Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 227 - Mo Jingshen, You’re Poking Me!

Chapter 227: Mo Jingshen, You’re Poking Me!

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Was this really Mo Jingshen?

This dream was way too realistic…

She stood up but remained on the sofa unsteadily. She raised her eyes to look at the man who was taller than her by more than a head: “Is this… is this a dream?”

As she spoke, she raised a hand to pinch the man’s face.

Mo Jingshen did not avoid her but, just as her disobedient hand was about to touch him, he caught her hand in his grip and pressed it down. Tugging against her hand, he prevented her from falling backward.

“En, it’s a dream.” The man’s voice was heavy and indifferent; it did not reveal any of his emotions.

Ji Nuan stood before him, widening her drunken eyes as she did her best to stare at him.

After staring for a long moment, she suddenly laughed.

Forget it, forget it. No matter if it was a dream or a hallucination, there was no way this could be Mo Jingshen. She could scold as she pleased; it was only an illusion. It definitely wouldn’t be upset.

“Mo Jingshen!” Ji Nuan’s temper immediately rose. She planned to show off her might to this illusion before her eyes and vent out all of the suppressed anger from this past month. She abruptly pointed at his nose, raising her drunken little face and dazed eyes to glare at him. “You bastard!”

The man raised his handsome brows slightly. “You’re able to scold others now?”

“What do you mean by able to scold others now? It’s not as if you’ve never seen me quarreling and hurling abuse at others before! Why do you think all those famous, wealthy young ladies in Hai City have so much grudge against me? It’s because they’ve all tried to challenge me and were driven to tears by my words! It’s not as if you don’t know how my character used to be!”

Ji Nuan abruptly stood on her tiptoes, reaching out to tug on his collar. She parted her lips and began her long stream of enraged complaints. “For your sake, I’ve plucked off almost all of the thorns on my body! For our marriage, I’ve done my best to do everything well. I’ve never once not trusted you!”

“That night, I was frightened and alarmed in that underground bar; fearful to the point of despair. And it was all because of that person I’ve always been unaware of! Afterward, I found out that everything occurred because of your ex-fiancée! Was I supposed to laugh and say I don’t mind?”

“You think I don’t have any conscience, is it? Let me tell you, if I, Ji Nuan, didn’t have any conscience, I would never have chosen to stick to you in this lifetime! So, what if we’re divorced? I can spread my wings and fly far away! Yet, I chose to place all of my stakes on you, Mo Jingshen! What I’ve given you is everything, my everything! You’re indeed unconditionally good to me, but aside from that, I completely can’t see through you! I don’t even know how far away your heart is from me!”

The wound on Ji Nuan’s forehead had healed a long time ago. Her bangs covered the smooth skin underneath; it was impossible to tell what sort of treatment she had once faced in that underground bar.

The man gently pushed away her slightly sweat-soaked bangs when she abruptly turned to bite down on his finger. While doing so, she thought that, since this was a dream anyway, it wouldn’t hurt her, nor would it hurt him. After venting this anger, she was invigorated and had said her piece. Tomorrow, she would be a brave and courageous person again.

He did not push her away. Instead, he reached out to support her unstable body, allowing her to bite as she pleased.

Finally, when the taste of blood hit her tongue, Ji Nuan released him.

She abruptly muttered softly, as though speaking to herself, “I should have switched to a different lifestyle from the beginning. I must have lost my mind, otherwise, why would I choose to willingly serve within the fence you had built, letting an addictive man like you block all of my available paths. I’m in the wrong for losing the ability to keep my heart away properly; wrong for caring too much about you… I… uu…”

The back of Ji Nuan’s head was held. The man’s lips landed, blocking her lips.

Ji Nuan was dumbstruck and was about to shift away when the hand holding her head tightened its grip. He restricted her movement and was not gentle with her. Although he was not being rough, he was much more forceful than usual.

She was truly too drunk. After struggling a little, she felt empty and tired. Even as her lips were pained and numb, she could not process why she felt such sensations in a dream.


Afterward, even she was unaware of how she had fallen asleep.

Ji Nuan did not sleep steadily. In less than half an hour, she had a string of nightmares. She knitted her brows and abruptly opened her eyes in fright. She then immediately shut her eyes from the glare of the living room light, but that one moment alone was sufficient for her to gain a clear look of the man’s distinct, handsome face.

She became aware that she was lying on the sofa. The Mo Jingshen from her dreams was actually still around.

“Awake? Does your head hurt?” The man’s voice landed by her ear.

After hearing this frighteningly real voice, Ji Nuan’s eyelashes trembled. She opened her eyes, staring at the man’s face dazedly. She stretched her hand out to see if this illusion would disappear with her touch.

When she reached her hand over, the man’s palm abruptly tugged against her waist. Ji Nuan’s entire body was brought onto his lap, her head pressing against his shoulder. She wanted to sit up straight, but her head still slanted downward against his shoulder.

“Mo Jingshen…” She softly began.


“In the future… let’s not fight anymore… all right…” Ji Nuan buried her face in his neck. Her voice was soft and gentle.

The man’s hand paused on the top of her head. After a moment, he calmly looked at her. “Are you awake or still drunk? Can you recognize if I’m an illusion or if I’m your husband?”

Ji Nuan buried her head deeper in his neck. “I don’t know.”

Mo Jingshen narrowed his eyes, looking at her unkindly. He raised his arms to wrap this little woman, who had vented all of her anger, in his embrace. He spoke indifferently, “Talk about this when you’re clearheaded. I won’t speak to a drunken ghost.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She tried to leave his lap but was pressed down by the man. “You have already drunk to this state, yet you have the strength to move so much. It seems like the one month of cool down time I gave you wasn’t enough. You just said you won’t fight with me anymore. Now you’re going to distance from me with a black face again?”

“Let go of me, I want to go down.”


“You…” Ji Nuan raised her mostly drunk eyes. Some of her messy hair was clinging onto her cheek. Her earlier enraged expression was slightly embarrassed now. After pursing her lips for a while, she finally managed to spit out these words, “You’re poking me!”

As she spoke, she shifted her butt backward against that area near his legs.

Mo Jingshen lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms. His pupils were as dark as the quiet sea. A careful kiss landed on her smooth hair. “It’s been a month since we met. If you dare to move anymore, it won’t be as simple as poking you.”