Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 231 - Your Man is Here; Will You Be Opening the Door, or Should I?

Chapter 231: Your Man is Here; Will You Be Opening the Door, or Should I?

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They definitely could not return to that alley. Ji Nuan tugged her away in the other direction, but the man had already returned to his car and began chasing after them.

It was not clear if he was planning to chase after them, or to run them down.

“Mrs. Mo, you should leave first!” Feng Ling abruptly stopped running. She did not plan on being a burden to Ji Nuan.

“What do you mean by leave! I’m not one of your brothers from your training base, I don’t know what sacrifice or justice means, but in my eyes, you’re already a close friend. How could I possibly leave!” While running, Ji Nuan tugged heavily against Feng Ling. She refused to be shaken off. “Let’s run first! There’s another alley in front. His car won’t be able to enter! We’ll think of a way after we get there!”

Seeing Ji Nuan’s determination, Feng Ling took a few steps but immediately felt that her body was still affected by the blow from the stun baton earlier. Right now, her running speed was not as fast as it normally was.

Just as they were about to head toward the alley Ji Nuan had mentioned, a black Jeep suddenly sped across the road toward them. It slammed into a halt before them with a screeching noise.

They raised their head to see that the car doors had been thrown open. Nan Heng was in the passenger seat. Upon seeing the blood on Feng Ling’s face, he immediately demanded coldly, “Both of you, get on!”

Feng Ling’s expression faltered. Ji Nuan movements were quick as she brought her into the car. When Feng Ling was properly seated in the car, she realized that Ji Nuan had yet to climb on and frantically tugged on her: “Mrs. Mo, quick!”

After Ji Nuan climbed on, the door was slammed closed with a ‘peng’ sound.

With that one sound, the loud engine noise of the pursuing car was blocked off. The nervous tension in the air also loosened.

There was insufficient time to ask for an explanation. Ji Nuan sat by Feng Ling’s side and tugged on her sleeves: “You’ve lost quite some blood. Should we head to the hospital?”

“She can’t go to the hospital,” Nan Heng coldly answered before Feng Ling could speak up. “Bring her to my place first. I have medicine and bandages. Ji Nuan, you’ll bandage her wounds.”

“You have an apartment in T City?” Ji Nuan finally turned to look at Nan Heng. “Is it far away? My condo is close to this place. We can head directly there to…”

“Forget about your place. We can’t head there together right now, or we’ll implicate you.” Nan Heng coldly spat out these words. He looked at Ji Nuan through the rearview mirror. “How did you end up there just now? In the future, when these things happen, remember to run away, understand? Otherwise, if you were to meet any trouble, your man will chase me all the way to the Pacific Ocean. There’ll never be a moment of peace for me for the rest of my life.”

Ji Nuan did not plan on explaining to him. She continued watching Feng Ling in concern. Feng Ling’s expression was fine; she did not appear surprised that people were pursuing her to kill her and kept silent. Ji Nuan gently placed her hand on her: “Are you hurt anywhere else? Don’t keep quiet. If it hurts, you have to say it. If your wounds are too serious, we can’t just go home to bandage it. We’ll have to head to the hospital to get you stitches!”

Feng Ling shook her head to Ji Nuan, indicating that she was fine and that there was no need to be so concerned.

Ji Nuan suddenly noticed that several cars were heading in the opposite direction. Those cars immediately surrounded that foreign man’s car.

Right now, she could not spare much thought for the cars outside. Ji Nuan brought out a wet napkin from her bag and wiped away the blood on Feng Ling’s face. Seeing that Feng Ling’s skin was pale, she immediately frowned. “There are actually people who dare to wield knives and assault others in broad daylight in our country. Could this be done by someone important? Can we call the police?”

“The local police won’t be able to interfere with this.” Feng Ling explained simply, raising her head to look at the man who was driving.

Nan Heng’s driving skill was not inferior to Mo Jingshen’s. In fact, he was used to driving off-road vehicles like Jeeps. Under his control, the enormous vehicle nimbly and swiftly drove out of that neighborhood, swiftly bringing them away before the police cars could even approach.


Nan Heng really had accommodation in T City. It was a room he had booked on the highest floor of a hotel; the entire floor was blocked off from outsiders.

After entering the room, Ji Nuan supported Feng Ling to sit down on the sofa and urged Nan Heng to bring the first aid kit over. She then pressed on Feng Ling’s shoulder to say, “Feng Ling, I’ll help you take off your clothes now. It’ll hurt a lot if you remove them when the blood dries.”

Seeing that Ji Nuan appeared to be anxious for her, the originally composed Feng Ling was slightly flustered.

Since young, Feng Ling had never experienced friendships with the same gender. In the past, she always lived like a man in the training base; no matter what sort of wounds she suffered, she always handled them out of sight.

“Are you unable to raise your arm now? I’ll help you take them off. Don’t move, ah.” While speaking, Ji Nuan moved to remove her clothes.

Feng Ling did not refuse her. Thankfully, she wore a more conservative set of sports underwear underneath. Ji Nuan’s attention was completely fixed on the knife wounds on her elbow and shoulder. She appeared distressed as she left to the bathroom to wet a towel to wipe off the blood around her wounds.

When Nan Heng brought the first aid kit over, this was the scene he saw. His gaze paused at the sight of Feng Ling dressed in her underwear. Before he could speak, Ji Nuan took the first aid kit away from him. She returned to Feng Ling’s side to disinfect her wounds.

It was extremely silent in the room. With Ji Nuan helping Feng Ling to dress her wounds, it was inconvenient for Nan Heng to watch from the side. With a cough, he stepped out.

Half an hour later, most of Feng Ling’s wounds were properly dealt with. Ji Nuan wrapped them up with bandages and then headed into the room. She opened the cabinet and brought out a loose black t-shirt that belonged to Nan Heng, helping Feng Ling into it.

Not long after, Nan Heng entered to see Ji Nuan kneeling by Feng Ling’s side as she cleaned the wounds on her leg. He raised his brows and softly chuckled. “These wounds have been dressed quite well. Miss Ji is truly much more useful than before.”

Ji Nuan silently rolled her eyes. She dismissed him, thinking that Nan Heng was only upset he could not personally help Feng Ling with her wounds.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rank. Ji Nuan was immediately startled. She swerved her head toward the door, asking in astonishment: “Who is it? Is there anyone else who knows of this place? Could it be those people chasing after Feng Ling…”

Nan Heng glanced at her. “Don’t think too much. I left earlier to make a call to Mo Jingshen. He was just nearby. You say, who could it be?”

Hearing these words, Ji Nuan abruptly turned to look at the room behind Nan Heng.

“Your man is here. Will you be opening the door, or should I?” Nan Heng suppressed his laughter as he watched her.