Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 225 - Mo Jingshen Came Like the Buddha, And She Was the Monkey God Trapped in His Palm

Chapter 225: Mo Jingshen Came Like the Buddha, And She Was the Monkey God Trapped in His Palm

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“If your mood is poor, let’s go out for a walk to drive away your worries. It’s fine if we don’t drink. Let’s just ease your worries.” Bai Wei saw that they were both stiffly holding onto their stances and decided to act as the mediator. “As women ah, we must always treat ourselves well. Don’t take things too hard. It’s good to go out for a walk; you’ll feel more comfortable than if you keep everything in your heart.”

Ji Nuan kept her head down as she tied her shoelaces, keeping silent. Anyone could tell that she was currently holding in a lot.

It was likely because Feng Ling had become much closer to Ji Nuan that she gradually came to empathize with her in a lot of matters. Even as she remembered President Mo’s orders and instructions, she understood that Ji Nuan really needed an outlet for her emotions right now.

She had indeed been restraining for a month. A switch must have been flipped tonight.

“Then go. I’ll go with you. You better not drink anymore. You’ve already had three beers.” Feng Ling sighed softly.


However, Feng Ling had underestimated the waiters and servers working to sell alcohol in this pub.

Even though Bai Wei and Ji Nuan initially only insisted for a plate of fruits and a bottle of weak, fruit wine, they could not hold out against these people’s recommendations. In the end, they bought several bottles of fruit-flavored, western wine. One was red and another blue. They appeared too weak but actually contained a substantial amount of alcohol.

The consequences of mixing different types of alcohol did not require much explanation.

With Ji Nuan’s tolerance, in less than an hour, she was leaning against the sofa, unmoving.

Feng Ling moved to support her. By the side, Bai Wei sighed in sympathy. “No wonder Ji Nuan said that there was someone at home who wouldn’t let her drink. Her tolerance is really too poor…”

“Her tolerance can be considered one of her weaknesses. Don’t tease her when she wakes up tomorrow morning. Otherwise, based on the way she’s been feeling recently, her heart might be smashed into smithereens.” Feng Ling was both teasing and helpless when she looked at the way Ji Nuan was slumped limply like mud.

Bai Wei chuckled teasingly. “Is it a problem with love? Ah, I’m accustomed to seeing this. No matter how mighty a woman typically appears at work, the moment they encounter relationship problems, they all lose control like this. I can understand. I definitely won’t laugh at her.”

Feng Ling did not keep up with the mindless chatter. She supported Ji Nuan and headed out.

Ji Nuan was really drunk, and it was the first time she was so inebriated. Like a pile of mud, she was only able to stand with Feng Ling’s support.

This pub was located underground. They needed to take the elevator to head out. She had only just brought Ji Nuan to the elevator entrance when Ji Nuan began holding onto her stomach, leaning her head on Feng Ling’s shoulder and speaking in distress, “I’ve never seen… such an ill-tempered man…”

Feng Ling: “…”

“If he doesn’t want to care about me anymore, he shouldn’t have come to T City, ah!”

Feng Ling: “…”

“He came to T City, yet he refused to pay any attention to me. I’ve already dialed his number, but he won’t answer! He won’t answer, ah! He was definitely sitting inside one of those cars!”

Feng Ling: “…”

“If you’re capable, come and have a fight with me, ah! Giving me the cold shoulder like this, do you really think that just because I know that I’m in the wrong, I’ll cling onto you tightly and refuse to let go! Does he think he is the Buddha; that I, Ji Nuan, am the monkey trapped in his palm unable to escape his control for the rest of my life? Let me tell you, I already escaped in my past life!”

Feng Ling: “…”

Right now, Feng Ling could not pay any mind to Ji Nuan’s incoherent ramblings.

She could only speechlessly stare through the elevator doors; it had already been wide open for more than half a minute. Her scalp tingled numbly as she stared at the tall man inside.

Ji Nuan realized that the elevator was already opened, but Feng Ling did not support her in. She narrowed her eyes and vaguely saw that a man had been standing inside for a long while.

She leaned in for a closer look. Feng Ling subconsciously moved to help her in, but Ji Nuan staggered and almost fell headfirst. Feng Ling frantically caught her. “Mrs. Mo…”

Just as she caught her, Ji Nuan raised her eyes toward the man in the lift.

From this distance, the face right before her eyes was really handsome to the point of drawing pointing fingers toward it.

Did she really drink too much? The man who clearly refused to pay her any mind and refused to see her or to pick up her calls appeared to be standing right before her.

Ji Nuan stared at the man who was as tall as a jade tree. She stared at his cold and handsome brows, his long and tall nose, and his perfectly crafted jawline. He wore a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. His shirt was not fully buttoned up, revealing his collarbone. It was seductive and tempting, making people captivated.

He stood there just like that; cold, noble, and distant.

As Ji Nuan stared at him in her drunken state, the man lifted his brows indifferently. His gaze flitted past her coat before finally landing on her face.

His gaze was unreasonably composed; his pupils distant and unperturbed as he watched her.

Ji Nuan’s coat was put on by Feng Ling earlier when she had hauled her up from the sofa. Right now, it appeared a little disheveled. Her hair was also slightly messy, clinging onto her neck. It made her skin look whiter and smoother. The inebriation also caused her cheeks to appear much rosier.

“Mr. Mo.” Feng Ling supported Ji Nuan with some embarrassment. She did not expect that she would be caught the very first time she accompanied Ji Nuan to be reckless.

It seemed like Ji Nuan’s every move has always been within Mo Jingshen’s sight. In this past month, even though Feng Ling did not report to him, he must have been aware of everything she did and every place she visited.

The man stood in the elevator, coldly and indifferently. He did not speak.

“Mrs. Mo has already been restraining her emotions for a month. It wasn’t easy for her to finally see you today, but your attitude dug all of her suppressed emotions out. About her drinking today, I…”

Feng Ling was in the midst of explaining when Ji Nuan suddenly turned to her. She tilted her head and spoke unhappily, “Feng Ling… don’t dress as a man anymore… after I make my escape from Mo Jingshen’s palm, why don’t I marry you? You’re so handsome, and you’re good at fighting as well… why don’t the two of us just pair up…”

Feng Ling: “…”

Feng Ling instantly ‘tossed’ Ji Nuan into the arms of the man inside the elevator!

Her feet were unstable, causing her nose to knock into the man’s chest. The pain caused her to knit her brows as she raised her hand to tug on the man’s shirt, gripping onto it. She barely managed to stand up straight, rubbing her nose as she turned to Feng Ling. “Feng Ling, why did you push me…”

Feng Ling watched Ji Nuan, who was truly completely oblivious from being drunk. She then turned to Mo Jingshen, whose unhappy and cold gaze caused her back to tense up. She kept her voice low as she replied, “Mrs. Mo, if you’re drunk, close your eyes and sleep. Don’t talk anymore.”

“Am I drunk?” Ji Nuan stared at her strangely. Her head fell forward, leaning against the man’s chest as she softly muttered, “Maybe I am drunk… no wonder this person seems so much like Mo Jingshen… I think, no matter who I see right now, they’ll all appear to be Mo Jingshen… ah… I’m drunk… I’m drunk…”