Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 243 - Amidst the Countless, She Is My Only

Chapter 243: Amidst the Countless, She Is My Only

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The headmaster was worried about offending Mo Jingshen and planned to head there with him.

However, the moment he lifted his feet, he heard Mo Jingshen leave these words behind: “It’ll be sufficient having these students guiding me. You should return to your work. There’s no need to follow us.”

Mo Jingshen clearly did not plan on letting him follow. The headmaster wasn’t foolish; he understood and did not attempt to join them.

After some consideration, he felt that these three female students would not be able to stir up too much trouble in front of Mo Jingshen. Even if they had some inappropriate thoughts, someone of Mo Jingshen’s caliber could easily avoid them. There was truly no need for him to worry.

It was indeed crowded in the cafeteria. Due to Mo Jingshen’s sudden appearance, a commotion quickly arose. Thankfully, although the headmaster did not dare follow, he still arranged for the security to leave their positions by the gates to provide some order to the place.

The students who had initially surged forward to approach him were all reprimanded by the guards, and they returned to queue for their food. None of them were allowed to crowd as they pleased around Mo Jingshen.

After entering, Mo Jingshen scanned his surroundings and stood at the back of the crowd.

Seeing that the great President Mo had come to the cafeteria and was actually joining the queue, several students took the initiative to give up their spots. Mo Jingshen thanked them but did not step forward, remaining in his position.

Ji Nuan and Bai Wei stood behind Ling Feifei, while Ling Feifei stood behind Mo Jingshen; she was pressing as close to him as she could manage.

Thus, Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen were separated by two people.

Several students wanted to give up their spots. Others were uncomfortable standing in front of Mo Jingshen, and seeing that he did not cut forward, they consciously moved behind. In this manner, the queue gradually shrunk, and they moved closer to the front.

Some of the students ahead did not pay much attention to the commotion behind them. After all, there were several queues here. Some did not give up their spots; Ling Feifei felt that these people were lacking in self-awareness and suddenly stepped forward. She was especially impolite as she chased them to the back.

Finally, the people in front realized that President Mo was standing right in the queue they were in. They were all flustered and were about to leave to the back of the line when Mo Jingshen’s indifferent gaze flitted past them. He sounded unperturbed as he spoke to Ling Feifei, who was displaying an attitude of a wealthy young lady: “If you lack the awareness of how to stand in a line, at the very least, after I’ve already clearly displayed my intention, you should learn not to make decisions for me on where to stand. Furthermore, you don’t have any rights to be chasing away anyone who is orderly standing in the queue as they should be.”

Earlier, Ling Feifei had been showing off her close proximity to President Mo. All of a sudden, he was expressionlessly and coldly reprimanding her before the public. She bit into her bottom lip heavily. Her gaze revealed a hint of the unhappiness and injustice she felt: “President Mo, I was only hoping you would be able to taste the cafeteria’s food sooner. Furthermore, your time is precious. Queueing will really waste too much time, so I wanted everyone to be more self-aware and give up their place.”

Mo Jingshen coldly responded: “Then you better learn to change your way of making presumptions.”

Ling Feifei originally thought President Mo had agreed to a meal because he had some pleasant feelings toward her and that he had lowered himself to eat at the cafeteria for her.

She never thought he would give her so little face.

Ling Feifei felt humiliated, but because there was such a large crowd focused on them, and Mo Jingshen was the honorary principal, she considered that it wasn’t too embarrassing for a student to be told off by a principal. She quickly composed herself and lowered her head to apologize: “I’m sorry. I’ll pay attention not to be presumptuous in the future.”

As she spoke, she tactfully returned to join the line.

Bai Wei and Ji Nuan were standing close together, and Bai Wei spoke at a volume only she could hear: “Serves her right.”

Although Ling Feifei deserved it, Ji Nuan’s attention was never once placed on her.

From the moment they left the sports hall, she kept looking for opportunities to meet Mo Jingshen’s gaze. She wanted to ask, was he seriously, seriously heading toward T University’s cafeteria?

However, the man’s gaze did not shift to her since they left. She could not even find an opportunity to meet his eyes, and with two people between them now, there was even less opportunity for her to ask what exactly he had in mind.

Was he trying to drive her frantic, stifled heart into a cardiac arrest?


It was not easy for them to queue up to buy the cafeteria’s set meal. Afterward, several students also took the initiative to offer an empty and clean table to them.

After Mo Jingshen sat down, Ling Feifei rushed to sit next to him, but the seat was already taken by Bai Wei; naturally, she kept a comfortable distance away and did not cross any boundaries.

Ling Feifei was indignant and could only carry her tray to sit across Mo Jingshen. However, the moment she approached, she saw that Ji Nuan had already taken the seat.

Although she wanted to scold them and ask them to scram, Mo Jingshen was sitting right there, and she needed to maintain her image. She could only tolerate it, appearing aggrieved as she sat next to Ji Nuan.

“There isn’t any soup provided in today’s set meal. Do you guys want to grab a drink?” Bai Wei asked.

“Sounds good. Go buy a few bottles of mineral water then. Previously, President Mo shared so much, I’m sure you haven’t had the opportunity to drink any water yet, right?” Ling Feifei opened her mouth, but after saying so much, she only asked for Bai Wei to buy it while she remained sitting there without moving.

Bai Wei narrowed her eyes at her: “The cafeteria’s grocery store is right behind you; it’s only ten meters away. I’ll have to cover much more distance to go around this table, while you’ll be able to buy it with just a few steps. Are you sure you’re going to make me go?”

Didn’t Ling Feifei enjoy acting in front of President Mo? Let her continue. She wanted to command people around, but that did not mean Bai Wei would spoil her.

Ling Feifei turned to look in the direction of the grocery store: “Ji Nuan, then you go.”

“I’m not thirsty. If you wish to drink, go buy it yourself.” Ji Nuan was using her chopsticks to pick out the bones of a piece of fish. She patiently picked them out and spoke without even raising her eyes.

Ling Feifei immediately rolled her eyes and placed her chopsticks down to stand up.

“President Mo, I hope we weren’t too impolite to you at the sports hall earlier, were we?” as the noisy person finally left, Bai Wei politely asked.

Mo Jingshen glanced at the fish in front of Ji Nuan and saw that she had managed to pick out most of the thin, hidden bones. After confirming that she wouldn’t choke on them, he shifted his gaze away and replied calmly: “It’s fine.”

The peace and quiet lasted for less than three minutes before Ling Feifei returned with the drinks in her hands. She only bought two bottles.

Clearly, one was for her, and the other was meant for Mo Jingshen.

She sat down and placed one of them in front of him, smiling sweetly to say: “President Mo, please drink some water!”

Ji Nuan had just taken a bite of the fish and was taken aback by how salty it was. She coughed once, and Mo Jingshen expressionlessly shifted the bottle of mineral water, which had been placed down for less than five seconds, in front of her. He said indifferently: “You drink it.”