Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 215 - You Can Even Tolerate This?

Chapter 215: You Can Even Tolerate This?

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In Hai City, the Ji family had superior status in both wealth and influence. Although Ji Nuan tended to display her own ability within the higher society, she always believed in one principle; when she was outside or surrounded by people she was not familiar with, the best form of protection would always be to conceal her own wealth.

After coming to T City, firstly, she did not wish to fuss too much with the people here, and secondly, it was to maintain her own peace and quiet to avoid curious questions from people.

At this moment, although her hand was only pressed against a corner of that silver gown, one of the employees who had heard Ling Feifei’s words subconsciously stretched out and pushed Ji Nuan’s hand away with force.

Ji Nuan glanced at the gown; in her eyes, it was not that high-end of a product. She expressionlessly turned to the employee: “Isn’t the gown placed on the mannequin’s body for customers to look? If it cannot be touched, why is it placed here? There aren’t any signs saying that this cannot be touched, who gave you the right to push a customer’s hand away? Your guts sure aren’t small!”

All of the employees here had been professionally trained. Earlier, this employee had been too impulsive, and upon meeting Ji Nuan’s cold eyes, she immediately regretted.

However, after being ridiculed in public, this employee was slightly unhappy and said, “Miss, this dress is the gem of our shop. The price begins at a million yuan. The one you touched was also the most expensive dress from its line. Of course, it cannot be casually touched. If it’s damaged or dirtied, you really won’t be able to afford it! This was featured in last year’s Paris fashion show. It was just delivered from France and was only hung up on display today. We simply haven’t had the time to put on the sign to warn people not to touch.”

The confidence the employee had in saying these words naturally came from what she had heard Ling Feifei say earlier; she was confident that Ji Nuan, who was dressed simply and plainly, would not be able to afford the dress.

Hearing these words, Ling Feifei immediately approached. She looked at the silver thread gown curiously and could not resist touching it. “This is indeed quite beautiful. Can I try it?”

The employee who previously said that the warning sign had yet to be put up did not stop Ling Feifei. Instead, she smiled brightly and said, “All right. Miss, please head to the VIP fitting room inside. Our employees will help you try it on.”

The employee did not pay any more attention to Ji Nuan, seeing that she was not obviously dressed in any distinguished brands. She eagerly tugged the other employees to go serve this Miss Ling, who had appeared like a heroine.

Bai Wei coldly glanced in Ling Feifei’s direction and approached Ji Nuan’s side to comfort her. “This young lady must have been born with her eyes set on her forehead. She only asked us to eat and shop with her to display her own wealth and for us to see her illustrious family background clearly. Don’t pay her any mind.”

Ji Nuan’s gaze shifted toward Feng Ling who was looking at her. Feng Ling sat on the couch, her gaze clearly teasing, as though asking: You can even tolerate this?

“That gown earlier, what do you think about it?” Ji Nuan calmly moved her gaze back, turning to Bai Wei who was by her side.

Bai Wei raised her brows. “Not bad. It is quite pretty. But it’s slightly expensive. If it were directly flown in from the recent Paris fashion show, I suppose the price is appropriate.”

“Are you planning to attend the one hundredth anniversary celebration?” Ji Nuan then asked.

“If time allows it, I’ll attend. It’s a rare opportunity to return to a few months of student life after stepping into the working world. Back when I was studying, I never had the opportunity to attend such an activity. This time, I’ll pity myself and draw a more wonderful conclusion to my own student life.” As Bai Wei spoke, she smiled with her eyes. She looked at Ji Nuan. “What about you?”

Ji Nuan did not reply. She scanned the surrounding gowns and spoke lightly, “Speaking of which, that earlier gown would suit you quite well. It’s quite a mature and graceful piece. Ling Feifei’s figure is too small. Her aura won’t be able to hold up such a dress either. If you were to wear it, you would definitely be breathtaking.”

Hearing these words, Bai Wei immediately smiled. “Forget it. It’s only a school event. It’s sufficient to dress in good taste. Even if I hold a high position in a foreign-owned enterprise, my yearly pay is only several million yuan. There’s no need to spend a lot of money at such a time to compete in beauty. Ling Feifei has clearly been spoiled by her family. We belong to different worlds.”

The two continued chatting casually. They discussed the gown, the anniversary event, and went on to discuss Professor Lin’s outstanding lecture style.

Not long after, Ling Feifei stepped out in the gown.

Just as Ji Nuan said, Ling Feifei’s figure was rather petite. She was completely unable to own the aura of the dress. Although she intentionally found an extremely tall pair of heels, elongating her figure slightly, she still could not own it well.

“How is it? Does it look good?” Ling Feifei stood before them, appearing pleased with herself as she spun around. “I plan to buy this one!”

Bai Wei smiled and did not comment.

Ji Nuan only raised her brows. She did not speak, but her eyes spoke volumes.

In fact, she maintained the same attitude as Bai Wei. Clearly, something was off, but they were too lazy to express it.

The employee who had pushed Ji Nuan earlier intentionally paid attention to her expression. Ling Feifei was also looking at Ji Nuan. Suddenly, that employee said, “Miss Ling, it’s better not to ask them. Some people are fated to yearn for other people’s lifestyles. Asking her is meaningless. Right now, a certain someone clearly appears to be finding fault with something they cannot own. They’ll definitely say that it looks bad.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” The other employee was eager for the promotion that would await her if she managed to sell the most expensive gown in the shop. She spoke up to support, “You don’t want others to buy it just because you can’t afford it? What sort of expression are those? It’s as though the sight of Miss Ling being dressed in such a beautiful gown has stabbed you guys in the eyes. Miss Ling, what sort of friends are you making, ah.”

“They’re just my roommates; they can’t be considered my friends.” Ling Feifei stood there, appearing pleased with herself as the two employees heaped compliments onto her. She spun around twice and casually said, “This piece is not bad. Are there any other dresses from this line?”

“If you really like it, buy it.” Ji Nuan calmly said. “We’ll go stroll around the other floors. When you’re done, call us.”

After speaking, Ji Nuan and Bai Wei exchanged a look and were about to leave.

In the end, that employee suddenly said scathingly, “If you can’t afford it, don’t shop around here. Everything in this store isn’t cheap. Will you be able to buy anything?”