Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 218 - Is Mr. Mo Here?!

Chapter 218: Is Mr. Mo Here?!

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“By the way, that gown.” Ji Nuan pointed toward the silver gown they had placed back on the mannequin. “Before your brand is taken out of this department store, sell that gown to me. How much does it cost?”

The supervisor and her employees were flabbergasted as they watched Ji Nuan hand a gold card to CEO Zhang. “I’ll have that gown. Wrap it up for me, thanks. Be careful not to wrinkle it.”

She actually wanted CEO Zhang to settle the payment for her…

Yet, CEO Zhang appeared to have received a reward worthy of being boasted about. He immediately instructed someone to take the gown down carefully and then ordered for the gown to be wrapped and gifted to her.

“Miss Ji, you can charge this gown to our store. There’s no need for you to pay.” The moment CEO Zhang returned, he placed the card back in Ji Nuan’s hand.

Ji Nuan mildly glanced at CEO Zhang and decided to give him face; she kept the card and received the gown.

However, the moment she turned around, she handed the delicately wrapped gown to Bai Wei who stood behind her.

“Sister Bai Wei, this gown suits your skin tone and demeanor very well. I’ll gift it to you.” Ji Nuan’s tone was polite and matter-of-fact.

Not only was Bai Wei startled, everyone present had strange expressions on.

Ling Feifei stood by the door; her teeth almost shattered with the force she was gritting them.

Clearly, she was the one who tried the dress on. She had seen it first!

But Ji Nuan actually bought it and gifted it to Bai Wei right before her eyes!

Ji Nuan had to be doing this intentionally, right?!

After the department store resolved their issue with this store, CEO Chen and CEO Zhang came by to ask if Ji Nuan had any more tasks for them to complete. Ji Nuan gave a few instructions and left. She did not wish to continue dealing with them.

Such a rare weekend time; it wasn’t meant to be wasted here.

Seeing that Ji Nuan and the rest had left, Ling Feifei was worried that these people would pursue the matter on the broken zipper. Since everyone in the shop was caught up in the current conflict and were unable to pay attention to her, Ling Feifei took advantage of the chaos and ran out, catching up to them.

“Ji Nuan! Stop there!” Ling Feifei followed behind, shouting. She took quick steps to catch up to them. The moment she came up to Ji Nuan, she scanned her up and down several times and glared at her unhappily. “Who exactly are you? Would the owner of a small studio be able to bring out the CEO and director of such a large department store?”

Ji Nuan met her gaze head-on. Her indifferent eyes watched the carefully concealed embarrassment and unhappiness in Ling Feifei’s expression before she mildly replied, “It’s only three months of classes at T University, is family background very important? Must you ask everything in detail? And then divide your roommates into various grades and ranks?”

Ling Feifei was left speechless. She glared at her darkly in hatred. “But it’s not right for you to lie…”

Ji Nuan was lazy to continue speaking rubbish to her. She knitted her brows. “Are you going to continue looking at gowns? If not, let’s go back. My legs are tired.”

“The wind is strong today; this weather is not suited for shopping. If you wish to continue looking around, you can do so by yourself. We’ll return to T University first,” Bai Wei added.

Ling Feifei abruptly turned to eye Bai Wei; she looked at the gown she was holding, worth up to a million yuan. Even now, she struggled to believe that Ji Nuan had actually gifted such an expensive gown so generously to Bai Wei.

“Ji Nuan!” abruptly, Ling Feifei called out angrily. “Your surname is Ji. That department store earlier also belongs to Hai City’s Ji Group. Could you be related to the Ji family?”

Ji Nuan calmly glanced at her. She did not reply and headed to the roadside to flag down a cab to return to T University.

Ling Feifei continued: “Are you a relative of the Ji family? Could it be that you were able to open up a studio in Hai City because you were hugging the Ji family’s big thigh? Otherwise, how could there be space for you in such an expensive place like Hai City?”


Feng Ling could not stand to watch this any longer; she rubbed her brows while standing by the side.

Truly an idiot asking for a good beating.


That night, Bai Wei and Ji Nuan headed to the shower facilities in the dormitory at the same time. They met coincidentally when they came out to change.

While changing, Bai Wei asked, “Ji Nuan, you’re the young lady of Hai City’s Ji family, right?”

Ji Nuan did not falter as she changed her clothes. She then picked up the hairdryer, turning to look at her with a small smile. She spoke softly, “You’ve seen through it, yet you refuse to admit it.”


Ji Nuan was obviously maintaining a low profile. Yet, Ling Feifei refused to believe that Ji Nuan’s family background could be good. She would rather stick to her own beliefs, linking Ji Nuan with the words ‘small studio.’

However, if one thought about this carefully, Ji Nuan had to be the young lady of Ji Group.

After hearing her reply, Bai Wei, who had years of experience in the business world, instantly understood. She nodded in response.


It was the weekend.

This was the third week after Ji Nuan’s birthday. She was almost halfway through corporate management classes at T University.

Previously, Ji Nuan had already brought all of her luggage to the dormitory. However, she had forgotten the electronic adaptor for her laptop in the condo.

She had searched for it for a long while last night before recalling that it was left behind in the condo. She took the weekend as an opportunity to return with Feng Ling to retrieve it.

They arrived downstairs in the evening. The various floors in the condo building were all lit up.

“Mrs. Mo,” Feng Ling approach Ji Nuan’s side, softly saying, “I previously contacted Shen Mu. He said that Mr. Mo made a work trip to Japan last week. He should have returned to the country in the past two days. It’s almost a month since you have had any contact with Mr. Mo. Do you want to… take the initiative to give him a call?”

Ji Nuan faltered in her footsteps.

If Feng Ling had not informed her, she would not even know that Mo Jingshen had been in Japan last week.

After so long, Ji Nuan had already become familiar with being by Mo Jingshen’s side. Familiarity was a terrifying thing; it led her to assume that the position by his side would always belong to her.

It was only now that she finally understood; if there came a day when Mo Jingshen did not want her by his side any longer, or if he chose to disappear from her life, she really would not be able to find any other. The position the man held was too high. If he wished for it, he could be extremely close to her. And if he did not wish for it, he could be extremely, extremely distant from her.

Ji Nuan did not speak and headed into the building. After arriving at her floor, she stepped out of the elevator. She was startled to discover that the condo door was ajar. Warm light escaped through the gap of the door into the hallway.

Feng Ling’s face brightened. She wanted to ask if it could have been Mr. Mo, but the originally composed Ji Nuan had already taken quick steps forward to enter