Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 219 - Mr. Mo Paid a Lot of Money

Chapter 219: Mr. Mo Paid a Lot of Money

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Ji Nuan pushed the door open and entered. She looked at the bright light filling the entire living room.

Feng Ling hesitated outside the door. If Mr. Mo was here, was there no need for her to accompany Ji Nuan tonight? She paused for a moment by the door before finally deciding not to enter.

The condo was large; the bedroom was not far away from the entrance, but the bedroom door was firmly closed. The lights in the bedroom were turned off as well. Aside from the living room, only the kitchen was lit.

Why was it the kitchen?

Did Mo Jingshen really come?

Ji Nuan strangely felt her emotions being stirred up; as though she was finally returning home after a long time.

She had already prepared a belly full of words; she wanted to explain that she had always believed in him. When she spoke those words, she was not expressing her doubts about their feelings and marriage. She had simply expressed what was on her mind without considering how it would affect the trust built between the two of them.

These days, she was always watching her phone in a daze. Her hand would always pause by the ‘dial’ button, unable to press it.

Did he finally cool down from his anger? Was he finally here?

Ji Nuan stood outside the kitchen for a moment. She wanted to enter but feared that it would be too abrupt to do so. She made a mental plan before finally striding in. However, the moment she entered, she found an auntie around fifty years old standing by the fridge. She held a grocery bag with one hand while her other hand was on the fridge door.

Ji Nuan’s footsteps immediately faltered. The hope in her eyes dissipated. She curled her hands into fists for a moment, before releasing her grip, as though there was something she wanted to hold onto but was unable to do so.

The auntie by the fridge heard her footsteps and turned back to see Ji Nuan. She was first astonished, before she asked eagerly and kindly, “Hello, you must be Miss Ji, right?”

Ji Nuan restrained her emotions, speaking, “Yes. You are?”

The auntie immediately smiled. “Nice to meet you, Miss Ji. I’m a private housekeeper hired by Mr. Mo a month ago. I’ve been tasked with cleaning this place and to change all of the ingredients in the fridge to fresh ones every two days. I saw that the food in the fridge was always untouched, and the ingredients I’ve been buying have never been used, but because Mr. Mo has already paid me to do this, I’ve been coming by as instructed.”

Feng Ling stood outside to listen; she could not hear Mr. Mo’s voice and found it strange. Could it be that the person inside was not Mr. Mo?

She took quick steps into the condo and saw Ji Nuan standing by the kitchen entrance. Although she appeared fine, her stiff back was clearly filled with tension.

Feng Ling approached in hesitation. When she raised her head to see the auntie and took into account the words she had heard, she immediately understood.

“No wonder this place is always so clean. Someone has actually been coming by to do the housework,” Feng Ling softly and calmly said, turning to see that Ji Nuan had a similarly mild and polite smile. However, her smile did not reach her eyes.

Clearly, she was disappointed.

“By the way, Miss Ji, is the food I’ve been buying not to your tastes, or have you not been coming by recently? Your bathroom appears to have been untouched for quite some time.” The auntie closed the fridge door and turned back to add, “If you’re not used to the food, you can give me a list. I’ll only buy the food you like from now…”

“There’s no need. It has been a long time since I came back to stay,” Ji Nuan said indifferently, lowering her eyes to look at the well-cleaned ground.

“Oh, oh, no wonder.” The auntie nodded her head. “It’s really too wasteful to keep the things I’ve been buying here. If Miss Ji isn’t going to be staying in the condo, shall I send the food to T University? Are you staying in the dorm right now?”

“It’s not convenient to cook in the dorm. I’m not picky with what I eat either, there’s no need to go through so much trouble,” Ji Nuan mildly replied. “Auntie, in the future, you can just come by to clean. There’s no need to buy anything.”

“But Mr. Mo paid me a lot of money…”

“It’s all right. It’s fine just to clean the place.”

“Miss Ji, then the money…”

Seeing that Ji Nuan’s mood was low, Feng Ling spoke up, “Just do as Miss Ji says. If she says there’s no need to buy, don’t buy anything.”

The auntie was startled. After receiving so much money, she was only tasked with cleaning. She felt uneasy, but seeing their insistence, she could only nod. “All right, then let me give Miss Ji my phone number. In these three months, if there’s anything you need, give me a call anytime.”

Ji Nuan nodded her head and did not say more. She turned to leave.

Feng Ling received the note from the auntie. After taking a look at the phone number, she instructed the auntie to continue with her chores. When she turned to see Ji Nuan standing by the ceiling-to-floor windows in the living room, she fell silent. She wanted to approach to talk to her, but the auntie in the kitchen was surprised to finally see someone in the condo and kept looking for topics to chat about. Feng Ling stood in her spot and casually replied to the auntie.

Half an hour later, the auntie left. Ji Nuan remained standing by the window.

“Mrs. Mo, you came back to take your electronic adaptor, right?” Feng Ling spoke up and broke the silence. “Do you remember where you left it? I’ll go find it for you, in case we forget to bring it with us when we leave again.”

“In the study.”

“All right, I’ll go look for it.”

Feng Ling glanced at her again before turning to head to the study.

After locating what Ji Nuan needed, she stepped out, finding that at some point, Ji Nuan had knelt down on the ground.

Ji Nuan knelt by the window quietly.


Feng Ling wanted to speak up, but because of the scene before her eyes, she hesitated. She suddenly brought out her phone and silently took a photo of Ji Nuan from this angle, capturing her desolate appearance by the window.

From this angle, she could not see Ji Nuan’s expression. Her long hair blocked her face, while her back view appeared thin and lonely.

Like a child that was abandoned on the roadside, completely at a loss as to what to do.

After taking the photo, Feng Ling stared at her screen for a while before searching for Mo Jingshen’s private number. She directly sent the photo to him.

After only two minutes, she saw that the message was read. She then kept her phone away, approaching the window to kneel by Ji Nuan’s side.

“Mrs. Mo, what do you wish to do the most right now?”

Hearing these words, Ji Nuan turned to the short-haired woman by her side and pursed her lips. “I’m not sure. My brain feels empty. Perhaps listening to some stories or doing something would distract me and make me feel better. Or perhaps, drinking would be a good choice. The ancient people say that ‘intoxication resolves a thousand worries.’ It’s worth a shot.”

In this past month, this was the first time Ji Nuan admitted that her heart was suffering.

Feng Ling raised her brows. “Forget about drinking. Mr. Mo has clearly said that you’re not allowed to drink. Even if he isn’t here, I have to watch you well.”