Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 217 - Ji Nuan’s Identity

Chapter 217: Ji Nuan’s Identity

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Hearing these words, several of the people in the shop felt their legs weaken.

What, what… what Miss Ji?

The employee who had pushed Ji Nuan earlier was dumbstruck as she turned to look at the expressionless Ji Nuan.

Ling Feifei, who was currently fighting against the zipper of her dress, also swerved her head up in shock.

Wasn’t Ji Nuan the person in charge of a small studio? Why were the old CEOs of Hai City’s Ji Group’s chain department store acting like little eunuchs who were seeing the emperor’s mother?

CEO Chen and CEO Zhang eagerly handed their business cards to Ji Nuan: “Miss Ji, we are the people in charge of this department store. In the future, if you face any problems that require our aid in T City, you can contact us anytime. Our mobile phones will be open for you twenty-four seven!”

Facing the two of them, Ji Nuan’s expression was not polite, nor did she smile. She indifferently glanced at the business cards, speaking without much warmth, “Settle the problems in your department store first.”

She did not give CEO Chen and CEO Zhang any face, but the two did not become unhappy. Instead, the two honored members who were typically high up and above the mortals only nodded their heads rapidly, expressing their agreements repeatedly: “Yes, yes, yes. We understand, we understand. We’ll settle it immediately!”

Ji Group’s legitimate princess had come to visit; who would dare to slight her?

This entire department store belonged to her Ji family!

“Miss Ji, please take a seat. Take a seat first. Leave this to us!” CEO Chen respectfully invited Ji Nuan to sit on the sofa by the side. He then indicated for an employee to pour some drinks over.

Although the employee was unclear on who this Miss Ji was exactly, he was still frightened into obeying immediately.

Feng Ling stood by the side, her lips curving imperceptibly. Although Bai Wei was startled, after considering for a moment, she felt that it made sense for a student accepted by Professor Lin to have a complicated background; Perhaps Ji Nuan was used to being low-key.

By the side, Ling Feifei gritted her teeth and tugged on her zipper too forcefully, causing it to rip with an ominous sound.

Ji Nuan held the cup of coffee, lowering her head to blow gently on the rising steam.

Through the white steam, she saw the expressions on Ling Feifei and the employees. She then saw Ling Feifei stand there in slight embarrassment from the broken zipper. Ling Feifei’s expression was ugly as she glared over at her, but because she was confused by Ji Nuan’s identity, her gaze was complicated and flitted here and there.

Afterward, Ji Nuan met the eyes of the manager who had already realized she was in deep trouble.

The manager immediately stiffened. She wanted to ask CEO Chen about who this person was exactly, but before she could speak up, CEO Chen and CEO Zhang’s gaze shifted onto her, frightening her legs numb.

“You again!” CEO Zhang suddenly scolded sternly, “We’ve already received a complaint once that the gowns in your shops have inaccurate prices! And that the manager here is temperamental and arrogant. Some customers were angered, lodging a complaint to the higher-ups. Previously, you already went to our office to write a reflection letter and guarantee letter, promising that you would rectify the attitude of your employees and adjust the prices to fit with the brands’ demands. It’s been less than two months, and your shop is actually in trouble again!”

The manager’s face paled. She wanted to explain but was cut off by CEO Chen’s continuous reprimands.

The brand manager by the side then followed up to berate the manager and her employees. He appeared eager to please and to regain the image of his brand, in case the problems that arose from these small figures caused his brand to be taken out from this large-scale departmental store.

However, the unavoidable conclusion was that this shop was forcefully closed, and the Ji Group’s department store would no longer collaborate with this French, luxury gown brand. Under reasons of damaging their department store’s image, they were ordered to remove their goods within two days and empty out the shop. A contract would never be renewed, and a collaboration would never happen again.

They never thought they would face such dire consequences. The manager and employees who were about to be fined and have their wages deducted, and even the brand manager, were flustered.

They knew that the problem arose from Ji Nuan and wanted to plead for her forgiveness; however, Ji Nuan only sat quietly on the couch and did not even look at them.

The brand manager was in charge of maintaining the image and sales of this French brand within the entire province. Watching as they were about to be removed from the largest department store in T City, he was angered and scolded them sternly, “Why are you all still in a daze? You’ve affected our brand image and created such a nasty outcome for us. Do you really think that deducting your pay can solve this? If we are unable to reverse this, the brand’s legal personnel will be outside your doors within three days! If your silly actions really lead us to such consequences, the brand’s legal personnel wouldn’t be able to answer for themselves if they don’t sue you all into bankruptcy! A bunch of stupid goods! Why aren’t you apologizing to Miss Ji! Think of ways to beg for forgiveness! Reverse the damage you’ve done to the brand!”

The moment the panicked manager and her employees heard that they would not only be dealing with fines but would even be sued by the brand, they became even more frightened. They rushed to Ji Nuan’s side, repeating their apologies.

At this moment, the manager and her employees wished they could directly kneel down. The manager directly rushed forward to tug on Ji Nuan’s hand; she wanted to beg for her empathy and ask for forgiveness.

Right before the supervisor’s hand touched Ji Nuan’s elbow, Feng Ling’s leg stretched out and kicked over a pot of hot water on the coffee table. The boiling water splashed onto the manager’s elbow, causing her to cry out in pain. She took a big step back, staring in fright at Ji Nuan who remained quiet and unaffected on the couch.

Seeing this scene, Bai Wei, who stood by the side, finally realized that Ji Nuan’s relationship with Feng Ling was not light.

No wonder she always felt that Feng Ling appeared to be unintentionally protecting Ji Nuan. From the look of things, Ji Nuan’s identity must not be simple.

Even if she could not fully understand Ji Nuan’s background, she now had a premonition that… the consequences Ling Feifei would have to face would not be light…

The manager was flustered after being burned and took several steps back. A few more employees were about to rush forward to beg for forgiveness, and Feng Ling was coldly about to block their approach. All of a sudden, CEO Chen and CEO Zhang could not take watching any longer and approached. “Why are you all standing here? Miss Ji won’t take your bullshit. Look for your own brand manager and legal department to deal with your own problems!”

The department store sent security officers over. The employees who were kneeling or sitting on the ground crying for forgiveness were all pulled away in case they continued disturbing Ji Nuan.

Ling Feifei, who had been standing still and holding onto the broken zipper, had taken the chaos as an opportunity to change out of her clothing. She did not pay any mind to the damaged gown and only stood by the door to stare at Ji Nuan, deeply suspicious of her identity.