Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 244 - What a Pity, President Mo Actually Married so Young

Chapter 244: What a Pity, President Mo Actually Married so Young

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Ji Nuan really choked because of the saltiness of the fish. She instinctively picked up the bottle and opened it.

Ling Feifei’s expression immediately turned unhappy: “President Mo, I bought this drink for you. Earlier, my roommate already said that she isn’t thirsty. There’s no need for you to give your water up to her.”

“That was earlier. This is right now. Didn’t you see that Ji Nuan was choked by the saltiness of the fish? Speaking of which, this fish is really quite salty today.” Bai Wei narrowed her eyes at Ling Feifei: “Also, quit calling us ‘your roommate,’ ‘your roommate.’ Do Ji Nuan and I not have names?”

“I was just worried that President Mo wouldn’t be able to remember so many names, which is why I didn’t bring them up,” Ling Feifei explained in disapproval. She then turned her dissatisfied eyes onto Ji Nuan. Seeing that she appeared much more comfortable after drinking the water, she felt even more unhappy.

“Thank you for the water, President Mo.” After drinking, Ji Nuan placed the water down and raised her eyes to speak to Mo Jingshen. She then smiled comfortably.

From someone else’s point of view, her smile would have appeared to be one of simple gratitude. However, from the way Mo Jingshen saw it, the little woman was clearly amused by the chaos centered around him. She was also obviously seducing him.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled as well; his gaze especially calm.

Seeing that Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen were able to chat over a simple bottle of water, Ling Feifei felt even less pleased. She suddenly regretted bringing Bai Wei and Ji Nuan along to look for Mo Jingshen earlier. Otherwise, these two would never have had the chance to eat with someone like Mo Jingshen.

Furthermore, she was the one who had suggested eating together. Right now, President Mo was giving her quite some face in choosing to come to a place like the cafeteria.

It if wasn’t for her, would Ji Nuan and Bai Wei have such an opportunity?

Although she felt unhappy, Mo Jingshen sat diagonally across from her. Ling Feifei restrained herself and did not argue about this issue. Instead, she asked, “President Mo, shall I go buy another bottle for you?”

“There’s no need.” Mo Jingshen also began picking out the fish bones as he replied indifferently. His gaze was mild.


Every afternoon, the crowd in T University’s cafeteria would always be very boisterous.

However, because of Mo Jingshen’s presence, many of the students did not dare to speak too loudly, nor mess around. One by one, they left quietly after finishing their meals. This peace and quiet was rare.

Ling Feifei barely ate anything. She felt that the food in this cafeteria was really unimpressive.

However, she saw that Mo Jingshen really did not mind it. The way he ate was also quiet and graceful. This outstanding man actually had such a typical side to him; the more she watched, the more she found him charming.

Ling Feifei reluctantly took a few bites and could not hold back her words: “President Mo, please don’t mind me for being talkative, but you are really so handsome!”

She then softly whispered, as though there were more she wished to say, “President Mo, are you married?”

“Cough.” Ji Nuan suddenly coughed.

She sounded as though she had really choked, turning to face the ground as she coughed several times. She then picked up the bottle of water once more.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her, but Ji Nuan immediately avoided his gaze as she resisted the urge to cough more. She then drank several gulps of water.

Ling Feifei felt that Ji Nuan was intentionally diverting Mo Jingshen’s attention away, and she found her actions to be extremely despicable. “Ji Nuan, why are you coughing for no reason? Can’t you see that we were talking?”

“The fish is too salty.” Ji Nuan placed the bottle down.

“Why are you eating it if it’s salty?”

“It’s salted fish, ah. How can it be called salted fish if it isn’t salty,” Bai Wei spoke up.

Ling Feifei decided not to pay them any more attention. Her eyes stubbornly returned to Mo Jingshen: “President Mo, is it okay for you to answer my earlier question?”

Mo Jingshen’s gaze was calm, mild, and unhurried: “I’m married.”

Ling Feifei’s expression of nervous anticipation instantly crumbled. Firstly, she did not expect that he would actually be married. Secondly, she never expected him to be so direct.

“What a pity, President Mo actually married so young…”

“How could marriage be a pity?” Mo Jingshen gave her an indifferent glance. He said distinctly, “I’m very fortunate to have found my wife. Ever since I met her, my world has brightened. In my eyes, there is no one more important than her. As we make our way through life, we will always need that pair of hands to hold onto. That way, we’ll never truly feel alone.”

Ji Nuan gradually slowed her eating motions. She raised her head to look at the man sitting across from her. A hint of the warmth and love he usually displayed around her flashed past his eyes.

She never knew that when Mo Jingshen spoke about her to others, he would do so in such a manner.

“It seems like President Mo really loves your wife very much, how envious…” Ling Feifei’s thoughts became far-fetched as she frowned. Suddenly, she yearned to know how it felt like being the woman Mo Jingshen treated so sincerely.

Hearing the two words, ‘really loves,’ Ji Nuan’s grip around her chopsticks tightened.

Instantly, it felt as though her heart was swelling with warm feelings. If she weren’t trying to maintain her composure, she would have already thrown herself into the man’s embrace.

However, at this moment, one of the male students from Professor Lin’s class entered the cafeteria. He circled through the place and bought a bottle of water. Just as he was about to leave, he noticed Ji Nuan and sent her a toothy grin: “I say, Ji Nuan, I was just wondering why I haven’t been able to find you at all. Why did you suddenly come to the cafeteria to eat?”

Ji Nuan was really beautiful. She also had a quiet disposition and tended to maintain a low profile. As a result, many of the wealthy rich boys in Professor Lin’s class had pleasant feelings toward her. Whenever they passed by her, even the ones who were especially cold and arrogant would greet her amiably.

Today was not an exception.

However, from Mo Jingshen’s point of view, things were not as simple.

Ji Nuan turned and smiled to return his greeting. The moment she turned back, she met the man’s mild glance.


Several minutes later, Ji Nuan stood up to head to the washroom.

The washroom at T University was both quiet and clean. Every half an hour, a cleaning lady would come by. Although many students were coming in and out of the place, it was still kept pristine.

By now, most of the students had left the cafeteria. Ji Nuan entered the washroom and twisted the tap. She unhurriedly began to wash her hands.

She then turned off the tap when abruptly, a white silhouette quickly entered.

She turned back to see Mo Jingshen.

“This is the female’s…” Ji Nuan started saying when she saw him locking the bathroom door.

Ji Nuan’s hands were still wet. She was startled for a moment before she hurried to dry her hands by the dryer. As the hand dryer blared loudly, the man lowered his eyes to look at her and took two steps forward.

“Who was that male student from earlier?”

Before his words finished, the man had already stepped in front of her. He held her waist and brought her into his embrace. In a forceful posture, he lowered his head and directly bit down on her lip.