Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 237 - He Unbuttoned His Shirt with One Hand, One by One…

Chapter 237: He Unbuttoned His Shirt with One Hand, One by One…

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The rays in the room turned ambiguous with their movements. Ji Nuan could barely hold on anymore. He watched her, his low and heavy chuckle causing her ears to burn scarlet red.

He pressed her waist, forcing her upward to feel the burning heat through his pants.

She shrunk backward from the touch but grabbed onto his shoulders for fear of falling off. This brought them even more intimately pressed together.

Mo Jingshen appeared completely in control of his senses. Ji Nuan’s waist felt weak. She tried to press her separated legs together but could only whimper in his neck because of their posture. She instinctively craved more but appeared to be resisting this violent, passionate heat.

Seeing her appearance, Mo Jingshen could no longer resist. He was about to press her back onto the desk when a tone suddenly rang by his ear.

Ji Nuan’s phone was ringing.

She immediately began to struggle: “Phone, phone.”

Mo Jingshen knitted his brows. “Ignore it.”

His fingers moved deeper.

Ji Nuan pushed his hand away as her voice wavered. “It’s not early anymore. A call would either mean that there’s something urgent over at the studio in Hai City, or that there’s something urgent at school. It won’t be good if Professor Lin has something important to inform me, and I miss the call…”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her. He clearly did not intend to release her, but Ji Nuan had suddenly tightened in his arms. If he did not let her answer the phone, the temper he had just coaxed down might suddenly burst out again.

He finally relaxed his arms around her slightly. Ji Nuan wanted to move off of his lap, but her legs were too weak. She looked toward her phone on the sofa with embarrassment.

“Go help me take it,” she sat on his lap and demanded unhappily. He had teased her into such a state.

Mo Jingshen did not say anything. He carried her up with one arm around her waist and reached for her phone with his other hand.

Ji Nuan leaned weakly against him as the man carried her to sit on the sofa. She tried to move off to the side to avoid him, but he would not let go. She was still sitting on his lap as he handed her the phone. He indicated with his gaze for her to answer it like this.

Ji Nuan was helpless. Seeing that there was no displayed caller ID, she directly placed the phone against her ear: “Hello?”

The little woman in his embrace had bright, wet eyes as a result of his teasing. Her lips were also swollen red from their kisses. Little, faint strawberry marks littered her chest, while her damp, seaweed-like hair scattered across her skin.

She was really a vixen.

Mo Jingshen swallowed. He closed his eyes and placed his hand against his brows as he leaned against the sofa, patiently waiting for her to finish her call.

Their lower bodies were intimately pressed together. The firm sensation through the fabric could not be ignored.

Ji Nuan did not dare to move at all. Abruptly, Ling Feifei’s voice came through the phone: “Ji Nuan, why didn’t you and Feng Ling come back to stay again today?”

Although Ji Nuan and Ling Feifei’s relationship was not very good, she had never needed to account for her own whereabouts to anyone.

Ling Feifei suddenly called in the middle of the night to inquire about this. Ji Nuan instinctively found this odd.

“I’m outside. What is it? Do you need anything?” Ji Nuan tried to be patient.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s just that a diamond watch I bought before I came to T City has gone missing. A few days ago, it was still placed in the dormitory, but it suddenly went missing yesterday. Originally, I was going to ask if anyone of you has seen it recently, but coincidentally both you and Feng Ling haven’t been coming back to stay. I couldn’t help but suspect something. So, when will you guys be back?” Ling Feifei’s tone was unkind.

Ji Nuan really could not stand people like Ling Feifei.

There was not a day without trouble.

How could she find so much to fuss about?

What diamond watch? She had never even seen it before. Could it be that, because she had been unhappy for quite some time, she was thinking up of new ways to frame her and stir up more trouble?

She was quiet for a moment before coldly and indifferently replying: “Do I look like someone who would be interested in those watches of yours that are worth at most several hundred thousand? Or does Feng Ling look like someone who would be interested in something covered in diamonds? Don’t you know to report to the police when you lose something? Calling me like this, are you hoping to find it in my closet or my bag? Aren’t your motives too deliberate?”

The person on the other side of the call was choked from having her plans guessed so accurately. After several seconds of silence, she abruptly scolded: “Anyway, there are only a few of us in this dorm room. Usually, there’s no one coming in at all. So, what if you were able to buy a gown worth a million yuan? What if that amount is the entirety of your savings? I’ve seen all sorts of people who borrow money to pretend to have a status. Especially someone like you. Who knows if you had brought out all of your money to pretend. My watch is missing, and that’s it. Where are you and Feng Ling right now? Even if I want to report to the police, I have to call all of you suspects back. Otherwise, if you abscond from your crimes, where will I go to look for my money?”

Mentally ill.

“It’s not your business when I’ll be returning. But you better remember this, both my and Feng Ling’s cabinets are locked with a passcode lock, and the number of attempts that can be made to open them is limited. Whenever our locks are opened, a record will immediately be made to our phone applications. If our cabinets were opened recently and anything were pushed inside, the police can investigate into it. Are you sure you want to play such little tricks with me?”

The person on the other side of the call stopped talking. Just as Ji Nuan was about to hang up, the call was angrily cut off.

In this world, how could there always be people looking for trouble? Her brain was located in her feet, yet she still considered her schemes to be outstanding. Did she think everyone to be like buns, easily bruised the moment they were pinched?

Right now, Ji Nuan did not have the mood to consider someone else’s thoughts, nor was she interested in doing so. She tossed her phone back onto the sofa, raising her hands to press against the man’s chest. Her feet were still slightly weak. She wanted to take the opportunity to jump off from his lap, but the moment she moved, she was pressed back into his arms.

“What kind of call was that?” Mo Jingshen clearly saw the impatience and loathing in Ji Nuan’s eyes earlier. It was rare for her to detest someone so obviously.

“One mentally ill person from the dormitory. Who knows if she has persecutory delusions or if she enjoys emphasizing her own existence once in a while. Forget about it, I’m too lazy to deal with someone like her.” Ji Nuan had only just answered when she felt the man’s lower body press closer.

The emotions and sensations that had only just begun to leave Ji Nuan were instantly hauled back by his one action. He kept one arm around her waist as he removed his clothes with his other hand. He unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. The effect of such a sight was an indescribable, male seduction.

The man’s gaze especially was particularly dark and heavy.

“Are we really not returning to the bedroom…” Clearly, he was able to wait for her to finish her call.

“We’ll go there right after.” Before the man finished speaking, Ji Nuan’s legs were abruptly held down by him. The world tilted on its axis as she was pressed onto the sofa.