Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 206 - The Little Lady Who Saved Your Life Back Then Was Ji Nuan?

Chapter 206: The Little Lady Who Saved Your Life Back Then Was Ji Nuan?

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The man watched her, a hint of a smile in his deep, black eyes. His smile was especially seductive, like a demon that brought calamity onto humankind. His Adam’s apple slightly shifted as he bent down and pressed another kiss onto her lips.

He did not invade her lips once more. Instead, he licked her lips inch by inch, intimately and thoroughly.

When he finally released her lips, he held her waist and did not allow her to turn her head away. He said in a low and husky voice, “Even if you’re angry, your birthday has to be celebrated. If I didn’t account well for your birthday before midnight, wouldn’t I have another groundless accusation on my head?”

Ji Nuan watched his innocent appearance and angrily pushed him away. “I’m not that unreasonable!”

“Yes, you’re very reasonable. After the scene of saving the damsel in distress last night, you immediately dared to lock me outside the door today, en?”

“That’s because you were dishonest with me!” Ji Nuan slapped away the hand he had brought up to touch her face. Although she was clearly moved, she still felt stifled with anger. Right now, her expression had to be strange. She guessed that it was slightly awkward and could not be bothered to hide it.

However, she really could not fight his strength. Ji Nuan was brought in past the windows. Before the windows were shut, she tried to push his hands away with force when the man suddenly placed a knife in her hands.

Ji Nuan: “…”

“Cut the cake or cut me. Choose one.” Mo Jingshen’s tone was light, but his gaze was calmly fixed on her; he clearly saw through all of her thoughts.


“Aren’t you still angry with me? Where do you want to cut?” He leaned closer, bending down to approach her face and check her expression. “The door is already closed. You’ve held in your anger long enough. Rather than having a cold war with yourself, why don’t you just stab me several times? Last night, I saw that your movements were very clean. Do you want to continue venting?”

Ji Nuan held the knife tightly, glaring at him.

The feeling of a punch landing in cotton really led to painful internal injuries!

“Who said that I wanted to have a cold war with you. I’m not that bored.” Ji Nuan abruptly turned and picked up one of the cakes on the ground, slicing into it. She then placed it onto the table by the side. After stabbing it several times, she did not take a single bite, and instead, she picked up another cake to continue stabbing into it. From start to finish, she kept her eyes lowered.

Mo Jingshen stood by the side watching her. Somehow, he felt that she was using the strength with which she wanted to cut him to stab into the cake. The “peng, peng” sounds revealed that her mood was really poor.

He did not speak as he picked up one of the cakes, sending it into her hands for her to cut.

After she finished with one, he sent her another.

After cutting the cake for what felt like forever, Ji Nuan was tired. She turned to see that there were still several whole cakes remaining. Mo Jingshen appeared completely willing to bear the full brunt of her anger as he handed another cake to her.

She stood there without moving her cream-covered hands. The man quietly and calmly watched her; his eyes carrying the indulgence that belonged only to her.

At that moment, Ji Nuan suddenly could not understand why she was angry.

He had already explained, clearly telling her that despite not being completely clean, he had never allowed any woman to leave any marks that he wasn’t supposed to have. His words were already clear enough, what more did she want him to say?

Ji Nuan could not understand why she was butting heads with him.

Was it because that person from Los Angeles kept provoking her? Could this count as a success for that person then?

She rubbed her brows. She did not attempt to understand if her overwhelming jealousy was truly unreasonable. Instead, she tossed the knife aside and headed into the bathroom, washing off the cream on her hands.

At this moment, the doorbell rang. Ji Nuan took her own sweet time to wash her hands and saw that Mo Jingshen had left to open the door.

Nan Heng entered and saw Mo Jingshen’s cream-stained shirt and the mess left inside. He snorted coldly. “Did you just finish a big buttercream war? Or were both of you trying some new postures on top of all these cakes?”

Before Ji Nuan could wonder about Nan Heng’s sudden appearance, his words left her ears burning red.

Mo Jingshen glanced at Nan Heng before turning to Ji Nuan who was still washing her hands in the bathroom. He spoke up, sounding warm and mild as usual, “You’re covered in cream. After washing up, go to the bedroom and change your clothes.”

When Nan Heng saw the bandage on her forehead as well as her reddened, swollen cheek, his gaze suddenly became strange.

“They were so heavy-handed. You must have crushed that bastard’s life with your foot immediately, didn’t you?” Although Nan Heng was sneering, his expression was clearly much colder.

Ji Nuan faltered in her movements, turning to look at him. Did Nan Heng show up because of what had happened in the bar?

Or was it related to that person in America?

“Before I had the chance to do anything, the person was already crippled by Feng Ling.” Mo Jingshen’s cold and mild voice broke Ji Nuan’s train of thought. He glanced at her once more. “Go back to the room to change your clothes.”

He was not simply crippled by Feng Ling. Ji Nuan had almost murdered him with her own hands. Didn’t that make the whole event much bloodier?

Ji Nuan knew that Nan Heng was involved in the arms business and did not have simple relations with the illegal side of society. She suspected that he was here because the people they had dealt with last night all belonged to T City’s underground bar; it would not be surprising if they had some links with him.

Ji Nuan did not wish to hear anything more related to those people. She glanced at them, wiped her hands, and returned to the bedroom.

As he watched Ji Nuan step on the ground covered in cake, Nan Heng somehow felt that Ji Nuan was angry today. Although she did not say anything, her movements as she closed the door was unusually big.

Nan Heng raised his brows. His calm expression appeared to be hiding a smile as he turned to Mo Jingshen. “What’s going on? You even rescued her temper out?”

Mo Jingshen did not pay him any mind. He casually undid the first few buttons on his shirt, calmly asking, “What’s going on in Los Angeles?”

“What’s going on? Isn’t it obvious? That Old Su kept his precious granddaughter under house arrest because of the pressure you gave him. That Su Xueyi was only holding the gun for someone else. She’s indeed quite daring, coming all the way into the country to stir up trouble. But it’s not as if you don’t understand the power behind the Su family.” Nan Heng spread his hands out. “But speaking of which, can you really bear to do it? That person guarded you for a whole year back when you were recovering from your serious injuries…”

The air became heavier. Mo Jingshen’s usually indifferent expression was suddenly frigid and sharp. His tone was unchanged. “Back then, if my father hadn’t interfered, sending such a person to my side while I was unconscious, I would never have mistaken her for the person who saved me. Otherwise, why do you think she had the opportunity to stay by my side for a year?”

Nan Heng’s brows suddenly twitched. His gaze turned towards the door Ji Nuan had closed, before turning back to Mo Jingshen’s cold expression. He pursed his lips. “Don’t tell me that the little lady who saved your life back then was actually Ji Nuan? Then the Su family and your father… Fuck, did I just accidentally stumble onto some incredible secret…”