Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 232 - Seeing That White Shirt, She Knew the Man Behind Her Had to be Mo…

Chapter 232: Seeing That White Shirt, She Knew the Man Behind Her Had to be Mo…

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Mo Jingshen was right outside; would it make any difference who went to open the door?

It wasn’t as if they could keep him locked outside.

The bell rang once more; it was a melodious tone, not too loud, nor too sharp on the ears.

However, to her ears, this sound was akin to a tsunami that had suddenly swept across the peaceful ocean. She couldn’t ignore it calmly.

Nan Heng clearly intended on teasing her; he stood in his position without any intention of opening the door, suppressing a smile.

Ji Nuan was still holding the bottle against Feng Ling’s leg; she lingered for a moment and did not stand up.

Watching the both of them, Feng Ling suddenly placed her feet down. “How about I go open the door.”

Nan Heng immediately shot her a cold look. “Don’t be a busybody.”

Feng Ling’s expression faltered. It had been a while since Nan Heng had used the stern tone of a superior to command her. She paused and sat down on the sofa, looking at Ji Nuan. “Mr. Mo must have come for you. Go open the door. The wound on my leg isn’t too serious. I can handle it.”

Although the doorbell did not ring again, Ji Nuan felt it was unlikely for Mo Jingshen to have left. She placed down the bottle of disinfectant, wiped her hands, and stood up to approach the door.

Ji Nuan’s grip against the handle was tight as she opened the door. The figure of the man who had stood outside for a long time was tall. He was still dressed in a low profile, clean white shirt. It led to his originally quiet and reserved temperament to appear warmer and more charismatic.

Ji Nuan raised her eyes toward the man outside, while Mo Jingshen’s gaze had landed on her face the moment the door opened.

An entire month of separation. Previously, she was barely conscious. Perhaps, this was their true ‘reunion.’

After opening the door, Ji Nuan only met his eye for a moment. She did not gain a clear look at the man’s expression before she released the door handle, turning to head back in the room. “I’m going to handle Feng Ling’s wounds first.”

It wasn’t clear if these words were meant for Mo Jingshen, Nan Heng, or Feng Ling. In any case, Ji Nuan did not give the man outside a second look and had already approached Feng Ling’s side.

Suddenly becoming Ji Nuan’s biggest excuse, Feng Ling’s inner thoughts were: “…”

She was really like a little woman who had just learned to love.

She considered Ji Nuan’s normal, composed, and appropriate behavior, and compared it to the current situation; strangely, she felt affection rising for this silly, dumb side of her.

Nan Heng’s gaze was sympathetic as he smiled at Mo Jingshen, who had been left outside the door.

However, Mo Jingshen was completely calm and composed as he walked in; mindless of Nan Heng’s mocking expression. He scanned Feng Ling’s wounds and the blood-stained towels on the sofa and was able to guess what they had gone through earlier.

“What happened? You were intercepted so quickly?” Mo Jingshen looked at Feng Ling. “Why was Ji Nuan with you?”

Why was Ji Nuan with her; he was naturally referring to what had happened today.

Feng Ling had also yet to ask why Ji Nuan had been at the place. She lowered her eyes to look at Ji Nuan, who was disinfecting her wounds by the sofa.

“I haven’t been able to contact you since yesterday. This has never happened before, so I suspected that something had occurred. I was going to visit the neighborhood you lived in for a look when I saw you being cornered.” Ji Nuan did not even lift her head as she seriously cleaned her wounds.

She never thought Ji Nuan would actually be concerned for her, even though she was supposed to be Ji Nuan’s bodyguard.

Feng Ling felt a little ashamed. “My apologies, Mrs. Mo. In the future, I will try my best to prevent this from happening again. If you had come into any harm, it would have been my fault. About today, I’m really…”

“Being followed and cornered by your enemies isn’t something you can control. Why are you apologizing to me?” Ji Nuan kept her head lowered, as though borrowing the excuse of conversing with Feng Ling to ignore the gaze of the man behind her.

Feng Ling abruptly raised her head. “Speaking of which, without Mrs. Mo’s help today, I may not have been able to escape so smoothly.”

Nan Heng raised his brows, narrowing his eyes at them. “Is that so? Then won’t you soon be unemployed, Miss Bodyguard? How about returning to America with me to the training base?”

Feng Ling: “I’m not returning.”

Nan Heng. “…”

At this moment, Ji Nuan raised her eyes to Feng Ling. Seeing the way she refused so decisively, she immediately smiled. “That’s right, she’s not returning. Feng Ling’s doing so well by my side, why does she need to return to America? What’s the good in bearing hardships with a bunch of men? Besides, even if I don’t need a bodyguard, I need a good sister by my side. Don’t you think so, Feng Ling?”

In the past few days, Feng Ling had been touched countless times by Ji Nuan’s words. She looked at Ji Nuan and smiled slightly.

Nan Heng narrowed his eyes abruptly. He felt that Feng Ling, who had accompanied Ji Nuan for so long, had actually gained that little bit of femininity and softness that was previously absent…

“Does it still hurt?” Ji Nuan saw that Feng Ling’s ankle was red and swollen. She carefully touched it. It wasn’t clear how the wound had come about.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Feng Ling answered with a smile.

Watching the two of them display the deep love between sisters, the two men who were completely neglected exchanged a look.


Finally, when Feng Ling’s wounds were mostly dealt with, Ji Nuan stood to tidy up the first aid kit. “Nan Heng, do you have water here?”

Earlier, she had supported Feng Ling as they ran. Right now, she wasn’t sure if it was because of the matters of her heart, or because she was truly thirsty; regardless, her tongue felt slightly dry.

“Drinking water?”


“There are bottles of water provided by the hotel in the fridge. Go look for it yourself.”

Although this was a hotel room, it was a family-style suite. The kitchen was well-stocked, and some employees regularly replenished the alcohol and water in the fridge.

Ji Nuan placed the things in her hands down and entered the kitchen. She brought a bottle of water out from the refrigerator only to discover that the cap was tightly fastened. It was a brand-new bottle of water and was most likely handled poorly in the factory; it was much more difficult to open than normal.

She applied some force but was unable to open it.

She opened the refrigerator once more to substitute for a different bottle when a hand suddenly reached out and took it from her.

Without looking back, just by seeing the white fabric around that arm, she knew that the person standing behind her had to be Mo Jingshen.

Ji Nuan was silent for a moment. She turned to see the man who had easily unfastened the bottle cap.

The opened bottle was brought before her eyes. Mo Jingshen’s voice was as per normal. “Drink it.”

Ji Nuan’s hand faltered for a moment before she reached out to take it. Her brain must have been lagging as she spoke, as though possessed: “Thank you.”

The man’s expression was originally calm and unperturbed; as though they had never fought, and the month of disappearance had never occurred. However, because of the two words full of distance Ji Nuan had consciously, or perhaps unconsciously uttered, his gaze deepened.