Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 229 - In This Past Month, You Went Back to America?

Chapter 229: In This Past Month, You Went Back to America?

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In the condo.

Ji Nuan had folded his shirt, washed the cup, and kept his razor away in the bathroom cabinet. Looking at what she had done, Mo Jingshen’s lips curved into a small smile.

Last night, Ji Nuan had borrowed courage from the alcohol to display her might of wanting to settle a month’s worth of debt with him. Today, she had obediently tidied up the marks he had left behind in the condo.

The little woman was saying more and more empty words.

Mo Jingshen tugged open the first few buttons on his shirt. He glanced at the sky outside and softly chuckled.

At this moment, a chime indicated that he had received a message. He glanced at his phone.

Nan Heng: [You’re in T City?]

Mo Jingshen replied: [En]

Nan Heng: [At the condo or elsewhere?]

Mo Jingshen carelessly replied: [condo]

In less than half an hour, Nan Heng drove over. After knocking, he immediately entered.

After looking at his travel-worn appearance, it was evident that he had driven across the city overnight. He appeared fierce and cold, but at the same time, gloomy. The moment he entered, he headed in to look for water.

“Why did you come in such a rush? Is there trouble?” Mo Jingshen glanced mildly at him.

After chugging the water, Nan Heng placed the glass cup down to speak: “Previously, when Feng Ling used to take on missions in America’s XI Training Base, she once intercepted several vehicles smuggling weapons and ammunition belonging to the mafia. For the past two years, those people have been relentlessly pursuing her whereabouts. My people found out that they’ve been moving within the country recently, and that they’re currently within T City. I’m afraid Feng Ling’s location has already been discovered.”

Mo Jingshen coldly and indifferently raised his brows, watching him.

“It’s all old grudges previously formed with America’s XI Training Base related to New York and Los Angeles’s underground ammunition transactions. Their goal is Feng Ling. This won’t implicate your woman.” Nan Heng had rushed over through the night and did not manage to catch a wink of sleep. His expression was gloomy as he coughed to add, “But for the next few days, it’s better not to let Feng Ling follow Ji Nuan around. It won’t be a good thing if they find out that Ji Nuan is on good terms with her.”

Mo Jingshen’s stern brows moved slightly. “When it comes to revenge, the New York Mafia always precisely targets the right person. Based on their ability, they won’t be able to stir up too much trouble within the country, nor will they dare to implicate too many people outside of their territory.”

Nan Heng nodded. “Feng Ling’s case is only related to the mission she previously completed for the training base. It’s unrelated to those people you had interfered with in America a few years ago. Watch Ji Nuan well. There’s no need to help me with this. I have my own plans.”

“Pay attention to safety.” Mo Jingshen was unperturbed as he spoke. “Find a suitable time and send away those people who have constantly been creating trouble in America. In the past few years, they’ve been involved in various evil crimes. When the time is ripe, we have to give them a proper send-off.”

Nan Heng was silent for a moment before asking, “Have you recently been back to America?”

Mo Jingshen did not show any emotions, nor did he answer.

“I heard that the Su Family’s elder was quite heavily angered by you. What happened? The incident that Ji Nuan experienced a month ago really crossed your bottom line?” Nan Heng’s cold and seductive voice was mocking. “I refuse to believe that Elder Su and your father did not form any promises back then. He thought that he had made an impressive move but was unaware that the power had already shifted onto your hands. Not only did you dissolve the marriage agreement with his precious granddaughter, but you’ve also been constantly setting up all sorts of restrictions on them. For the past two years, they’ve been quite dumbstruck. Even though the Su family has tremendous power of influence in America, they clearly don’t plan on fighting head-on with you.”

“I’m quite curious. In the past month, what did you actually do in America? That night, the anger drove Elder Su directly to the emergency room. Thankfully, his life is stubborn. After four nights of hospitalization, he was able to return home. But from what I’ve seen, right now, they’re akin to a closed-off country refusing contact from all outsiders; ready to defend their property to death. Could it be that, for the sake of giving Ji Nuan her revenge, you’re really going to be ruthless against his precious granddaughter?”

Mo Jingshen’s smiled indifferently, as though the executioner manipulating the situation behind the scenes wasn’t him. His tone was heavy and calm. “I haven’t done anything. I’ve only allowed him to gain a clear look at the pros and cons of this situation. If he plans to make a joke of the Su Family’s fate, I naturally wouldn’t mind participating in this joke with him.”

Nan Heng raised his brows. He turned to scan the slightly empty condo; it clearly wasn’t being frequently used. He mocked, “After so long, could it be that Ji Nuan is still angry?”

Mo Jingshen’s gaze became cold. “You can scram now.”

Nan Heng glanced at the time. Right now was indeed not suitable for brothers to tease one another. He had rushed over through the night and had urgent matters to attend to.

Mo Jingshen was an expert who never left blood on his blade. From start to finish, aside from that extra fiancée Mo Shaoze had placed by his side for a year, he had never miscalculated a single step.

For him, Ji Nuan’s appearance and the way she constantly barged through his life was perhaps the only true surprise he had ever experienced.

Downstairs, several bodyguards who were on duty by the gates stood stiffly. Nan Heng appeared, bringing out a photo on his phone for them to see.

“This short-haired, tall, and skinny woman frequently visits this place. After last night, have you guys seen her?”

When they saw the photo, the bodyguards immediately recognized her as the person who frequently accompanied Miss Ji in and out of this condo.

“Two days ago, I saw her returning with Miss Ji. But she didn’t show up yesterday. I haven’t seen her for a whole day.”

After hearing these words, Nan Heng’s gaze turned cold. He took large steps, his expression frigid cold.


The next day, Ji Nuan stayed at T University as she usually did. She did not receive any news from Feng Ling for the entirety of yesterday. The calls she made were also not answered.

The batch of students under Professor Lin were about to receive a surprise quiz soon; otherwise, Ji Nuan would have headed to the condo neighborhood for a look.

Previously, when Feng Ling didn’t stay with her, she had suitable accommodations arranged in a less populated neighborhood near T University.

After completing another day of classes, the call that Ji Nuan made to Feng Ling was unanswered again.

She left T University and headed for the neighborhood Feng Ling previously stayed in.

After being close to her for a month, the sudden loss of contact from a person who was always by her side was difficult to get used to. She was also worried that Feng Ling may have met with some trouble.

That neighborhood was not far away from her condo; it was only one bus station away. Instead of taking the car, Ji Nuan headed there on foot.

To enter that neighborhood from this road, she needed to go around an entire row of buildings. In the middle, there was a narrow alley in between the buildings she had to pass through. Feng Ling had once brought Ji Nuan through that place.

When Ji Nuan arrived at the alley that was rarely used, she suddenly caught the sound of a loud collision—