Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 221 - What Time is it? Who is Making so Much Noise?

Chapter 221: What Time is it? Who is Making so Much Noise?

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They rushed back to the dormitory before their curfew. Right now, Ji Nuan could not be idle. If she were idle, her emotions would interfere. The moment she returned, she took a shower.

After leaving the shower to change, she noticed that Bai Wei had brought over the gown she had bought her, placing it by her cabinet.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Nuan turned to look at her.

“The past few times I left it on your bed, you always gave it back,” Bai Wei explained. “This gown is too expensive. I can’t receive it. It’s sufficient that you previously suppressed Ling Feifei’s temper with it. Recently, she hasn’t been too outrageous. This gown should be returned to you.”

“It isn’t meant to suppress anyone’s temper. This gown really suits your temperament.” Ji Nuan turned around, picking up her own clothes and returning the box to her. “There’s no need to return it to me. Perhaps I’ll even cooperate with your company in the future. This can be considered building relations at T University. There’s no need to treat each other as outsiders.”

Hearing these words, Bai Wei could not help but glance at Ji Nuan again. “I’m not too familiar with Hai City, but I vaguely understand that the Ji family is one of the four large families in Hai City, right?”

Ji Nuan chuckled mildly. “I suppose so. Recently, our business hasn’t been that good. We probably won’t be able to hold onto our position in the top four families.”

“You sure are humble…”

“It’s the truth. Besides, among the students Professor Lin received this time, almost everyone has unique backgrounds. They’re all heirs or the future hope of various corporations. There is no point in comparing. Let’s just peacefully go through these three months.”

“That is true. In the future, we’ll see each other at every turn in the business world. It’s better to have a low profile so that we can greet each other amiably.”

The two chatted as they returned to the dorm room. When they entered, Ling Feifei had a face mask on and was stretching her body while doing yoga.

Among the four of them, no matter if it was about maintaining the skin’s health or other beauty aspects, Ling Feifei always came in first while Bai Wei was the second. As Bai Wei was already past twenty-five years old, she needed to take some steps to care for her skin, but she was not as extravagant as Ling Feifei.

As for Ji Nuan and Feng Ling, after washing their face, they would at times even forget about patting on some essence before laying down to sleep. However, because Ji Nuan’s skin was too good, even with her carelessness, her skin was much better than Ling Feifei’s. Even a rough person like Feng Ling had brighter skin than Ling Feifei.

Seeing that Ji Nuan had entered with Bai Wei, Ling Feifei narrowed her eyes at them with stretched feet. “Gifting a gown worth a million yuan indeed changes things. Even when showering, they have to go together…”

Bai Wei glanced at her. “Are you unhappy because the item you like has been taken away? Back when we were in that shop, facing against those old CEOs of the department store, where did your stubborn temper go? Back then, why didn’t you fight to use your own card to buy it? You’re unhappy when you think about it now, and you’re looking for trouble again? Can’t you be quiet for a day?”

Ling Feifei glared at her. Before she could speak, Ji Nuan indifferently asked, “That day, when you were trying on the other gown, did you ruin the zipper on it?”

Ling Feifei’s expression faltered. She immediately shifted her gaze away in embarrassment and did not look at them any further. She sat down by the bedside angrily and removed her sheet mask.

“That gown wasn’t cheap either, was it.” Bai Wei glanced at Ling Feifei with a cold smile.

Ling Feifei glared at Bai Wei. “Why do you care if it was expensive or cheap? Anyway, that brand has already been taken down from the department store. They don’t have the right to continue selling any products there. So, what if it’s spoiled? They won’t dare to look for me for compensation. Their legal department won’t look for me either. It was so frantic back then. Who can confirm if it was ruined by those unlucky employees helping me try the gown on or me? Even if you were to go act as a witness, it’s useless. You have no evidence. Besides, it’s been so many days, and they haven’t come looking.”

“Who said we have no evidence?” Feng Ling, who was laying on the bed half-asleep suddenly spoke up.

Ling Feifei’s expression faltered. She turned to see Feng Ling waving her phone screen at her. A two-minute-long voice recording was just paused; this meant that Ling Feifei’s earlier words were all recorded.

“What are you doing! Delete that now!” Ling Feifei was flustered. She got up and charged forward to snatch the phone away.

It was not that she could not afford the compensation, but she really did not wish to lose face! The past few days had been sufficiently humiliating with Ji Nuan around. If she were really called to the department store to provide compensation, her face would be entirely thrown away!

Feng Ling casually tossed her phone toward her bed, indifferently glancing at Ling Feifei. She sat up, cracking her knuckles. A clear, bone-cracking noise was released.

Ling Feifei instantly stiffened by her bedside and did not dare to move further. Her hands froze in midair as she glared at the cold and composed Feng Ling. “Delete that voice recording! Otherwise, I’ll go to Professor Lin tomorrow and tell him that you’ve been taking recordings without permission in the dormitory! Infringing on my privacy!”

“Go ahead. I don’t mind showing this recording to Professor Lin.” Feng Ling did not look at her any further. She casually stretched her feet on the bed, scaring Ling Feifei into taking a step back.

Seeing Feng Ling lay down to sleep, Ling Feifei glared at the phone placed by her pillow. She felt so hateful that her teeth were itching.

Ji Nuan returned to her bedside, picking up her phone to say, “Feng Ling, send me a copy of that recording just in case.”

Hearing this, Ling Feifei abruptly turned to glare at Ji Nuan. Before she could begin cursing, Bai Wei added, “Send a copy to me too.”

Ling Feifei was about to explode from anger. She picked up a mirror from her bedside and smashed it onto the ground.

Less than a minute later, the dorm manager auntie charged to their door, reprimanding, “What time is it? Who is making so much noise!”

Ling Feifei: “…”


The next day, Ling Feifei was still angry. In the morning, when Ji Nuan was about to take some hot water, she handed her own bottle over.

“Since you’re going, isn’t your other hand free? Help me fill up a bottle as well.” Ling Feifei maintained an authoritative attitude. She refused to be suppressed by Ji Nuan’s temperament.

Ji Nuan did not even look at her and had stepped out. Ling Feifei abruptly stood up and was about to shove her bottle into her hands. However, the moment she stood up, Feng Ling, who was by the side, kicked the bottle in her hands away.

“Ah! What are you doing?!” Ling Feifei saw that Ji Nuan was already walking away without looking back. She turned to look at the cracked bottle on the ground before abruptly raising her eyes to glare at Feng Ling.

“If you want to drink water, go take it yourself. Who are you expecting to serve you?” Feng Ling sat down. Her tone was cold and indifferent.

“Why have you been protecting Ji Nuan since the moment you entered this place! Don’t tell me, you are the bodyguard she hired. You won’t even let me give her something to do!” Ling Feifei was driven mad by anger. At this rate, she really would not be able to stay in this dorm any longer!

“You’ve actually gotten it right. I am her bodyguard.” Feng Ling curved her eyes, smiling coldly.

“Tsk, that’s impossible!”