Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 241 - She Saw a Different Side to Mo Jingshen

Chapter 241: She Saw a Different Side to Mo Jingshen

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His one action drew everyone’s attention onto him. Earlier, they were all distracted by who he had been looking at with that ambiguous look, but right now, all of their eyes had returned back to him.

Ji Nuan suddenly felt nervous. She had already discussed her wish to keep their relationship a secret. However, the glance that Mo Jingshen tossed over at her earlier was really dangerous.

Next to Ji Nuan, Ling Feifei’s heart had already bloomed. She felt that President Mo had been looking in her direction earlier, ah…

The feeling of being moved came without warning. While wondering if President Mo had been looking at her, Ling Feifei held her cheeks; her hands trembled from agitation.

“To all of the seated students, I’m sure that in your student years, you’ve grown tired of all sorts of authoritative language, and have no patience to listen to any kind of memorized, polite script.” Mo Jingshen’s tone was clear and unhurried. “That’s good. You’re unwilling to hear them, and I’m unwilling to say them.”

Beneath the stage, a bunch of students immediately burst into laughter. Great Boss Mo’s words had accurately captured their innermost desire.

“I’m a businessman. I’m used to navigating the business world. For the past two years, I’ve indeed been invited to attend as a guest lecturer for various corporate management and commerce classes in several local business universities. But I’ve always rejected those offers because I have neither the time nor effort to spare. Education is a noble career. An executioner like me who mingles in the blood-covered business world is not suited for it.”

Everyone under the stage listened with bated breaths.

“This is T University. A large portion of you seated here are drawn toward a business degree. There is also a large portion of you who will be mingling within the business world one day. Using the words ‘blood-covered’ isn’t meant to frighten you away. This place offers all sorts of knowledge. You were able to make it here with your own ability, meaning that there’s no need for me to elaborate more on what exactly you are chasing after. After all, right behind T University’s full name are the two words ‘business.’ This place isn’t an amusement park, but a military camp outside of the war zone.”

“Since I’ve been named an honorary principal and am meeting all of you for the first time, perhaps I should be saying words of encouragement. But we’ve already mentioned earlier that we’re all sick of listening to memorized scripts.” Mo Jingshen’s words sharpened, and his faint smile suddenly disappeared. “This place contains a large reserve of local, business talent. Everyone has their own dreams. But if your dreams or the high places you wish to head to are so easy to attain, you wouldn’t have had to surmount all sorts of difficulties to enter this school; conquering a thousand challenges only to receive a single letter of offer.”

“Did you think that just because you’ve made it into T University, there’ll be renowned, local enterprises waving you over? That with this, you’ll be able to inherit the various businesses from your families smoothly?” Mo Jingshen smiled. “You’re all wrong. After making it into this place, the amount of effort you have to put in should be multiplied by a hundred. In fact, this is only the beginning.”

Under the stage, the giggles from the female students gradually weakened. The bright, gazes of the male students also dimmed.

“Did you think that after graduating, you would be able to spread your wings to soar?” He smiled once more. “In a hundred of you, perhaps only one will be able to stand firm in the business world that kills without leaving blood behind.”

Under the stage, no one was smiling any longer.

“In this place, what do you have to do? Aside from studying the basics, you have to train your heart. In this short, learning period, there are already people being eliminated. If you don’t wish to be eliminated, begin working hard today. At the very least, you’ll look better than those who have already been chased off the stage, and you’ll have a better chance of grasping opportunity’s tail.”

This was a strategy of spurring them into action through negative remarks. After all, the students who were able to make it into T University prided themselves on their ability. They were arrogant. Many of them kept their gaze up high and paid little attention to those they perceived beneath them.

Only this form of encouragement would work well with them, meaning, it was the most effective method to implement.

Initially, several school leaders were alarmed, fearing that President Mo had come to tear the stage down. After listening to the end of his speech, they were finally able to smile in pleasure and admiration.

Among the silent crowd, Ji Nuan was the only one who smiled.

He was actually able to speak patiently to a group of students. She really saw a different side to Mo Jingshen.

She did not chuckle out loud, nor did she stand out in the crowd.

However, Mo Jingshen’s gaze abruptly landed on her face. The man’s faint smile did not diminish, but his gaze deepened.

After pausing for a moment, he chuckled softly and raised the microphone, speaking distinctly: “The female student in the third row, five seats away from Professor Lin’s left. Can you tell me what you’re smiling about?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Mo Jingshen clearly described her position, causing several thousand students to shift their eyes onto the third row immediately. In the quiet sports hall, they searched for the person five seats away from Professor Lin, but the people in the back could not see clearly, while the people in the front struggled to gain a clear look through the weak lighting.

Only the people close to Ji Nuan could accurately direct their gaze onto her face.

Amidst the silence, Ji Nuan raised her head toward the smiling man on stage.

He was smiling, but she was gritting her teeth in her heart.

He was doing this on purpose!

On! Purpose!


A speech that was not fully appropriate, from the initial critical hit to the stirring of spirits at the end, it was truly brilliant.

When Mo Jingshen placed the microphone down and turned to step off the stage, several students wished he would continue to say more. A school leader immediately took over and gave a lengthy, appropriate speech. It took half an hour before he was finally done.

The students scattered out of the sports hall. Ji Nuan planned to head out with everyone, but at this moment, Ling Feifei turned her head back and saw Mo Jingshen speaking with the school leaders behind the curtains. She realized that Mo Jingshen had yet to leave and abruptly turned to return secretly.

Bai Wei saw Ling Feifei’s sudden, careful movements, akin to that of a thief. She turned to eye her and noticed the same situation behind the curtains that were gradually being tugged down.

“Hey, Ji Nuan,” Bai Wei softly called Ji Nuan, gently knocking against her elbow.

Ji Nuan: “What is it?”

“Look behind.” Bai Wei kept her voice soft.

Ji Nuan raised her brows and turned back. With one glance, she immediately understood.

“Recently, she’s been stirring up new trouble over a lost watch. She obviously wants to pick at you and Feng Ling. Feng Ling didn’t come today, so I’m worried that she may bring up unreasonable things about the two of you to the school leaders. She’s not very reliable, and she won’t hesitate about creating trouble for others. Come, let’s follow to take a look.” Bai Wei held Ji Nuan’s hand and decisively turned to head back.

Ji Nuan did not actually mind her; Ling Feifei’s mindless schemes were not capable of vexing her. However, after seeing Ling Feifei heading in Mo Jingshen’s direction, she did not refuse and turned to follow with Bai Wei.

When they arrived by the curtains, Ling Feifei noticed Bai Wei and Ji Nuan approaching. She glared at them unhappily, suppressing her voice to demand: “Why did the both of you follow me over?”