Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 230 - Quick, Run—

Chapter 230: Quick, Run—

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She could also hear the voice of a man cursing violently in fluent American English.

Although Ji Nuan did not manage to catch all of his words, she vaguely heard a few and was able to understand it. She leaned against the entrance of the alley, carefully turning her head back to peek in.

She immediately saw Feng Ling. She stood near the wall with two tall and muscular men in front of her. It appeared as though the two men had surrounded her to block her path; one of them carried a large cleaver, while the other held a long, black stun baton. They kept Feng Ling in her position with no possibility of escape.

Seeing this scene, Ji Nuan abruptly swerved her head back. She pressed her back against the alley entrance and held her breath, wary of alarming the two men inside.

When she saw Feng Ling earlier, although she appeared to be standing tall, her clothing and hair were disheveled. There was also blood on her face. It wasn’t clear where she had been harmed, but she was definitely injured.

Feng Ling was not armed; no matter how capable her fighting skills were, there was no way she could gain the upper hand. Regardless of how she had ended up in this situation, the fact that she had been out of reach since yesterday meant she was in serious trouble.

Inside, the two men continued with the stream of violent curses. After a short moment, the sound of fighting began once more. She could not tell if they were fighting with fists or weapons, but the sound alone was sufficient to alarm Ji Nuan’s heart.

She raised her head toward a car parked across the alley; she was not sure if it had been driven here by the people with these two men.

Feng Ling’s and XI Training Base’s background was extremely complicated. If she called for the police now, she might bring other forms of trouble onto Feng Ling.

She gripped her phone, pausing at the dial button. Her gaze suddenly shifted toward a baseball equipment store across the street. Her eyes lit up as she swiftly approached it.


Feng Ling was confronting the two men; her fight had yet to finish. Since last night, she had been avoiding these two who were from the American Mafia. Despite her efforts, she still landed in this situation.

Both her arms were injured from the earlier altercation. Although the wounds were not serious, the blood flowed from her elbow, landing drip by drip onto the ground.

Just as one of the men began cursing again, her eyes sharpened. With an abrupt, spinning kick, she sent the man holding the cleaver onto the ground. She planned to attack the other man before he recovered. However, the stun baton in his hand was an extremely formidable weapon; a shock from it would leave half her body numb for days.

As they fought, the man who had been sent flying toward the ground raised his cleaver and brought it down toward her head. Feng Ling smoothly grabbed onto his wrist, and with a sharp twist, a clear crack reverberated through the alley. The man immediately swore in pain. Feng Ling expressionless sent a flying kick in his direction.

Yet, at this moment, the stun baton in the other man’s hand stabbed against her waist. One side of her body was immediately pained and numb. Even if she tried to shift away and to return a blow, her movements were slowed by the earlier electric shock.

The man took the opportunity to kick against her stomach. Feng Ling twisted to avoid the blow, but he abruptly grabbed her hair and tugged it upward.

“Fuck…” Various, harsh and ruthless curses fell incessantly by her ear. Feng Ling’s scalp was in extreme pain, and she had lost a lot of her strength. She was about to attempt to escape from this person’s hand when she noticed a silhouette appearing from the alley entrance.

She immediately smiled toward the two foreign men; her lips were stained with blood, and her gaze was unclear, causing her smile to appear cold and cruel.

Just as Feng Ling successfully drew the two man’s attention and suspicion onto her, with two loud banging sounds, both men suffered a blow to the back of their heads. Before they could turn back for a look, they collapsed onto the ground from the blow of the baseball bat. Feng Ling immediately stood up and subdued the two men, pressing them onto the ground before they could stand up.

“Thanks.” At the same time, Feng Ling glanced toward Ji Nuan, who held a baseball bat in her hands. She paid no mind to the blood on her own body.

Ji Nuan quickly approached, holding the baseball bat in a tight grip. Worriedly, she scanned the blood on Feng Ling’s face and body and saw that she had received a punch to her face. They had been harsh; her cheek was swelling, and her lips bleeding. She tugged Feng Ling’s elbow in concern. “How are you? Are your wounds serious?”

“I’m fine. They’re small injuries.” Feng Ling did not push Ji Nuan’s hand away. With her other arm, she placed two precise strikes against the men’s necks.

After a harsh blow from the bat, the two strikes immediately left them unconscious. They laid unmoving on the ground.

Feng Ling then stood up with Ji Nuan’s support.

Seeing that Feng Ling did not have any serious wounds, Ji Nuan finally relaxed a little. “Who are these two people? The enemies you made in America?”

“Enemies?” Feng Ling glanced at the two on the ground. “I guess so. I previously completed a lot of missions under the XI Base. The number of feuds left from that time is not little.”

“Your wounds aren’t light. Let’s leave this place first!” Ji Nuan tugged against her elbow with force. She wanted to bring the wounded Feng Ling out of this troubled place immediately.

Although Feng Ling did not cry out, the pain still caused her brows to knit. Ji Nuan immediately let go of her only to see her palm covered in blood. She turned back to the black top Feng Ling was wearing; it concealed the scarlet of her blood perfectly.

“Are the wounds on your elbows serious?” Ji Nuan tossed the bat aside and used both arms to support her. “Let’s go. We’ll stop by the hospital to stop the bleeding first.”

Before Feng Ling could say that she was fine, she was already forcefully brought out of the alley.

However, the moment they stepped out of the alley, a man immediately alighted from the car parked right in front. He was tall and muscular, charging toward them with a similar stun baton in his hands. His expression was fierce as he cursed violently.

“Careful!” As the baton was swung, Ji Nuan and Feng Ling spoke almost at the same time.

Ji Nuan was about to haul the injured Feng Ling away, but Feng Ling had already instinctively tugged Ji Nuan behind her. However, the pain in her elbows could not be ignored. The numbing sensation from the earlier blow was also influencing her. She wanted to drive the attacker away, but her movement was slower than usual. In the few seconds, the opponent successfully grasped the right moment and stretched his arm out to grab hold of her.

Before Feng Ling could attack the man, Ji Nuan quickly hauled her back to run away. “You’re injured, why are you still fighting? Quick, let’s run—”