Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 238 - Mo Jingshen’s Brand of Loving Breakfast She Had Not Had in a While

Chapter 238: Mo Jingshen’s Brand of Loving Breakfast She Had Not Had in a While

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“We’ll go there right after.” Before the man finished speaking, Ji Nuan’s legs were abruptly held down by him. The world tilted on its axis as she was pressed onto the sofa.

She raised her head to meet the man’s ridiculously dark and deep-set eyes, and actually began to stutter: “You… control a little, ah…”

The man kept her in that position, forcing her legs to lift. Before she could even finish her words, he abruptly and forcefully thrust forward…

He held her chin, kissing her face. Ji Nuan’s hair was messy and her cheeks bright red. She appeared indescribably lovable and charming. Fragmented whimpers rose from her throat, as though she was pleasured but at the same time tortured. She subconsciously gripped the sofa fabric tightly into her hands.

The man leaned down, kissing her damp face. His voice was tight and husky as he pressed against her soft lips to demand: “Did you miss me?”

“En… en.” Ji Nuan could not tell what aspect of him he was referring to.

“Will you still make things difficult with me in the future? En?”

“How can I guarantee that my emotions will always be kept under a certain level. It’s unreasonable that you won’t even let me lose my temper…”

“You can lose your temper. But you can’t make things difficult. Especially when it’s related to various misunderstandings, clarify things when you can. You’re not allowed to lock yourself in your room, nor are you allowed to let your thoughts run wild.” At such a time, the man could actually display such an astonishing composure. His voice was husky, and his movements became even harsher. Ji Nuan’s mind was completely empty; she could not even fully understand what he had said.

Mo Jingshen maintained his patience, repeating himself huskily: “Will you lock yourself in the room again?”

This time, Ji Nuan caught most of it.

She opened her eyes slightly, looking at the man above her. His gaze was like that of a surging, boundless sea. It focused on her deeply, as though she was at the center of his world.

Meeting such a gaze, Ji Nuan felt she was about to drown. Her heart suddenly lost its composure and began palpitating frantically.

“En, I’m sorry…” Ji Nuan felt that she was really too irrational then. Previously, she was still holding onto her temper to save her dignity, but right now, even that bit of unjustified anger had dissipated.

He leaned down, kissing her lips. It was a very soft, delicate, and tender kiss.

At the same time, the movements of his lower body became even more intense, almost flooding her with the sensations.

Ji Nuan raised her arms, embracing the man’s neck with some effort. She pressed her burning face against his chin, her voice softly, involuntarily, and charmingly whispering: “Love you.”

Mo Jingshen did not pause. Instead, his movements became even more demanding and intense. Hearing these two words and watching her, his black eyes grew heavier. He suddenly kissed her again, stealing almost all of her breath away.


After starving for so long, there was no way one round would be enough for him.

Ji Nuan wasn’t sure if her words had accidentally provoked him. Those two words had been guided by her emotions as they left her lips. Afterward, she nearly forgot what she had even said. However, the man fully and completely tormented her from head to toe for the entire night.

Finally, when Ji Nuan’s crying voice turned husky and weak, the man caught her lips with his own. He swallowed her hoarse voice, locking her firmly in his embrace.


The next morning, Mo Jingshen’s body clock led him to wake even earlier than Ji Nuan. Although Ji Nuan slept steadily in his arms, she vaguely sensed it when he woke up. After a whole night of exhaustion, she was too lazy to even open her eyes.

The man gently lifted the blankets, carefully moving so as not to wake her up. He watched her for a long while. The two had been together for so long; even without opening her eyes, Ji Nuan could sense the man’s gaze on her face. His gaze was focused, and it remained on her for a long time.

Just as she was considering if she should open her eyes, the man pressed a kiss on her lips and moved off the bed.

The secure sensation led her exhaustion to take over once more. She hugged the blankets and turned on her side, falling back asleep.

By the time he showered and left to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her, it was already past eight.

When he returned to the bedroom, the woman was sitting up on the bed. However, her expression remained dazed, and her hair was messily scattered across her shoulders. She was wearing a sleeping gown he had dressed her in after he brought her to shower last night.

Ji Nuan really did not catch enough sleep. Last night, this man had really been too brutal and unfeeling.

However, she was hungry. The fragrance of the breakfast filled the air, and it was Great Boss Mo’s homemade breakfast. The smell alone was sufficient to tempt her into waking up.

Mo Jingshen casually buttoned his cuffs, approaching the bed. “You’re awake? Go wash up and have breakfast.”

Ji Nuan raised her drowsy eyes: “Can I sleep more after breakfast?”

When she raised her eyes, she saw that the man had already washed up. He wore a black shirt, instead of yesterday’s white. Regardless, he appeared unreasonably and equally handsome. His immaculately dressed appearance made it difficult for one to link him with the tireless beast that didn’t know restrain from last night.

He was really clean and distinct as he always was; perfect and leaving nothing for one to pick at.

“Get up to eat first. Take a walk around the room after eating before you sleep to avoid indigestion.” The man most likely knew how evil he had been last night. He did not demand for her to stay awake. He spoke with his heavy voice: “The breakfast is still warm. Are you waiting for it to turn cold?”

Ji Nuan frantically tossed aside the blankets. The ache in her legs was too obvious. She had to change several stances as she walked before finally settling on a comfortable one.

“Are classes really canceled today?” She approached the table to see Mo Jingshen’s loving, handmade breakfast she had not had in a while. She was reluctant to part with it, walking away with a yawn to wash up.

“En. Canceled. You can sleep more. Don’t worry about missing Professor Lin’s classes.” The man placed the cutlery onto the table.

Ji Nuan stood in the bathroom to brush her teeth. Although there was another bathroom in the bedroom, it was too rare for Mo Jingshen to display such a domestic side. She wanted to watch him, so she stood there, brushing her teeth as she watched the morning rays scatter across the man’s back.

After washing up, she sat down to eat. Mo Jingshen understood her appetite well and made sufficient to satisfy both of their appetites.

However, after finishing, Ji Nuan sat on the chair unmoving. She looked toward the man who was about to bring the dishes to the dishwasher, raising her head to say: “I’m not full. Can I have another bowl of noodles, a small one will do…”