Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 207 - This Man Was a True Prodigy at Lying

Chapter 207: This Man Was a True Prodigy at Lying

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When Nan Heng arrived, it was already in the evening. When Ji Nuan came out of the room, she saw that Nan Heng had yet to leave.

Being polite, she casually asked if he wanted to stay for a meal.

Who would have thought that this great elder would actually agree.

Ji Nuan glanced at the ground covered in cake and trash, wondering if there was actually any need for her to be polite to Mo Jingshen’s two good friends.


That night, Nan Heng looked at the takeaway on the table and pursed his lips.

“Dare I ask, the last time you went to Old Qin’s place, you made up a whole feasting table, yet all I get is takeaway?”

Mo Jingshen tossed a pair of disposable chopsticks at him, speaking indifferently, “Do I look like I have the spare effort to cook up a feast for you right now?”

Nan Heng raised his brows, shifting his gaze onto Ji Nuan who Qin Siting had now labeled a ‘virtuous wife.’

Ji Nuan pushed aside her long hair, drawing attention to the large bandage on her forehead. She spoke with the same careless tone that Mo Jingshen had, “Do I look like I have the patience to cook up a feast for you right now?”

Nan Heng: “…”

Nan Heng snorted and snapped the pair of disposable chopsticks apart. He did not say any more nonsense and gave the food a taste. He then raised his brows. “Fine, blame me for coming at the wrong time. Thankfully, the food from this hotel isn’t bad. I can still make do with it.”

This was from T City’s most famous hotel; their dishes were well-known within the country. Yet, this Nan Heng said that he could only ‘make do’ with it.

Ji Nuan also picked up her chopsticks. After taking a bite, she felt that this man was a true prodigy at lying. It clearly tasted very good…

She had only just started eating when Mo Jingshen sat down. She faltered and subconsciously began picking up food for Nan Heng. “Here, eat more!”

She kept placing more and more food into Nan Heng’s bowl. Nan Heng was speechless as he watched the growing mountain of food, wondering if Ji Nuan’s brain had a problem.

Her man sat right by her side, why was she giving food to him instead? Was she deliberately provoking her man?

Nan Heng picked up the well-stacked bowl, glancing meaningfully at Mo Jingshen. As expected, Mo Jingshen sat there indifferently with an expression as though he couldn’t wait to kick him out.

“During your birthday, I cut into your cake and ate so much of it. Since it’s my birthday, it’s only polite to reciprocate. You can cut into whichever one you like!” Ji Nuan placed the earlier knife in front of Nan Heng and shifted the only remaining four cakes onto the table.

Although the colors changed gradually, the last few were clearly pink and red; they were very brightly colored.

Nan Heng glanced at Ji Nuan and picked up the knife, holding in a smile. He scanned the cakes on the table and finally landed on the biggest red cake at the end. He looked at the pair of figures made with black, white, and red chocolate and dressed in a suit and a wedding dress, picking up the knife to cut down from the middle.

“Cut it if you dare.” Mo Jingshen’s tone did not change. His gaze was apathetic, coldly focused on Nan Heng.

Nan Heng raised his brows, sneering. “Ji Nuan told me to cut it as I please.”

Mo Jingshen used his gaze to indicate to the remaining three cakes. What he meant was that, if he wanted to cut, he could cut those three cakes. If he dared to touch the cake with the dolls, it was guaranteed that he would not live to see the sun tomorrow.

Nan Heng sneered, placing the knife down.

“Fine, I’m not the birthday girl. Anyways, I’m not interested in cakes.”

“Oh,” Ji Nuan mildly replied. “What a coincidence. Recently, I haven’t been very interested in cakes either.”

Nan Heng smiled teasingly. “If you really don’t want to have it, I’ll help you toss it away when I leave…”

Before he could finish, Mo Jingshen picked up a piece of fish lip from the takeaway box and tossed it in his bowl. He spoke coldly, “Eat!”

Nan Heng glanced at the fish lip piece around the size of a nail; was he trying to ask him to shut up?

He resisted the urge to laugh. “Your woman completely doesn’t intend to eat the cakes. It’s also clear that both of you aren’t interested in sweets. If you don’t throw these cakes away, are you planning to keep it at home until they become fossils?”

Mo Jingshen raised his eyes, speaking frigidly, “Do you have opinions against me keeping them as fossils?”

“Don’t pay attention to him. Eat more.” Ji Nuan suddenly placed more food into Nan Heng’s bowl, raising her voice to say, “What else do you like to eat? I’ll help you take them.”

Nan Heng held in a smile as he eyed Ji Nuan’s expression. He did not say much and, even though he usually did not enjoy eating strongly flavored food, he still gave Ji Nuan face and ate some of the dishes in his bowl.

He then gave Ji Nuan a look, indicating without words that although she dared to throw a temper tantrum at Mo Jingshen, he did not have the ability to start fighting with Mo Jingshen here. If she wanted his cooperation to make things a little difficult for Mo Jingshen, that he could do.

The consequence of this was that before the mountain of food in Nan Heng’s bowl was finished, he was already thrown out. He did not even have the opportunity to eat his fill, and his abdomen was almost sliced open by the cold knives in Mo Jingshen’s eyes. If this was not sufficiently pitiful enough, he even had to carry the unfinished boxes of takeaway to leave.

Finally, Mo Jingshen left him with an ice-cold word. “Scram.”

Spit. He finally understood why Qin Siting almost developed Stockholm’s Syndrome from their torturing.

They were really fucking brutal.


The next day was Monday. Ji Nuan was supposed to return to T University to resume her classes, but given that Mo Jingshen had no intention of returning to Hai City, she suspected that she would have to continue resting in the condo.

Ji Nuan sat on the bedroom bed, holding her corporate management textbook. She planned to read through most of the content for Professor Lin’s lecture tomorrow.

The large bed was soft and comfortable. The bedroom was also adjusted to a suitable temperature. Although it was not winter in T City, there was still the rustling sound of the wind at night. The silence at this moment, accompanied by the sound of the wind outside of the window, actually gave rise to a sense of peace and security.

She was too lazy to consider if this sense of security came from the warmth in the room or the man with her.

The man pushed open the door to enter, breaking the silence in the room.

He took long, steady steps towards her without saying a single word.

Sitting on the bed, she raised her eyes from her book. Her expression was calm, and she did not appear unhappy as she did before. However, her voice was indifferent. “I want to go back to T University for classes tomorrow.”

The man knitted his brows, answering coldly and decisively, “No.”

“My head was only slightly injured from the wall. After resting for a whole day, I’m much better. The classes will only last for several months. One day of delay will lead to a lot of missed content.” Ji Nuan hugged the book close to herself, looking at him. “I came to T University to study and not to have a vacation. If I have to rest at home from small injuries and illnesses, how delicate will I be? I can’t give up on something I’ve committed to. I’ve already been here for half a month. Are you trying to make me return to Hai City with you right now?”