Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 209 - It Seems Like She Really Angered Him Last Night

Chapter 209: It Seems Like She Really Angered Him Last Night

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This was their first cold war in a long time. Ji Nuan resisted the urge to head out to look, stubbornly keeping herself in the bedroom.

The next morning, she stepped out of the bedroom’s bathroom after a shower. She saw that there were barely any marks left on her face. With a thin layer of foundation, it would be completely unnoticeable. Only the bandage on her forehead was slightly attention-grabbing.

She planned to head to a nearby hair salon to cut some bangs and conceal it. Since her hair quality was good, and her hair tended to grow quickly, when the scar faded, the bangs could be grown back; it would not affect her looks whatsoever.

It was extremely quiet in the living room. Ji Nuan stepped out after changing her clothes. The moment she opened the main bedroom door, she met a pair of eyes.

Mo Jingshen’s calm gaze met hers.

He sat in the living room; it seemed like he had stayed up all night. Ji Nuan stood by the door watching him. He appeared to have no intention of speaking. If Ji Nuan hadn’t seen him when she stepped out, who knew how long he was planning to sit there.

Facing Mo Jingshen, this was the first time the atmosphere was thick enough to lead her to hold her own breath instinctively.

At this moment, Feng Ling opened the door and stepped in. She had clearly received Mo Jingshen’s message for her to send Ji Nuan back to T University.

The moment Feng Ling entered, she sensitively felt the dark atmosphere between the two of them. She stood in bewilderment by the door and subconsciously turned to leave. Mo Jingshen stopped her. “Send her back to T University.”

Feng Ling faltered and could only turn back to head in. She saw that Ji Nuan was already dressed. Although her forehead was wounded, she appeared well enough. It was only that the silence in the living room was frightening.

Finally, Feng Ling was the one who spoke up, “Mrs. Mo, Mr. Mo arranged for me to enter your class last minute. From today onwards, I’ll be able to follow you within the school premises as well. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to maintain a low profile; I won’t let anyone realize that I’m your bodyguard, nor will I interfere with your learning.”

“Enter my class last minute? So, you’ll be staying in T University as well?” Ji Nuan looked to Feng Ling.

Hearing that Ji Nuan still planned on living in school and did not plan on returning to the condo, Feng Ling subconsciously turned to look at Mo Jingshen who sat on the sofa. The man remained indifferent and silent, as though their conversation was completely unrelated to him.

“I’ll follow you wherever you stay,” Feng Ling replied.

Ji Nuan did not continue speaking, her gaze casually shifting towards the sofa.

In the past, Ji Nuan could not understand when people described Mo Jingshen as a noble, cold creature who could freeze people to death just by sitting there silently. She always felt that they were being dramatic. She admitted that he was noble and cold but felt that saying he could freeze people to death was too much of an exaggeration. How was he that frightening?

However, right now, Mo Jingshen was only sitting there. He did not say even a single word, yet Ji Nuan deeply felt that…

Last night, she had really angered him.

Those strange conjectures must have touched his bottom line without her realization.

She had a strange feeling; as though she had plucked the hair of a tiger.

Did she really go too far with her words last night?

She looked at him and thought to speak up. However, at this moment, Mo Jingshen’s phone rang. He answered it without looking at her.

Countless words were stuck in her throat; Ji Nuan wanted to say that she did not have any intention behind last night’s words. The divorce and questions were all her own conjectures. They were all part of her picking trouble with the birthday surprise he had carefully planned for her. She wanted to apologize, but after trying for a long moment, when she saw his cold back view as he left to answer the call, she suddenly could not make any sound.

After all, she was only having a simple jealousy fit last night and throwing a tantrum.

However, Mo Jingshen was really, really angry.

She had been relying on his constant willingness to indulge in her; And so, her incoherence had led to such a consequence that caught her unprepared…

“There is still work in the company. I need to return to Hai City today.” When Mo Jingshen placed his phone down and saw that Ji Nuan had yet to leave, he lowered his head to check his watch. His tone was calm: “Let Feng Ling send you to T University before eight. It’s fine if you wish to stay in the dormitory. I’ll have someone pack up your luggage and send it to T University’s dormitory. If you really don’t want to stay in this condo, since it’s under your name, you can rent it or sell it as you please.”

“Are you leaving right now?” Ji Nuan tried to resist but still asked.

Mo Jingshen looked at her. Ji Nuan thought that he would at least say something, but the man kept his silence. He picked up his coat, turned, and left with long steps.

“Mrs. Mo, it’s almost time for Professor Lin’s class.” Feng Ling saw Ji Nuan’s expression of wanting to run out to apologize, yet still stubbornly holding onto her composure. She said comfortingly, “There must be an important issue in the company that Mr. Mo needs to deal with. After a few days, when he has the time, he’ll definitely come to visit you.”

Seeing that Ji Nuan stood there without responding, Feng Ling then asked patiently, “Do you want to go have some breakfast first?”

Ji Nuan composed herself and turned into the kitchen. She brought out the cake and spoke while cutting into it, “There’s no need. There is still so much cake. I’ll just have a casual bite and head straight to T University.”

Feng Ling looked at the cake and asked in surprise, “Why are there only four left?”

Ji Nuan paused in her movement, raising her eyes to look at her. “You know how many cakes there were?”

“I do, ah. Saturday night, when I saw Mr. Mo appear, I was originally very startled. Afterward, I found out that he arrived that very morning. He took a midnight flight to Hai City and booked a nearby bakery. He spent a long time personally baking those twenty-one cakes in different sizes and colors for you. Last night, I sent the cakes and roses here along with the people from the bakery…” Feng Ling saw that Ji Nuan’s figure had suddenly stiffened and realized that she might have overstepped with her words. She immediately shut up.

On Friday night, he took a midnight flight from Hai City. On Saturday night, he stayed up to take care of her after bringing her back from the bar. One Sunday night, she angered him into losing a whole night of sleep.

This meant that it’s been three days since Mo Jingshen slept.

Ji Nuan did not speak. She cut into the reddest cake and gently picked up the pair of figures made with chocolate. She placed it onto a plate, carefully arranging it without taking a bite.

Seeing that Ji Nuan was suddenly quietly eating with her head lowered, Feng Ling approached. “Mrs. Mo, did you have a fight with Mr. Mo?”

The moment she stepped closer, she saw that Ji Nuan’s eyes had actually reddened as she ate the cake.

Feng Ling was typically a stern person. When she saw Ji Nuan, who rarely cried, with reddened eyes appearing as though she was about to burst into tears but was tolerating it, Feng Ling was instantly flustered.

Fearing that she would really cry, Feng Ling clumsily handed her tissue after tissue. Ji Nuan shook her head, avoiding Feng Ling’s touch. “I’m all right.”

“Then shall I send you to T University now?”

Ji Nuan shook her head. “Give me some quiet time first.”