Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 222 - Mo Corporation’s CEO Personally Came to Visit

Chapter 222: Mo Corporation’s CEO Personally Came to Visit

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The next afternoon, T University’s entrance was surrounded by cars. Each one of them did not seem simple.

The students stood by the side, whispering. They heard the two campus library buildings were about to be rebuilt. The person who came today was the CEO of a certain well-known corporation. He made a significant investment to support the rebuilding of T University’s library.

Previously, all the people who made such investments all became honorary principals. This time was no different. If the investment went through, this person would definitely receive the title of an honorary principal.

After all, T University’s library had nearly one hundred years of history. Taking into account their collection of up to one hundred million works, as well as the ancient architecture, if they were to rebuild the library completely, it would require a substantial sum. It was not an investment any typical corporation would be able to make.

“Aiya, did you hear about it? The person who wants to help rebuild the library seems to hail from Hai City…”

“Hai City, ah? Hai City is one of a kind within our country. There are quite a lot of wealthy people there. Many of our local, renowned corporate directors are also located there. It’s not surprising that this person has such a robust financial ability then…”

“Indeed. I wonder which company he is from. Rebuilding T University’s one-hundred-year-old library is an accomplishment that can be recorded into history. Doing this at no cost; it really makes one wonder who would be so generous…”

“Although he is generous, he isn’t simply rebuilding at no cost. T University is one of the top universities within the country. The rebuilding of the one-hundred-year-old library has always been put off because of how difficult it is. Now that it is going to be rebuilt, he will definitely receive a large amount of local publicity. No matter which company he comes from, in the future, T University and all the other local universities, including rising educational institutions, would all be widely implicated. The benefits he can gain from these are not something we can easily predict!”

“That’s true. The plans that the people in high positions have in mind, how would we be able to understand…”

Similar, quiet discussions could be heard throughout the entire T University. Especially among the business and corporate management students, the discussion was spreading like wildfire.

In the afternoon, Ji Nuan was rushing through the mock test questions Professor Lin had shared and did not have time for a meal. After class, she took advantage of the break time to buy some simple snacks at the cafeteria. On the way there, when she heard the discussions and heard that the investor was from Hai City, she subconsciously glanced out of the cafeteria windows to look at the T University gates.

From this distance, she could not clearly see the cars parked outside. She barely scanned the entrance before walking away with the food she had bought.

Hai City was indeed the most prosperous city within the country. It was where outstanding individuals tended to gather, and numerous wealthy corporations were situated. T University was also an educational establishment on par with Peking University and Tsinghua University; it was not surprising that the big shot of some investment corporation would suddenly gain interest in the education industry.

In the evening, a day of classes finally ended. Bai Wei said that she had plans to meet up with a friend she previously cooperated with and invited Ji Nuan and Feng Ling to come along.

The three brought their textbooks back to their dormitory and changed their clothes. All of a sudden, Ling Feifei ran in. She immediately began flipping through her clothes and frantically piling cosmetics onto her face. It was as though she was rushing off for a date or to meet someone important.

“Why are you all looking at me?” While frantically stacking powder onto her face, Ling Feifei narrowed her eyes at them. “You’ve all returned to change your clothes too? Are you hoping for a chance encounter with President Mo as well? Usually, you all look so uninterested, but when the opportunity arrives, you actually move much faster than me!”

Hearing the words ‘President Mo,’ Ji Nuan and Feng Ling’s expressions changed slightly.

On the other hand, Bai Wei stared at Ling Feifei as though she had gone mad. “What President Mo? What chance encounter? The temperature is dropping tonight so we returned to retrieve our coats.”

Ling Feifei clearly did not believe Bai Wei’s words. “Who are you trying to fool? Based on your abilities, you guys must also have heard that the party who made such a large investment for the library is Hai City’s Mo Corporation. Mo Corporation’s CEO has personally arrived to visit our T University. Many of the beautiful girls here have all rushed back to change their clothes and makeup, hoping to catch an eye of President Mo when he leaves tonight. It’s the Mo Corporation, ah! If I can have a romantic encounter with President Mo and take his car home or have a meal with him… just thinking about it makes me so agitated I might die!”

Bai Wei faltered.

She had naturally heard of the Mo Corporation. Her company had applied for several partnership requests with Mo Corporation, but they were always refused. For many companies within the country, a partnership with this corporation was what they all yearned for but could never obtain.

Although Mo Corporation had many partnerships within the country and owned many companies, its focus has never been placed on T City. It also had little connections with the education industry. Why was it that, all of a sudden, they would make such a large investment in T University’s library? Although this would open up a lot of advantageous paths in the education industry, based on Mo Corporation’s outstanding ability, along with the Mo family’s foundation, the local education industry did not match up to the investment prospects Mo Corporation had. Why would they suddenly interfere with this industry…

Bai Wei was still deep in thoughts. All of a sudden, she heard a ‘bang’ sound from the dormitory door.

In a blink of an eye, Ji Nuan had taken hurried steps to leave the dorm without giving a reason why.

“Ji Nuan?” Bai Wei thought something had happened. She quickly opened the door for a look only to see that Ji Nuan was walking really fast. She did not even turn back, as though there was something she had to rush off for.

“This is…”

Feng Ling composedly walked out, calmly saying, “I’ll go take a look.”

Ji Nuan walked out of the dormitory and hurried toward the school building.

Those few words kept repeating in her mind.

President Mo.

President Mo.

President Mo.

Typically, whenever there were important meetings or matters among the school management, they would have a meeting on the highest floor of the school building. Ji Nuan’s feet moved quickly. It took Feng Ling a long time to catch up to her.

The school building had more than ten floors. Students were not allowed to use the elevator at the end of the hallway. Ji Nuan climbed up the stairs step by step. When she finally made it up to the highest floor, she saw that the lights in the principal’s meeting room were indeed turned on.

“Are you guys T University’s students? Who allowed you to enter the management area? Students are not allowed to enter this floor; aren’t you guys aware of that?” The person who stepped out of the office was T University’s head of the teaching department. When he saw Ji Nuan and Feng Ling, he immediately knitted his brows in displeasure and began reprimanding them.

However, Ji Nuan’s gaze was fixed in the direction of the principal’s meeting room.

“Why are you still looking? Aren’t you going to leave?” The head of the department coldly reminded them.

The meeting room door was tightly shut. All she could see was the light through the gaps of the doors.

“May I ask, around what time will this meeting end?” Although the head of the department had a poor attitude, Ji Nuan still tried to be polite.

“I don’t know. The principal and several of the school heads are inside; there are a lot of issues they have to discuss. I’m not sure what time the meeting will end exactly.” The head of the department eyed her strangely. “Why are you asking this?”