Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 245 - She Was Carried Up, and Placed on the Counter to be Kissed

Chapter 245: She Was Carried Up, and Placed on the Counter to be Kissed

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This was the female bathroom. This man actually took the opportunity while there was no one outside to enter as he pleased, and to kiss her as he pleased.

However, one undeniable fact was that, no matter how cold, restrained, and distant Mo Jingshen appeared in public, his passionate and unrestrained side belonged only to her.

As her thoughts wandered, Ji Nuan’s heart was elated.

She was being kissed and bitten, yet she was smiling. The man pinched her chin: “You sure appear to be happy, hmm?”

Ji Nuan acted dumb: “What?”

The man did not reveal anything as he watched her open expression: “I really shouldn’t have allowed you to come to T University. It was truly an unwise choice.”

“Don’t misunderstand. He is only a classmate. We’re from the same class, and it’s unavoidable that we will end up meeting. I have to greet him at least.”

“Is that so? Why didn’t he greet your other two classmates then?”

“…perhaps it’s because I’m more attractive,” Ji Nuan answered honestly. Lying to Mo Jingshen was an impossible feat; there was no point to even trying.

It was rare to hear this little woman being so narcissistic. He coldly reprimanded: “Are you very pleased with yourself?”

“How am I pleased with myself? I was really touched by you earlier; it wasn’t easy for me to keep quiet. Right now, can’t you sense my stirred-up emotions and my radiant expression?” Ji Nuan leaned in his embrace. Since the bathroom door was locked, one should appear lovable when the need arose. Otherwise, it would be too late to manage the situation when Boss Mo transformed into a jealous demon.

The little woman cuddled in his arms was warm, fragrant, and soft. The man held in a smile as he eyed her: “Is that so? What about you, can you sense my murderous intent?”

All of a sudden, a knock resounded against the bathroom door. Ji Nuan’s expression instantly stiffened. She turned toward the door and saw that Mo Jingshen had already locked it from the inside.

“Eh? Why can’t this door be unlocked?” A female student’s voice could be heard from outside.

“Maybe it’s spoiled again? Last week, I heard that the cafeteria’s bathroom door lock was damaged. The school found someone to repair it, but maybe it’s damaged again?”

“Then forget it. Let’s use the bathroom in the classroom building…”

The two students pushed against the door once more. After confirming that it could not be opened, they left.

Ji Nuan released a breath of relief when abruptly, the arm around her waist pushed her up. Before she could react, the man’s lips landed on hers.

She melted instantly from his deep and intimate kiss. He held the back of her head with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist, bringing her entire body forward.

In such a setting… in such a location…

Ji Nuan felt as though her mind had turned into paste. Everything about this man made her wish she could hold him tightly in her world; to keep him from being snatched away, and to prevent sharing him with anyone. In the heat of the moment, she attempted to respond with her tongue. The man’s movements instantly paused, and his gaze darkened. Without holding back, he bit down on her tongue.

The sweet happiness won over the numbing pain. Ji Nuan raised her arms to hold the man’s neck and was instantly carried up. He placed her on the counter to be kissed.

Finally, when her breathing turned flustered, he watched the little woman’s scarlet neck and ears through the reflections of the mirrors behind her.

Mo Jingshen’s palms were pressed against the counter, trapping her between him and the mirrors. He bent his body to watch her; the possessive intent in his eyes could not be concealed.

“There is still a month before you graduate. It seems like I can’t leave T City within this period.” He spoke unhurriedly with his husky voice. “Keep those people asking for death further away from you, en?”

When Ji Nuan was lifted up, her clothes became slightly disheveled. She did not dress in mature working clothes like she previously did in Hai City’s studio. She was only twenty-one and had white skin and big eyes. Her simple and reserved student clothes made her appear like a high school student.

She sat in front of him like this, her gaze appearing pure and innocent. Her messy collar was slightly open, revealing her collarbone, while her body shifted with her flustered breaths. Her damp and swollen lips were also especially seductive.

Watching her, the heat in Mo Jingshen’s lower body began to rise. His Adam’s apple bopped as he suppressed the urge to take her right here. He composed his breathing and said hurriedly: “Are you sure you want to maintain such a distant relationship in T University?”

“It’s not that we have to, but you’ve already seen it; the students here admiration you a lot. There are countless female students like Ling Feifei here. I have another month left; I don’t wish to be disturbed by them. Previously in Hai City, I was constantly being disturbed by those wealthy young ladies. It’s rare to have the opportunity for such a quiet, low-profile lifestyle. Since there isn’t much time left, cooperate with me a little…” Ji Nuan raised her arms and held the man’s neck tightly. “You have to know the words ‘Mrs. Mo’ are extremely powerful. I would instantly become the target of the masses.”

“With me around, you’re afraid?”

“Of course, I’m not afraid. But I’ve seen too many envious, jealous, and hateful gazes since I was young. Consider this Mrs. Mo’s incognito infiltration into T University mingling with the masses. Mr. Mo has to give her some face, and let her have the fun she wants, ah.” Ji Nuan leaned close to his lips and gave him a kiss. As the man’s darkened eyes focused on her, she appeared pleased with herself as she said: “You can’t just put all your time on me while you’re in T City. You have Mo Corporation’s branch company to work with. When there is a need, you have to go and meet with the company’s management. Furthermore, if we go public, don’t you think our public displays of affection would be far too torturous for the masses?”

Mo Jingshen snorted: “Your Professor Lin isn’t fooled.”

“It’s fine if Professor Lin knows. He is an experienced man with high EQ and IQ. He knows what to say, and what not to say. As for the other school leaders and students, let’s forget about it.”

“What’s going on with that roommate of yours.” Mo Jingshen felt that Ji Nuan’s elbows were slightly cold and carried her down from the counter.

The man rarely paid attention to the small, petty unhappiness between women. However, earlier on, Ling Feifei was constantly picking at Ji Nuan and her friend. Their relations clearly appeared more strained than that of regular roommates.

“She’s the one who called me that night. She’s only twenty-years-old, but she acts like an immature, young child. She was probably spoiled by her family. I don’t usually take her seriously. It’s fine for you to neglect her as well.”

“Does she always target you?”

“Not really. It’s just that she thinks I’m only a person in charge of a small studio. Compared to someone like her whose appearance is like that of a ‘flower,’ and is the wealthy young lady of a bank corporation, my presence is irksome to her, so she constantly wants to pick on me.”

The man raised his brows: “It’s truly rare to see someone with the ability to pick on you.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

There were many exotic flowers among the circles of women, but it seemed Ji Nuan really never had experience being bullied. In most of the cases, she was always much shrewder than her opponents.