Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 223 - Who Exactly Is It That Is Viewed so Importantly by President Mo?

Chapter 223: Who Exactly Is It That Is Viewed so Importantly by President Mo?

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Coincidentally, Professor Lin stepped out of the conference room. When he saw Ji Nuan, he was astonished. “Ji Nuan? Why are you here?”

Ji Nuan turned back to see Professor Lin hurrying over to her side.

“You came at a good time. I was going to retrieve the documents for the corporate management and business classes. The principal and investor want to examine them. Go help me take them. The documents are all placed on my office desk. Look through them carefully and send them directly into the meeting room.”

Professor Lin had a lot of trust in Ji Nuan. After giving her some simple instructions, he rushed back into the meeting room.

Ji Nuan faltered for a second before turning to head downstairs.

Feng Ling had entered the class midway. She was not very committed to her studies in corporate management and did not understand the teaching materials Professor Lin needed well. Ji Nuan searched for around 10 minutes, arranging all of the necessary documents before placing them into a file. She then brought it to the highest floor of the school building.

The head of the department saw that she brought it and had seen Professor Lin personally instructing her to bring the documents into the meeting room earlier. He did not stop her and stepped forward to open the conference room door for her. Before Ji Nuan entered, he warned her, “Don’t speak carelessly after entering. The important school heads, as well as the library investor, are all inside. Remember, ah, don’t speak carelessly.”

Ji Nuan: “I understand. Thank you.”

The moment she stepped in, she heard the principal speaking frankly in assurance and saw the man sitting at the head of the conference table.

Today, he did not wear a suit. Instead, he wore a simple black shirt and pants. His 6 feet 2 inches figure was extremely eye-catching. He sat there quietly, his taciturn and reserved demeanor made him look distant.

Even when he sat with the principal and various outstanding individuals, they were all silently suppressed by his appearance, his figure, and even his unhurried and cold aura. He appeared like a silent, nobleman looking upon them in disdain. With his cold demeanor and lack of smile, he clearly displayed his distance and indifference.

After watching the man she knew being so unfamiliar, her heart was stung.

She was too used to Mo Jingshen’s doting and concessions. Such a distant Mo Jingshen was truly unfamiliar to her.

“President Mo, this is the scope of our T University’s recent cooperation with various large educational institutions. Among which…”

The principal stood by a large screen, pointing at the displayed PowerPoint presentation and detailing T University’s goals. He, who was used to maintaining a tyrannical hold over the students, was currently staring at the man at the head of the conference table with shiny, bright eyes.

Aside from the one-hundred-year-old library that needed reconstruction, T University also had several other channels and programs they hoped would be able to catch the eye of local businesses. Right now, he wanted to grab hold of the opportunity to establish more partnerships with Mo Corporation; thus, he naturally needed to make use of all the available methods to draw the investor’s attention.

The proceeding meeting did not pause because of Ji Nuan’s entrance. The principal only took a look at Ji Nuan, and upon seeing Professor Lin stand up to indicate her to come over, he understood her purpose and continued the meeting without faltering.

“Ji Nuan, over here.” Professor Lin’s identity in T University was that of a specially engaged professor. He was positioned in the middle of the conference table, around seven to eight meters away from the head position.

Ji Nuan brought the documents she held to Professor Lin. When he received the file, he flipped through it and then nodded in appreciation. He turned back to her in praise. “Not bad. As expected, you’re the most serious when it comes to your studies. You’ve brought all of the necessary documents without leaving anything out. If it had been anyone else, who knows how much missing pages there would have been.”

Ji Nuan felt that her task was complete. She used her gaze to ask if he needed her to leave now.

Before Professor Lin could reply, the principal posed a question to him. He immediately turned his head and assumed a professional demeanor without saying if he needed Ji Nuan to leave.

Ji Nuan stood behind Professor Lin, raising her eyes to look toward the head of the table.

From the moment she entered, Mo Jingshen only took one glance at her. It was a casual glance, after which, he did not shift his gaze toward her any further.

When she turned toward him, she saw that Mo Jingshen was currently composedly flipping through a T University folder the principal had attentively handed him.

Ji Nuan quickly sensed from his unperturbed attitude that his attention was completely not placed on her.

This man was truly cold and indifferent, unlike Ji Nuan. Although she appeared calm, her heart felt as if it had been scratched by a cat’s claws. It was itchy and sharp to the point of flustering her. Yet, the man she faced was someone whose rank was much more outstanding than hers.

As though sensing her gaze, Mo Jingshen placed the file down after only a few pages and carelessly shifted his gaze toward her.

When their eyes met, Ji Nuan, who was about to leave the conference room, immediately paused.

She did not know much about Mo Corporation’s plans for this year. Perhaps Mo Jingshen’s appearance in T University today and the entrance of their company into the education industry were all part of their initial plans.

After ignoring her for more than a month, it couldn’t be that his sudden appearance here was because of her.

Back then, she did cross a line with her words; her mistrust of him had stepped onto his bottom line.

But it had been a whole month. What exactly has he been doing during this month?

After not meeting for a whole month, this man’s attitude as he sat was truly composed and unperturbed.

“Professor Lin’s student, did you enter to send the documents in? If you’re done, you can leave now.” Seeing that Ji Nuan was still standing there, and President Mo appeared slightly distracted by her, the principal suddenly urged her to leave.

At this moment, Professor Lin also turned to nod to her, indicating for her to leave first.

Ji Nuan quietly nodded. Without saying a single word, she turned and decisively walked out.

All of a sudden, one of the school heads by Mo Jingshen’s side spoke up: “By the way, President Mo, you previously mentioned that the reason for your investment in T University’s one-hundred-year-old library is because there is someone extremely important to you here. No matter if it’s you or that person, this is truly a very meaningful deed. Who exactly is it that is viewed so importantly by President Mo?”