Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 242 - Could I Trouble You to Guide Me There

Chapter 242: Could I Trouble You to Guide Me There

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“We’ll do as you do. This is a public place; can you stop us from coming?” Bai Wei calmly refuted.

Ling Feifei: “…” She unhappily turned to look at Mo Jingshen inside.

The curtains and screen had been completely disassembled, and most of the students had left or were loitering by the entrance. Ji Nuan, Bai Wei, and Fei Fei were the only ones standing beneath the stage. They appeared suspicious and instantly caught the attention of the headmaster.

“All of you, why are you still standing around here?” He eyed them in dissatisfaction. “Leave right now! Don’t stand there to watch secretly!”

Ling Feifei rushed to speak up: “Headmaster, we have some questions about what President Mo shared earlier, and wanted to discuss with him a little…”

She should have said ‘I,’ but Ling Feifei used the word ‘we,’ distributing the blame onto Ji Nuan and Bai Wei’s head.

Bai Wei silently rolled her eyes.

Ji Nuan indifferently raised her brows.

Mo Jingshen calmly glanced at them. His calm gaze remained unperturbed as he noticed Ji Nuan’s figure, turning to say, “What do you wish to ask?”

Ling Feifei did not expect that President Mo would really respond to her words. She immediately approached him in excitement, ignoring the headmaster’s glare. “President Mo, nice to meet you. I’m a student under Professor Lin’s Corporate Management class. My name is Ling Feifei, my family is Ling Group Bank’s…”

After hearing her name, Mo Jingshen’s gaze had already shifted onto the two who had yet to approach.

Ling Feifei was displeased that President Mo’s attention was shifted onto them, but she maintained her smile and said: “Those two are from my class; we share a dorm room. Like me, they are Professor Lin’s students.”

The headmaster saw that this female student had obviously come to pester and say nonsense. He was about to stop her but was forced to step back by a single look from Mo Jingshen.

“Oh? You’re all Professor Lin’s students?” Mo Jingshen smiled.

It seemed like when President Mo had pointed out the fifth student from Professor Lin’s seat, he did not actually pay attention to Ji Nuan’s appearance. Even now, he did not recognize that they were the ones sitting close to Professor Lin.

Ling Feifei’s smile deepened as she suddenly asked sweetly, “President Mo, there are really quite some things I couldn’t understand in your speech. If you’re not busy, would you mind sharing a meal with me?”

Headmaster: “…”

Bai Wei: “…”

Ji Nuan: “…”

This was really far too brazen!

Ji Nuan had seen many love rivals. Regardless if they had the intention to snatch or to express their interest, they always made some attempts to conceal themselves from her. She had never seen someone directly and openly invite Mo Jingshen for a meal right before her eyes.

Compared to their speechless appearance, Mo Jingshen was indifferent as he threw Ling Feifei a glance. His tone did not reveal his emotions as he asked: “If there are any questions, you can ask directly. Why do we have to eat together?”

“It’s almost afternoon. President Mo must be hungry as well. Since it’s time for lunch, we can chat while we eat!” Ling Feifei’s smile was sweet, as though she believed she could move the man before her eyes.

Although Ji Nuan and Bai Wei had come near, Ji Nuan did not speak. Her expression carried some laughter as she watched the fascinating scene unfold, clearly intending to see how Mo Jingshen would perform.

“You’re right, it’s almost afternoon.” The headmaster suddenly spoke up: “President Mo, we’ve already arranged a place to dine. The other school leaders, as well as leaders from the Education Bureau, will be attending. Let’s head there now.”

Hearing the headmaster’s interference, Ling Feifei could not be insistent even though she wanted to. She considered for a moment and suddenly reached behind to tug Ji Nuan over. “President Mo, my roommate is a Hai City local just like you. Although she’s only the owner of a small studio in Hai City, she’s also had difficulties finding opportunities to meet you. Since you’ve managed to meet in a city away from Hai City, wouldn’t this be considered fate? President Mo, give us some face and eat with us…”

Ji Nuan was about to wave Ling Feifei’s hand away. Upon hearing her words, the edge of her lips trembled. She unobtrusively pushed Ling Feifei’s hand down and shifted her gaze onto Mo Jingshen.

The man looked at her meaningfully and spoke with a faint, laughing tone, “A Hai City local?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

“President Mo is asking you a question, have you gone silly? Quickly answer him!” Ling Feifei moved to tug on her again. However, Ji Nuan intentionally kept a distance from her, and when Ling Feifei’s hand reached out to grab her, she moved to return to Bai Wei’s side.

To diminish the embarrassment, Ling Feifei turned back to Mo Jingshen with a smile: “Please don’t mind her, President Mo. My roommates are all shy. Actually, they really yearn for an opportunity to speak with you.”

Mo Jingshen hid a smile as he glanced a Ji Nuan. He moved his gaze away and did not look at Ling Feifei again. At the same time, the headmaster approached to say, “President Mo, the leaders from the Education Bureau, as well as various school leaders, are ready to head to the prepared dining area. Shall we head there now as well?”

“I’ll be staying in T City for a while longer. There will be plenty of time to share a meal with the school leaders. There’s no need to rush,” Mo Jingshen calmly replied: “Many years ago, when I used to study abroad, I had heard a lot about our local university’s cafeteria culture. Since it’s lunchtime, and these students have so kindly invited me, why don’t we head to T University’s cafeteria for a walk and have a meal there, how about it?”

“Ah? T University’s cafeteria?” Ling Feifei’s dream of being able to sit with President Mo in a luxury restaurant with a beautiful view was instantly shattered.

Bai Wei, who had been keeping silent, finally spoke up: “If President Mo wishes, T University’s cafeteria is indeed a good choice. The quality of the food in our cafeteria is high and can be said to be much more outstanding than any other local university cafeteria. Would you like to go have a taste of it with us?”

The headmaster was about to breakdown.

Mo Jingshen was a top-tier god, but he had refused the seven-star hotel the school had arranged for him. Right now, he was even refusing the best restaurant they had reserved to go squeeze in a cafeteria with a bunch of students?

W-what sort of taste did he have? What sort of habits was he displaying?

However, Mo Jingshen had already personally spoken. The headmaster wanted to remind him again tactfully, but Mo Jingshen had already smiled faintly at Bai Wei’s polite invitation. “All right then, students. Could I trouble you to guide me there?

Ling Feifei saw that Mo Jingshen really intended to head to the cafeteria. From the moment she enrolled in T University, she had never had a meal there. Even though the taste was rumored to be good, she felt that the food produced in such a place wouldn’t be too hygienic. The quality would also be poor. Hence, she never visited.

But right now…

“President Mo, let me bring you there. T University’s cafeteria is right across the women’s dorm! It’s not far from here!” Ling Feifei happily took the initiative to guide him.