Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 208 - Mo Jingshen Had Never Once Gotten Mad at Her; This Was the First Time Ever

Chapter 208: Mo Jingshen Had Never Once Gotten Mad at Her; This Was the First Time Ever

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Although Ji Nuan’s tone was normal, her unwillingness to yield was clear.

She calmly lowered her head to read. As she flipped through another page, she continued speaking normally, “In that case, book the tickets back to Hai City. I’ll head back with you and quit learning. When my wound heals, I’ll stick to you every day to be an idle, rich wife. Anyway, you’re not lacking in money. Even if I take my card to swipe left and right to waste the family away, or even if I casually take several hundred million yuan out to invest blindly, wasting even more millions away, you’ll still be able to raise me.”

“If you really wish to waste it, then go ahead. It’s true that I can raise you.” Mo Jingshen completely did not mind the sharp edges in her words. The repeated feeling of her fists landing in cotton strangely led her to be even more stifled and irritable.

“Oh.” Ji Nuan stiffly and coldly forced out the word.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her still reddened and swollen half of her face. Although the swelling had significantly reduced, it still needed more than a day for it to go down completely.

He took the book away from her, and when Ji Nuan lifted her eyes to look at him, he said, “Be good. Don’t be angry anymore. If your face isn’t swollen tomorrow morning, I’ll let you go back to T University.”

As he spoke, the man gently held her face. His eyes shifted onto her swollen cheek and turned obviously cold.

Ji Nuan shifted her face aside, keeping it from his touch. She tugged the sheets over her legs and moved to lie down. “Then I’m going to bed. Rest is good for reducing the swelling.”

However, before she could lay back, the man’s arm suddenly tugged her over. Ji Nuan tried to struggle but was completely enveloped in the man’s arms.

“What do you want to know?” He held her, preventing her from shifting away. When Ji Nuan raised her head to glare at him, his black eyes were focused on her. “About everything that happened while I was in America? Or that so-called fiancée you heard of in Los Angeles? Do you feel that I’m not honest enough with you? Or did my words touch your bottom line and anger you?”

Ji Nuan felt that she did not have the right to demand Mo Jingshen to be completely honest with her. Furthermore, those were indeed all events that occurred before their marriage. She knew very well about how he felt about her.

In the past, she solemnly vowed that no matter how many women Mo Jingshen once had, they were all failures in her eyes.

However, when she really came to understand him, she found that she was actually an extremely narrow-minded and ridiculous woman.

He said that no woman had left any inappropriate marks on him. Whether or not there were actually those marks he spoke of was secondary. The main point was the existence of that woman in Los Angeles.

Ji Nuan was clear on Mo Jingshen’s attitude, so she felt that fussing over this was completely meaningless.

Did she leave a mark on his clean life?

Or was it because she was the wife he had married? All of his doting and spoiling began from the first day of their marriage, as though it was natural and to be expected.

What about the marks?

Did she leave any?

Mo Jingshen appeared gentle, but Ji Nuan understood well that he was completely unfeeling when interacting with the people unrelated to him. No one could easily affect his choices and decisions. No matter if they are his business rivals or the women who try to approach him, they all invited disaster in their attempt to overreach.

Ji Nuan felt that right now, she was protected entirely under his wing and unable to see anything clearly. She was under his protection, but how far was this distance from his heart?

Actually, maintaining a cold, calm, and third-party view of her own relationship was good; it would be frightening if she actually became serious.

Seeing that she was silent for a long while, her gaze casually shifting toward his chest where his heart was located, Mo Jingshen pinched her chin. He pressed with slightly more force, drawing her attention back. “Ji Nuan, speak.”

Ji Nuan came back to herself. She raised her eyes to see the man patiently returning her gaze.

“What do you need to not be angry, en?” he softly coaxed.

Ji Nuan wondered as well; why exactly was she upset?

Right now, she should be questioning why he had an engagement with that woman in America, why he left America, and why exactly he married her not long after returning to Hai City.

However, right before the words left her lips, they changed: “If several months ago I didn’t beg you to return to the Yu Garden, and I didn’t express my desire to live well with you, or if I really listened to Ji Mengran’s suggestion to slit my wrists… if things really escalated to that stage, you would have agreed to divorce me, right?”

Listening to the possibilities she spoke of, Mo Jingshen’s pupils turned dark like ink; his gaze also became much colder and sharper.

“After the divorce, if you had returned to America, there would definitely be many women like An Shuyan and Ji Mengran by your side, including that ex-fiancée of yours. I’m just saying, what if you didn’t have me, who would you choose to share your life with?”

Although she knew that these words would reveal a big issue to Mo Jingshen, she still asked as though someone else was controlling her body.

America. This word kept tugging at her most sensitive nerve after her first and second life. Although she did not wish to touch it, she still could not resist the urge.

The man watched her with dark and heavy eyes. It was as though an ink-black, deep ocean was triggered—boundless and accompanied by the distinctive ocean wind.

He suddenly let go of her, releasing her from his embrace.

Before Ji Nuan could react, Mo Jingshen had already placed her down on the bed. He stood up expressionlessly, speaking indifferently, “I’ll go take an ice pack. Use it on your face tonight. Tomorrow morning, I’ll have Feng Ling accompany you to T University.”

After finishing his words, the man turned to leave the bedroom.

Ji Nuan was dumbstruck for a moment.

What did he mean?

She sat on the bed thinking for a long moment before realizing that he appeared to be angry.

Wasn’t she the angry one? How did it become him?

Ji Nuan’s heart was strangely flustered.

She had been by Mo Jingshen’s side for so long. Aside from work, although he was typically cold and indifferent, ultimately, he was always especially indulgent, warm, and gentle to her. He would occasionally be stern with her, but those were all superficial warnings. At the end of the day, he still gave in to her. He treated her unlike other people and never once used harsh words against her.

Mo Jingshen had never once gotten mad at her. This was the first time ever.

She was unable to confirm what sort of message he had heard from her earlier conjectures, leading to his suspicions. Or perhaps, when she brought up divorce and who he would choose if he were in America, did she touch onto his bottom line?

He could not have… suddenly gotten mad, right…

Ji Nuan sat in bewilderment on the bed. She was initially the one who was being patiently held and coaxed. Yet right now, she was unsure if she was supposed to coax him instead…