Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 210 - Mo Jingshen Must Have Already Landed in Hai City

Chapter 210: Mo Jingshen Must Have Already Landed in Hai City

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“All right.” Feng Ling gave her another glance and stepped out of the room.

Ji Nuan thought back to those cakes she had ruined yesterday and recalled Mo Jingshen’s appearance as he handed them to her; her heart stung with pain.

Right now, her mood was complicated and difficult to describe; all sorts of feelings were welling up.

She really wished she could rush to the airport immediately to look for Mo Jingshen.

However, when she recalled his earlier attitude, when he did not even spare her a single glance, the stinging sensation in her heart worsened.


After Ji Nuan was sent back to T University by Feng Ling, her thoughts remained on whether or not to return to Hai City. By afternoon, the awareness that Mo Jingshen must have landed in Hai City caused her to feel even more anxious. Unlike her usual self, she could barely focus in class.

After her class ended in the evening, a sudden storm hit T City. The airport was temporarily closed, and all of the evening flights were delayed.

Ji Nuan had no choice but to give up the thought of returning to Hai City; she thought to calm her restless emotions and to allow Mo Jingshen’s anger to cool off before she returned.

That night, Ji Nuan returned to the dormitory to see that Su Xueyi’s space was already emptied. Ling Feifei had shifted her own luggage onto that empty bed once more, and most likely had the plan to treat it as her own extra bed.

“Ji Nuan, where have you been for the past two days?” Ling Feifei sat by the bed to apply her skincare. She glanced at Ji Nuan through the mirror.

Ji Nuan did not reply.

“Aiya, you cut bangs?” Ling Feifei then asked, turning around to survey Ji Nuan seriously.

Bai Wei also turned to Ji Nuan: “It looks pretty good. Ji Nuan, you already had the attractiveness index of a fairy. Your skin is good as well. With those bangs, you look like a high schooler who is not yet of age. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be abducted when you head out?”

Hearing these words, Ling Feifei who felt that her looks were better than Ji Nuan was immediately upset: “Ji Nuan’s appearance is all right. Aren’t you exaggerating too much by using the word ‘fairy’?”

Bai Wei paid no attention to Ling Feifei’s words. When she saw Ji Nuan appear taciturn as though she was preoccupied with worries, Bai Wei kept quiet and did not disturb her further.

“Aiyo, by the way Ji Nuan, you haven’t been around for the past few days so you don’t know about Su Xueyi, right?” As though she could not stop her mouth from running, Ling Feifei suddenly brought up another topic.

Ji Nuan finally turned to her, asking even though she already knew, “What happened to her?”

“There, don’t you see that her things are missing from her bed?” Ling Feifei indicated toward Su Xueyi’s bed with her eyes. “Who knows what happened. Yesterday, a large group of policemen suddenly visited T University. No one got a clear look of the situation, but Su Xueyi suddenly left that night. She disappeared without anyone’s notice, and Professor Lin didn’t inform us of the reason. Afterward, her things in the dormitory were also removed. It’s as though she was never here in the first place.”

Ji Nuan glanced at the empty bed.

“Aren’t you quite close to Su Xueyi? Do you know why she left?” Ling Feifei eagerly turned to Ji Nuan, hoping to gain some information.

“You clearly know that Ji Nuan hasn’t been around. Why are you still asking? How could she possibly know? She hasn’t known Su Xueyi for that long,” Bai Wei said indifferently.

Ling Feifei clicked her tongue. She was put off by the way Bai Wei constantly spoke against her and felt that the three of them were completely incompatible.

Now that Su Xueyi had left, she wondered if anyone else was moving in. She prayed otherwise, or she would run out of space to store her own things.


In the evening at 8:00 p.m.

Ling Feifei had only just shifted her remaining items onto the bed when Feng Ling appeared by the door.

The three women turned towards the short-haired girl who had suddenly appeared in their dorm room. Ji Nuan was startled as well; she did not expect Feng Ling to move into her dormitory directly.

Did she really plan to remain by her side twenty-four seven?

Did that night’s incident leave a trauma on Feng Ling?

Bai Wei had heard that there would be a new student joining their class last minute and was not surprised. However, she was still taken aback by Feng Ling’s aura.

Ling Feifei had turned towards the door casually. When she saw Feng Ling dressed in a plain women’s t-shirt, black jeans and black leather boots, carrying a black duffel bag, she immediately assumed that Feng Ling was not a well-educated young lady with a suitable family background. She instantly disliked Feng Ling and was unwilling to shift her things away.

“Why is there another person?” Ling Feifei mocked, “Why is Professor Lin accepting all sorts of people? Someone who owns a small studio is fine, I suppose. But right now, even female gangsters can attend Professor Lin’s class to study corporate management?”

“Speak less. Who are you to judge what sort of students Professor Lin likes to accept?” Bai Wei knitted her brows and reprimanded her.

Ling Feifei rolled her eyes toward the door. “Anyway, our room is already filled. This bed space cannot be emptied. Go change to another dorm room.”

“She must have come here because Professor Lin arranged for her to be here. Who are you trying to deceive?” Bai Wei was really unaccustomed to the way she spoke.

“Bai Wei, why must you always speak against me? Can’t you see that I’m running out of space for my luggage?” Ling Feifei was unhappy.

Bai Wei smiled coldly. “I can’t bear the sight of it.”

“Who cares if you can bear the sight of it. Anyways, this bed is mine. Three people are sufficient for this dorm room. I have to speak to Professor Lin to stop allowing people to enter this room!” Ling Feifei appeared stubbornly unwilling to give up the bed.

Feng Ling coldly glanced over. Ji Nuan wondered if Feng Ling would be able to get used to this sort of environment and considered moving back to the condo with her.

At this moment, Feng Ling walked in. She placed her black duffel bag onto Su Xueyi’s bed, and just as Ling Feifei abruptly stood up to demand her to take it away, she kicked the pink luggage on the bed away.

“What are you doing!” Ling Feifei was startled. She stared in disbelief at her items that had spilled out. She immediately raised her voice and shouted, “You dare to kick my things? If you dirtied my luggage and clothing, can you afford to pay for them?”

“Taking up my bed space and wasting my time, can you afford to pay for it?” Feng Ling coldly returned her question. She then sat on the bed under Ling Feifei’s angered expression. She did not even return her gaze, coldly speaking, “Feng Ling. Twenty-three years old. Three-year consecutive champion in American Martial Arts, a black belt in Taekwondo, champion in Los Angeles’ women’s wrestling. Instructor in short-range shooting in America’s XI training base. Please take care of me from here on.”

The moment she finished speaking, the room fell into a strange silence.

Bai Wei and Ling Feifei stared at Feng Ling; their eyes were about to fall out from staring for too long. Ling Feifei appeared as though she had swallowed a bug and was unable to scold any further.

Ji Nuan quietly curved her lips.