Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 214 - Black Ghost Sped by the Road

Chapter 214:

Black Ghost Sped by the Road

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Bai Wei immediately shifted her gaze onto Ling Feifei who was placed on the spot, mocking, “Remember to finish the food clean. It’s not right if there’s too much left.”

Anyone could tell that she was intentionally going against Ji Nuan. She ordered so much food even though she clearly would not be able to finish it.

The consequence was that they really could not finish it.

Not just the extra things that they ordered, even the seafood feast was only half-eaten.

The whole time, Bai Wei fixed her ridiculing gaze on Ling Feifei. Ling Feifei coughed once and did not speak.

“Are you all full?” As the one who was treating, Ji Nuan did not eat much. She drank a sip of juice and asked calmly.

“I’m full, but there’s so much food left. It’s such a waste,” Bai Wei said.

“It’s fine. Things like seafood cannot be taken away. There’s nothing to be done about the remaining food,” Ji Nuan calmly said and stood up to settle the bill.

Ling Feifei truly did not have good intentions. All of the things she had added on were even more expensive than the seafood feast.

Who would have thought that these four women with small appetites would be able to spend up to twenty thousand yuan for a meal in a seafood restaurant?

Even someone like Mo Jingshen, whose status was priceless, was not as ridiculous as they had been. Whenever he brought Ji Nuan out to eat, he always picked what she liked and never checked the price. Fifty yuan, a few hundred yuan, a few thousand yuan, they had it all. The most important was the cleanliness and taste of the food.

Ji Nuan truly experienced something new today. However, even if this seafood restaurant were costly, the prices would never go up so high. If Ling Feifei had not intentionally ordered various expensive dishes, the cost would never exceed twenty thousand yuan.

Ji Nuan first headed to the bathroom. When she exited and was about to settle the bill, she saw that Ling Feifei had come out as well.

Seeing that Ji Nuan did not immediately settle the bill, Ling Feifei appeared to find it amusing as she said, “It seems like we really ordered too much today. It must be quite expensive, isn’t it? Did you bring enough money? Is there sufficient balance in your card?”

Ji Nuan glanced at her. “When you were ordering, you didn’t seem to consider whether or not I would have sufficient money. Right now, are you planning to pay for me?”

Ling Feifei immediately laughed mockingly: “We promised that you would pay today. I’ve already treated once. How is it logical for me to treat twice? If you can’t pay, how about discussing with the restaurant boss to see if you can have an outstanding account?”

Ling Feifei then laughed as she carried her purse to wait by the exit. She obviously did not wish to stand with Ji Nuan in case she really asked for an outstanding account and caused both of them to lose face.

Bai Wei, who had stepped out from behind, heard their words and approached to ask, “Ji Nuan, do you really have enough money?”

Ji Nuan smiled: “Don’t worry. Go outside and wait for me.”

Bai Wei wanted to offer to pay for Ji Nuan first, but when she saw that Ji Nuan’s expression appeared fine, she did not try to meddle further. However, she still gave her a few concerned looks.

The waiter by the counter heard their exchange and was also eyeing Ji Nuan suspiciously. “Miss, you can’t really want an outstanding account, right? We don’t do that here. If you don’t have money, it’s better to ask your friends to pay…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was shut up by the card Ji Nuan carelessly placed on the counter.

Twenty thousand yuan was not actually a lot of money. However, Ling Feifei’s earlier unkind words led the waiter to assume that Ji Nuan did not have much money. When he saw the card she presented, he immediately recognized that this card could only be obtained by those with at least five million yuan in their account. Losing the courage to speak further, he quickly swiped the card and settled the bill.

Ji Nuan initially planned to pay with the black card she had received from Mo Jingshen; she was already used to paying with that card.

However, right now, she placed the black card aside and brought out the card that belonged to her.

After the bill was settled, Feng Ling approached to take a look. “For people like Ling Feifei, someone should find the time to cover her head with a sack and toss her into a corner for a good beating. Otherwise, she’ll forever remain dumb and naive, and have an inflated ego.”

Ji Nuan smiled. “I won’t stop you if you wish to beat her, but you better wait for my classes to end before doing anything. Back then, Professor Lin reminded me not to fuss too much with these rich children. If he hadn’t given me a heads-up, on the very first day, I would have already made Ling Feifei regret staying in the same room as me.”

Ji Nuan was not someone who would endure these sorts of grievances; her methods were not simple either. As Feng Ling understood this, when she watched Ji Nuan’s recent ability to tolerate, she could not help but wonder if her relationship with Mo Jingshen had affected her emotions. She actually allowed such a small character to hop around her as she pleased.

After leaving the seafood restaurant, Ling Feifei was not surprised that Ji Nuan had settled the bill. She suspected that Bai Wei and Feng Ling must have paid some for her and maintained her arrogance as she walked away. With her attitude, it was as though the three people behind her were her lackeys.

Before returning to T University, they passed by a large departmental store. On the first floor, the store had a high-end gown shop. Ling Feifei suddenly said, “Oh yes, right before we finish our studies, we’ll be able to attend T University’s one hundredth anniversary celebration. Have you all prepared your gowns?”

Bai Wei calmly replied: “There are still two more months before the celebration. Why are you in a rush?”

“Since there is a shop here, let’s go in for a look.” Ling Feifei acted on her own accord and stepped in.

Feng Ling had already lost all patience for this wealthy young lady. She knitted her brows as she stood by the entrance. However, because they had all came out together, and this place was still a distance away from T University, they all followed in.

Women were naturally born without defenses against things like gowns. Initially, Bai Wei was uninterested, but after discovering that the gowns here were truly not bad, she began looking around with Ling Feifei.

An employee placed several cups of water on the coffee table by the couch. Feng Ling sat on the sofa without moving, while Bai Wei and Ling Feifei left for another area with high-quality gowns on display.

Ji Nuan sat by the couch and glanced out of the window. When she saw a Black Ghost speeding by the road, her expression faltered.

However, that Ghost was not the limited-edition model. She was also unfamiliar with its license plate number. There were many similar cars like it in T City with the Ghost logo on it. However, the one she was most familiar with would never appear in this city.

Ji Nuan drank a sip of water, placed the cup down, and stood up. “I’ll walk around.”

Feng Ling glanced at her and subconsciously thought to follow. However, when she saw that Ji Nuan only planned to stroll around this shop, she gave up the thought to follow and remained sitting.

This could be considered a flagship store for high-quality gowns in T City. The gowns they had in-store all had original, unique designs. The prices were also not cheap.

Ji Nuan walked past a few mannequins. When she saw one of them dressed in a gown delicately sewn with silver thread, she raised her hand to gently feel the texture of the gown.

Coincidentally, Ling Feifei had approached. When she saw Ji Nuan’s movements, she immediately raised her voice, “That piece looks expensive. Ji Nuan, don’t touch it. If you dirty it, you won’t be able to pay for it!”