the previous light touches. It was possessive and strong. He held her tightly between the window and his chest, gradually deepening the kiss. When Ji Nuan raised her hands to push his chest away, he held them down instead, pushing his tongue even deeper.

Ji Nuan could not push him away. She opened her eyes and bit down on his lip instead. Although she did not use much force, the man still paused, lowering his eyes to look at her.

Ji Nuan wanted to say that she was still angry but was really unable to voice it out.

Her anger had yet to cool down, and she was already about to be moved to tears. Where was she supposed to put her face?