Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 234 - When You're Cold, You're Completely Absent, And When You're Warm, You're Like a Butler Trying to Manage Me

Chapter 234: When You’re Cold, You’re Completely Absent, And When You’re Warm, You’re Like a Butler Trying to Manage Me

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In the past month, he had left to resolve those issues?

How did he manage to resolve them?

This man always moved silently; Ji Nuan thought that he had given her the cold shoulder for a whole month purely because he was angry at her.

But he had actually managed to resolve things so decisively.

She suddenly shifted her gaze downward. All of a sudden, she was unsure of what she was even mad about. After a whole month, did she manage to calm down?

She did calm down, but perhaps she had gone beyond calm…

She eyed Mo Jingshen again: “On my birthday, why didn’t you tell me that you had personally baked those cakes?”

While speaking, she inflated her cheeks unhappily. Her unhappiness did not arrive from anger, but from frustration. She was frustrated that her past life had left her overly conscious and defensive in the way she perceived matters, causing her to neglect too much warmth and details. It was likely that all she could feel now was frustration.

“You actually know I had baked those cakes? When you were cutting into them one by one, I didn’t see your heart aching,” the man said half-teasingly, gently touching her hand. “Don’t be mad anymore, en?”

How could she still be angry? She wasn’t as unreasonable as to abandon such a good man and throw out such a good piece of meat for someone else to bite.

She didn’t have masochistic tendencies.

Ji Nuan suddenly tugged down his hand on her back. Looking at the hand bigger than hers, it was difficult to imagine how he had the energy to bake so many cakes that day. Furthermore, the taste of the cream and the layers were all especially sweet and soft. This man was always able to complete each task well. There was really nothing left to pick at.

She gripped his hand in her palm before touching his slender fingers, softly whispering, “What sort of compensation do you want?”

Mo Jingshen watched her; his eyes filled with smiling intent. He returned the grip around her hand and lowered his head to press a kiss against it, before leaning down to kiss her lips. He huskily whispered against her lips, “What sort of compensation do you think I need?”

Ji Nuan immediately melted from his kiss. She pursed her lips for a moment before replying, “How about I cook 21 dishes for you tonight? Afterward, you can smash every one of them right in front of me?”

“Do I look that childish?”

“…do you mean to say that I’m childish?”

It was a long time since Ji Nuan last cooked. After arriving in T City, she never once approached the kitchen. She wanted to make up for her mistake and give him an opportunity for revenge and for him to feel better. But he didn’t appreciate it. This blame could not be placed on her head.

All of a sudden, ‘Tok tok’ noises came from behind the kitchen wall. Nan Heng casually knocked against it: “The two of you, don’t go overboard! You’ve been in there for so long. Do you need me to bring Feng Ling away and leave the entire room to the both of you?”

Ji Nuan subconsciously tugged Mo Jingshen’s hand down and tried to leave.

Mo Jingshen did not move and pulled her back. He smoothly pressed the woman, who was earlier leaning against the wall, into his embrace, softly whispering into her ear, “It’s not a bad choice for him to leave the room to us.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She pressed against his chest: “Feng Ling was injured, and it’s clear that she is being pursued by an unclear power with the intent to kill. She’s the person you employed. At the very least, you should say some words of concern. How can an employer be so cold-blooded?”

“With Nan Heng around, she doesn’t need my concern.” His words were blunt. Following which, he spoke as though to warn and order her, “In the future, whenever you see such ambiguous conflict or foreign people taking illegal actions, you’re not allowed to approach. Although Feng Ling is capable, her background isn’t simple. When danger is near, you have to first take care of yourself. Are you taking these words to heart?”

Today, Ji Nuan had raised the baseball bat to charge in because Feng Ling was inside. She felt that Feng Ling would be able to turn things around and was thus able to find the courage to charge in.

She naturally had the intention to protect herself, but she was not weak. Hiding the moment she encountered trouble was not Ji Nuan’s way.

Of course, she would never let someone worry about her.

“I understand. When you’re cold, you’re completely absent. And when you’re warm, you’re like a butler trying to manage me,” Ji Nuan complained.

Mo Jingshen: “…”

When Ji Nuan stepped out of the kitchen, she saw that Feng Ling had on her black, sports jacket. If it weren’t inconvenient to only wear a pair of sports bra underneath, she most likely would have taken off Nan Heng’s black t-shirt as well. Feng Ling sat on the sofa, appearing as though she was not injured. Aside from a paler complexion, she did not appear different at all.

Was it because she had once undergone training? Was she not allowed to shout even though it hurts? No matter how she felt, did she always have to act as though nothing had happened?

“Finally, willing to appear? I thought you little couple were going to stay in my kitchen until the end of time.” Nan Heng leaned against the wall by the kitchen, sneering coldly. Looking at Ji Nuan’s softened expression, he could tell that the woman had been successfully coaxed.

Mo Jingshen placed his arm around Ji Nuan’s waist, keeping the little woman from escaping toward the sofa. His mild gaze shifted toward Feng Ling and the first aid kit by her feet, before flitting toward Nan Heng. “They made such a big roundabout. Was the goal you or her?”

Nan Heng appeared uncaring as he smiled lazily. “Issues against XI Base’s people; does it matter if the final goal is her or me?”

Mo Jingshen watched him, indifferently speaking, “Your own woman has been hurt to this degree, and you clearly wish to be able to go reduce those few trashes to dust, yet you’re able to stand here and smile as though nothing has happened. Even Ji Nuan is not as generous as you are.”

Nan Heng. “…”

Ji Nuan: “???” How was this related to her?

“Mr. Mo, I’m not his woman. Although you’re my employer right now, please do not casually put labels on me,” Feng Ling spoke up, protesting unhappily.

Mo Jingshen appeared not to have heard anything, coldly watching Nan Heng.

Nan Heng was silent for a few seconds and temporarily kept his lazy attitude away. “At this age, it’s not easy to raise a woman. Prioritizing and not prioritizing her is a mistake. Keeping her by your side is a mistake. Letting her out is also a mistake.”

Ji Nuan could not understand the meaning behind his words, but Feng Ling’s expression immediately turned cold.

Nan Heng tossed away the cigarette he had just brought out. When he raised his eyes once more, his earlier teasing and smiling expression had turned much colder. “You know it as well. Those people plan to make use of their underground relations to wash off all their charges. The car Feng Ling had intercepted back then is vital for them to succeed in this. In other words, Feng Ling is holding evidence that can doom them to death. No matter what, they will always find Feng Ling’s existence an eyesore. They’ve already made several attempts against her, but Feng Ling’s ability and instincts have always been good. The fact that they’ve now dared to reach into the country means that they’ve decided to sacrifice their own lives.”