Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 233 - His Gaze Was Too Deep, Too Intense; He Locked Her Against the Wall Tightly

Chapter 233: His Gaze Was Too Deep, Too Intense; He Locked Her Against the Wall Tightly

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“Thank you?” Mo Jingshen’s voice was low and heavy, his gaze fixed on her. “Who are you speaking to?”

Ji Nuan was quiet for a moment before she took a sip from the bottle. She then answered naturally and honestly, “To you.”

Just as Ji Nuan was about to turn around to head out of the kitchen, he hauled her back. The little woman carefully tried to keep the water from spilling as he pushed her forward and kept her locked against the wall across the refrigerator.

Realizing that the man was angered by her words, Ji Nuan finally believed that he was not always as he appeared; capable of indifferently controlling her emotions, her anger, and her happiness. He could not always maintain his composure.

So, he was actually a mortal, with his own joy and anger.

She raised her unperturbed eyes to him. “What are you doing? Nan Heng and Feng Ling are right outside.”

“They wouldn’t dare to enter even if I gave them a hundred guts.” Mo Jingshen’s voice was as cold and low as before. “Repeat your words from earlier. Who are you thanking? Ji Nuan, how am I related to you?”

Ji Nuan’s expression was as per normal. Her tone was also calm. “Previously, you were my husband. After a month of no contact, who knows how you’re related to me?”

Mo Jingshen raised his brows. “Aside from the unreasonable venting, your attitude before and after drinking is basically the same. So, you don’t plan on explaining why you went to drink behind my back?”

“Why do I need to explain?” Ji Nuan calmly returned his gaze. “What I should be on my guard to carefully defend isn’t the issue on drinking, but my heart, isn’t it?”

She was unable to remember everything she had said in her drunken stupor that night, but she had some vague impressions.

Even though it hadn’t been easy waiting for his appearance; even though this one month had been sufficiently grueling, she was unable to place her pride down. It didn’t matter that a portion of the blame was on her head.

Right now, she simply could not bring herself to smile.

After receiving the cold shoulder for a month, she felt as though she was standing in an ice cellar.

A hint of a smile gradually rose in Mo Jingshen’s eyes. Her stiff face made her appear like a disobedient little kitten. Even though she had clearly softened and was waiting for him to pet her, she insisted on maintaining such a tense, distant appearance. He lowered his head and leaned closer to her lips. “What is it? Even when you’re conscious, you’re going to be this unreasonable?”

Ji Nuan frantically tried to move back, but the man had already approached. He left a kiss on her lips before leaning backward. Under her glare, he shifted his hands away from her shoulders and pressed them against the wall, lowering his eyes to watch her.

“What are you still mad about? It’s been a month. You haven’t thought things through?” The man stood under the kitchen lights. He towered over her; his long shadow enveloping her and blocking most of the light.

“How would I dare to get mad? A temper tantrum left me with a cold shoulder for a month. If I were to be mad at you for not answering my call, based on such an irrational reason, you might directly cut off all ties with me, wouldn’t you?” Ji Nuan coldly glanced at him. “Don’t stand here to block me. Let me out.”

She tried to push him away.

However, the force she applied was completely futile. He did not budge a single inch, and instead, his gaze became deeper.

She shifted her eyes away from him, knitting her brows to say: “Feng Ling is still injured. Right now, I don’t wish to talk about…”

“Not answering your phone? Compared to you, who intentionally dialed my phone for only a moment before hanging up, who is more out of line?” Mo Jingshen stared at her, softly speaking, “That day, I contacted a branch company before arriving in Hai City and had to attend an emergency meeting the moment I touched down. After leaving T University, a car from the company immediately came to pick me up. My phone was placed aside on silent mode. I only saw your missed calls after I finished reading the company’s files.”

Ji Nuan did not speak, her eyes remained unhappy.

“It’s interesting that you brought it up.” The man’s hand shifted to the side of her neck. “In this entire month, the first call you made to me was hung up after a single ring. The second call was made an entire month later. I didn’t answer it, and you immediately went to drink your sorrows away. From the look of things, you’re really living confidently and easily. No matter if you’re happy or upset, you can be as willful as you like. Even your excuse for running off to drink is perfect and flawless.”

These words were clearly mocking. Although the intention to mock was not strong, his words were teasing and meant the exact opposite of what he had said.

It teased her into wanting to attack.

Ji Nuan was left speechless. Nan Heng and Feng Ling were still outside. She really did not wish to cause any trouble here. Furthermore, the two had stayed long enough in the kitchen; it was time they stepped out.

She raised her hand to push him away once more, but the man did not let go. “If there are any more complaints, say it. Don’t suppress them in your heart. Say them directly.”

His gaze was too deep, too intense. He locked her tightly against the wall; there was no way of escape whatsoever.

Looking at Mo Jingshen, who was close, she suddenly recalled the feeling of being unable to touch him for an entire month. She gritted her teeth to say: “Didn’t I say it earlier? How can I dare to have any complaints? If we’re going to talk about temper, my temper isn’t as big as yours. If we’re going to talk about being cruel, I’m not as cruel as you.”

While speaking, she leaned further back against the wall. Even if the difference was only less than 0.001 millimeter, she still wanted to distance herself from him. However, she could not escape his embrace.

Mo Jingshen watched her and saw her subconscious movement to reject his approach. His expression was indifferent and, without allowing her to move further away, he leaned down further. Using an absolutely oppressive posture, he took away her freedom and approached her lips, speaking heavily: “You wanted to cool off, so I let you cool off. Was one month too long? Previously, didn’t you say that you wanted to be away from me for three months, to experience the so-called long-distance relationship?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

One month was not long.

But one month without being able to see him or receive any news from him was really, really long. Long to the point where she began to doubt if she could live.

Ji Nuan could not hold it in any longer. Since they were already on this topic, there was no point in restraining. She abruptly said, “Even if my words touched your bottom line that day, and you were unhappy that I didn’t trust you, you left for an entire month. Giving me the cold shoulder for an entire month, was your heart at peace?”

“I didn’t give you the cold shoulder.”

“Then why were you silent for a whole month?”

“I took time to settle a past that should no longer exist.”



Although his words were not straightforward, Ji Nuan vaguely understood.

A month ago, when she questioned him on that so-called fiancée, he said that he would settle it.

So, he had actually…

Ji Nuan stared at him. Her tight grip around the bottle immediately loosened. Mo Jingshen’s eyes were sharp as he caught hold of it before it fell, placing it on the shelf by the side.