Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 239 - Sit Among Her Husband’s Fans

Chapter 239: Sit Among Her Husband’s Fans

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Obviously flirting with him, Ji Nuan spoke in a sweet tone.

Mo Jingshen touched her head, asking, “Are you sure?”

Ji Nuan nodded. “Yes!”

However, as Mo Jingshen remembered, she should have been full after this breakfast. Why was she still hungry…?

“What kind of noodles would you like?”

“Any kind, as long as it’s cooked by you.”

“Are you sure you can still eat?”


He didn’t ask anymore. “Wait for me for a moment. Let me cook the noodles.”

Ji Nuan wasn’t being unreasonable. She was exhausted because of their lovemaking last night, so he should reward her a little. Her appetite had really picked up recently, although she didn’t gain weight and was still slim. Besides, she couldn’t resist the temptation of the love breakfast cooked by Mo Jingshen himself, which was very precious.


Three days later.

“Ji Nuan, you haven’t been back to the dorm for days. Don’t be late for Professor Lin’s morning class today. According to Professor Lin, the person who invested in the library of T University has officially become an honorary principal of our school. This morning, there will be a meeting of school leaders and all the teachers and students will attend it, and the honorary principal will deliver a speech at the meeting. I don’t know what will happen today, but the students are all excited. Do remember not to be late…”

Bai Wei kept urging her on the phone.

Ji Nuan: “I know. I’ll be there soon.”

“Hurry up. You can’t be absent today.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be there in a minute.” Ji Nuan hung up and turned her eyes to the so-called new honorary principal who was sitting in the back seat beside her resting with his eyes closed.

Bai Wei called her to remind her not to be absent from the meeting today. After all, Mo Corporation was a very important company in China. It was an opportunity not to be missed for business majors and business management majors to meet the legendary President Mo.

“Will you go to T University today?” she looked at him and asked hesitantly.

Mo Jingshen took a look at her and put his arm around her neck. Kissing her cheek, he said gently, “The leaders of your school strongly asked me to give a speech at your school. I’m not interested in this kind of occasion, but since I’ve decided to invest in T University for you, I don’t mind showing the leaders some respect.”

“Okay.” Yes, since Mo Jingshen had said he would invest in T University, he meant it. In any case, he had taken up this responsibility. As the major investor and honorary principal of T University, if he didn’t give some face to the leaders of T University, it meant that he took them as nothing.

Ji Nuan could tell Mo Jingshen was polite to the practitioners in the education industry, so he wouldn’t reject their invitation.

The car was being driven by Mo Jingshen’s driver, and Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen were sitting in the back seat. Mo Jingshen kept her in his arms, not letting her back to her seat.

His cell phone rang when the car passed through a traffic light junction.

He took a look at the caller ID. The call was from Nan Heng.

He picked up the call. The car had arrived at T University after passing through the junction. Seeing the time was almost up, Ji Nuan winked at Mo Jingshen who was answering the call, nodded politely at the driver and got out of the car.

Mo Jingshen was listening to the call. After a while, he paused and asked flatly, “Where are they?”

After the other side answered, Mo Jingshen remained expressionless, but his eyes appeared unfathomable. “I see.”


To Ji Nuan’s surprise, the biggest gymnasium of T University was occupied by all the seven or eight thousand students of the university.

She didn’t expect there would be so many people present here.

Sure enough, although Mo Jingshen usually kept a low profile, no one could ignore his social status. Since he was going to give a speech at the meeting, the staff members of the school dared not take this meeting lightly and would greet him with great extravagance.

But there were… too many people here…

Only half of the gymnasium was open. Half of the gymnasium, which had a capacity of about 15,000 people, was now filled with students, and the other half was covered with a curtain.

Thanks to Professor Lin, the students in his class were sitting in the first three rows, so they could see the person on the stage clearly.

A few students whispered behind.

“I wonder how the President Mo looks like. He is said to be handsome…”

“Haven’t you seen his photo? He is handsome!”

“Oh, do you have his photo in your cell phone? I’ve never seen his face! There are only photos of his side view, or unclear snapshots by journalists on the Internet. I haven’t seen what he really looks like, but even his profile is very charming! I think he must be a very handsome man!”

“Of course! Don’t you know Mo Jingshen is one of the so-called two most handsome men in Hai City with Qin Siting?”

“Come on, show me his photo!”

“…I don’t have a clear photo of him either. I only have photos of him from the side, but I’ve carefully studied each of those photos, and I’m quite sure that President Mo is a flawlessly-faced, suffocatingly handsome man…”

They were still whispering. Ji Nuan glanced at the school leaders on the stage and slightly turned up the corners of her mouth.

In fact, a student’s world was very simple. Although she didn’t like her man being coveted by other women, she didn’t hate it when she was sitting among a crowd of her husband’s fans.

Even Bai Wei who was usually composed and calm, appeared very excited as she sat beside Ji Nuan, let alone Ling Feifei who kept staring at the curtain and wishing she could fly to the other side to see whether the legendary President Mo had arrived.

Unlike Hai City, people in T City did not know much about the Mo Corporation.

Although few in Hai City had the opportunity to meet with Mo Jingshen, they at least understood the Mo Corporation’s background well. There were many girls crazy about Mo Jingshen, but the unmarried ladies all understood the reality and knew that this man was beyond their reach. There were still several silly girls who dreamt of becoming Mo Jingshen’s woman and kept harassing Ji Nuan, but their existence was basically negligible.

Listening to the school leaders’ speeches, the students secretly chatted and soon felt bored, wondering when President Mo would show up.

Bai Wei paused and then turned her eyes to Ling Feifei, asking seemingly idly, “Have you found the diamond watch you said you lost several days ago?”

“Not yet,” Ling Feifei answered and suddenly cast a glance at Ji Nuan as if implying something.

Ji Nuan turned to look at her in the eye; her stare was cold yet open.

Ling Feifei quickly looked away to avoid eye contact with her.

It seems that I am overwhelmed by Ji Nuan’s imposing manner every single time. What the hell is going on here!