Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 212 - President Mo, Would You Like to Pause the Meeting to Return the Call?

Chapter 212: President Mo, Would You Like to Pause the Meeting to Return the Call?

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Hai City, Mo Corporation.

The meeting room fell into silence due to the ringtone that lasted only for several seconds.

Ever since President Mo returned from T City, he carried a cold aura that made everyone’s heart to tremble from fear. Although he was never easy to speak with, today, he could be described as extremely difficult to talk to. It really frightened everyone from approaching him; they all feared losing their jobs.

The meeting was proceeding orderly. Mo Jingshen sat with a cold expression as he listened to the reports from the higher management. When his phone on the desk rang, his expression finally changed slightly. However, he only turned to glance at the phone. The ringtone lasted for a short moment, ringing only once before stopping.

Everyone in the meeting room watched as nine days of chilly weather transformed into a yearlong snowstorm. Both were cold, but right now, the ice had seeped into their souls.

Shen Mu stood by Mo Jingshen’s side but did not dare to speak up. Earlier, when Mo Jingshen’s phone lit up for a short moment, he saw that the incoming call came from Ji Nuan’s number.

But oddly, President Mo did not move to answer the phone. The other party also hung up after an instant.

What situation was this?

Could it be that they were fighting?

“President Mo, would you like to pause the meeting to return the call?” Shen Mu quietly asked.

“There’s no need, continue.” Mo Jingshen’s tone was extremely indifferent.


That evening at 8:00 p.m., Ji Nuan tidied up the things she had brought back from the condo.

She did not respond to anyone’s question. Only Feng Ling was silent as she watched Ji Nuan tidy things up.

She could tell that Ji Nuan was clearly using the exhaustion from cleaning to vent her own emotions. Right now, it was better to leave her alone.

When Ji Nuan was finally done, she turned to take a shower. It was already 9:00 p.m. at night.

These days, most of the young people were used to staying up late. Ling Feifei laid on the bed, tossing and turning as she struggled to sleep. She said, “Professor Lin is really too strict. He won’t let us go out on typical nights and even arranged for a security guard to be stationed right outside our dormitory. At night, even a fly can’t escape this place. I suspect that I didn’t come here to study, but was instead locked into a prison…”

“Professor Lin is simply being careful. In this corporate management class, whose background isn’t simple? Everyone has influential families behind them. If there were any problems, not only would his reputation be ruined, he would also struggle to be responsible for it. His decision to stop us from leaving the campus at night is understandable.”

Ling Feifei clicked her tongue. “This place is too boring. It’s my first time in T City, yet I haven’t had much opportunity to try their specialty dishes. How about this, shall the four of us take turns treating each other? I’ll treat everyone this Saturday. On Sunday, Bai Wei will treat. Next Saturday, it’ll be Ji Nuan and then on Sunday, Feng Ling. We only have the weekends to eat, drink, play, and have fun!”

The moment she finished speaking, no one in the room answered. As though supporting herself, she spoke up, “Aiya, I’ll take your silence as an agreement! It’s decided!”

Bai Wei finally raised her head lazily to say, “I think you really came to T University to waste time. Not even a bit of your attention is placed on studying.”

Ling Feifei pursed her lips. “I attentively listen during class, all right.”

Ling Feifei then glanced at Feng Ling. “I think Feng Ling is the one who isn’t interested in studying. During today’s class, I saw that she was barely listening to Professor Lin. I haven’t even seen her revise once either. If we really wanted to talk about the one who is poor at studying, isn’t she worse than me?”

Feng Ling indifferently glanced at her. The moment Ling Feifei met her eyes, she subconsciously turned her head away.

“She’s a martial arts champion. What are you?” Bai Wei mocked.

Ling Feifei did not continue speaking. Her gaze suddenly shifted in Ji Nuan’s direction.

Feng Ling’s fighting ability indeed caused one to shrink back. It was better to avoid provoking her. Bai Wei was someone who had experienced various storms in a big company with a high managerial position; winning an argument against her would also be difficult.

As for this Ji Nuan, she always kept quiet and appeared as though nothing was related to her.

“I say, Ji Nuan ah, you revise the most every day. Is there such a need? Isn’t it just a small, property studio? How much development can it have? Even if you learn more, you’ll at most manage around thirty people. I think you’re really wasting time by learning management under Professor Lin here.”

Ji Nuan had already planned to sleep. When she heard these words, she did not turn back to look at her and only casually replied, “Even a small studio is an organization. Whether a good corporate management method is used on a company with ten thousand people or thirty people, it’ll both lead to great results.”

“I think what you should be doing now is to try your best to hold onto someone’s big thighs. Let someone invest ten million yuan into your studio and raise the quality of your own studio. Otherwise, how could you show such a small studio to the public…”

Feng Ling suddenly glanced at Ling Feifei coldly. “Do you enjoy meddling in other people’s business?”

Ling Feifei found this strange: “I’m meddling in Ji Nuan’s business. How is it related to you?”

“Noisy!” Feng Ling expressionlessly rolled her eyes at her. “It’s time to rest now. Keep quiet, do you understand?”

“You!” Ling Feifei abruptly sat up and glared at her. However, Feng Ling coldly placed her earbuds on and did not turn back to look at her.

The dorm room was extremely quiet. No one paid any attention. Ling Feifei wanted to lose her temper but did not dare to lose it against Feng Ling. She turned to look at Ji Nuan whose back remained facing her.

She felt that this ice-cold, difficult-to-approach Feng Ling seemed to be casually protecting Ji Nuan. She was only the owner of a small studio and had no money, power, or status, yet her relations with people was actually quite good.

The room finally returned to its silence.

Ji Nuan closed her eyes for a while. Although it was quiet, she still could not sleep. She opened her eyes once more.

There was no rain today, but T City’s weather had turned cold. The sound of the air-conditioning was not loud, but it was audible. In the quiet room, it was especially obvious. The ‘whoosh’ sounds made it difficult for one to fall asleep.

The light in the room was turned off at 9:30 p.m. Ji Nuan picked up her phone in the dark, opening the screen for a look.

There was still no calls or messages.

The bright screen was slightly painful on the eyes in the dark. Ji Nuan opened her recently dialed list and looked at the call she had made to Mo Jingshen during the day.

She was sure that this call had connected.

However, until now, even though several hours had already passed, her phone was still quiet.

She was sure that this phone was not spoiled and had even sent a message to check the balance on the phone’s account to confirm that it was still working.

Ji Nuan closed the phone screen. Not long later, she turned it on again. This repeated for a long while.

There was really not even one phone call…