Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 247 - Pregnancy Test

Chapter 247: Pregnancy Test

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This was the first time Ji Nuan was buying an anti-pregnancy pill.

As she stood in the pharmacy, she struggled with choosing the right brand. Finally, the store employee directed her to a pink box with only one pill inside. She scrutinized it for several moments before her gaze shifted back to the medicine counter.

“Miss, do you still need anything?”

“Do you have pregnancy tests?”

“We do. Please wait for a moment, I’ll bring one to you.”

When Ji Nuan left the pharmacy, she held the anti-pregnancy medication for Feng Ling in one hand, and the pregnancy test for herself in the other.

The symptoms she was experiencing did not seem to suggest pregnancy, but at the same time, the possibility could not be completely ruled out. As her body tended to be weak against the cold, she never gave the likelihood of pregnancy much thought.

A weak disposition against cold was associated with a ‘cold’ uterus. 1 Although the impact was not significant, it slightly lowered the chances of pregnancy.

Thus, Ji Nuan always dismissed the possibility of pregnancy. However, since she had already come to the pharmacy, she decided to buy a pregnancy test just to be sure.

When she returned to Feng Ling’s place, Feng Ling had already showered and changed her clothes. Aside from the marks on her neck that could not be concealed, she appeared as normal.

“Do you want to move to my place for the next few days?” Ji Nuan handed the pill to her. She had planned to help her clean the clothes left strewn across the bedroom floor, but the moment she entered, she saw that both the bed and the ground were cleaned up.

Although Feng Ling was used to staying with men, she also really valued cleanliness. This was the first time she had revealed such an unkempt appearance.

“It’s all right. It’s been more than a month since you properly met up with President Mo. The two of you should enjoy the rare, private time. I’m fine here. I’ll return to school after a few days to accompany you.”

“I don’t need company. But you can’t stay here alone. What if Nan Heng…”

“He has already flown back to America. For the time being, he won’t be returning.” Feng Ling’s expression was composed.

Ji Nuan slowly furrowed her brows. “Flown back to America? He just bullied you to this state, and in a blink of an eye, he has already gone back to America?”

Feng Ling did not explain. She pursed her lips slightly: “Mrs. Mo, I don’t wish for Mr. Mo to know about this. He might dismiss me for affecting your mood. Furthermore, I don’t plan on returning to America. So…”

“Put your mind at ease and rest well. I won’t tell him,” Ji Nuan replied without hesitation.

Feng Ling did not speak further. She curved her lips slightly, but clearly, she did not have the mood to smile right now.

She could tell that there were stories between Feng Ling and Nan Heng. However, Feng Ling was not someone who enjoyed sharing about her private matters.

Previously at the condo, Feng Ling had vaguely explained some of her past experiences. It could be seen that she had grown comfortable with opening up to Ji Nuan, who was her employer, or perhaps now her friend. However, when it came to her feelings and her problems with Nan Heng, it was clear that she did not plan to explain more.

Or maybe, there were things she could not reveal.

Ji Nuan stayed at Feng Ling’s place until it was past seven in the evening. She helped her ice the marks on her neck and reminded her to repeat the process every hour. After confirming that Feng Ling’s emotional and physical states were fine, she finally left.


At night, when Mo Jingshen returned home, Ji Nuan had only just come back.

Ji Nuan sat on the sofa holding onto a pillow. Her body was completely curled up and her hands were blocking her eyes as she peeked through the gaps of her fingers to watch the television.

The man approached and placed his hand on her head.

The little woman on the sofa instantly jumped as she cried out, “Ah!” When she swerved her head up to see him, the fear in her eyes slowly dissipated. “Why are you home so late?”

“What are you watching?” Mo Jingshen rubbed her head comfortingly and turned to look at the television screen.

It was playing a recently released horror film.

“Recently, I’ve become used to staying in a dormitory. When I came back to see that you weren’t home, I was bored and decided to look for something to watch on the television. Coincidentally, they’re playing a horror film right now, so I decided to watch it for a bit.”

“With that little guts you have, when did you grow to become interested in horror films?”

“I always hear that it’s good, but I never have the opportunity to try it. Since it was playing on the television, I gave it a go.” Ji Nuan was still hugging the pillow. Her face was pressed against it as she tilted her head to look at him: “You’re actually busier in T City than in Hai City.”

“En. I’ll be staying in T City for at least half a month. I’ll try my best to finish my work during the day in the company, and come back earlier to accompany you, en?” He saw that the little woman had suffered quite a fright earlier. Mo Jingshen picked up the remote control and turned off the television. He then carried her up, sitting on the sofa and placing her on his lap.

“If you can’t come back, I can stay in the dormitory. I’ve already been there for more than a month; I’m used to it.”

“Your roommate has severe brain damage and a psychological disorder. You better avoid staying there as much as possible.”

Ji Nuan could barely contain her mirth.

Severe brain damage and a psychological disorder?

He was tactfully implying that Ling Feifei was a moron, wasn’t he?

Her eyes curved in a smile: “People, ah. We’ll always end up meeting all sorts of exotic flowers. This sort of person with low IQ poses no threat to me at all. What is there to worry about?”

“It’s true that she isn’t a threat. But she’ll bring your IQ down.”

Mo Jingshen watched her for a moment. He then pinched her cheek: “I’ll accompany you for several more days in T City. When I return to Hai City, there are some international projects I have to work on. I might have to make frequent trips abroad.”

Ji Nuan raised her head and fluttered her lashes: “There hasn’t been any extra female secretaries by your side recently, has there?”

The edge of the man’s lips tugged upwards: “Why, are you afraid that another unknown love rival has appeared during your absence?”

Their home was warm. Ji Nuan wore a soft set of leisure wear with the sleeves folded up. Her snow-white wrists were revealed and unadorned. Her hair was also tied up into a bun.

She pursed her lips and embraced the man’s neck, tugging him downward. As he was forced to bend down to press closer to her, she approached his ears to say: “Only you are allowed to be dissatisfied with the male students who come to greet me. You won’t even let me scout out the love rivals around you?”

Previously, Ji Nuan rarely minded if the employees by Mo Jingshen’s side were men or women. However, ever since An Shuyan’s incident, she always paid attention to the empty secretary position by his side.

The man’s hand was placed against her waist. He took advantage of the position they were in and pressed two kisses on her lips. He chuckled softly: “The position for my secretary is still empty. If Mrs. Mo is truly worried, how about, after your corporate management studies end, you hand the studio over to that best friend of yours and come to Mo Corporation to work?”

“Xia Tian might cite my ‘valuing of sex over friendship’ as the reason to cut off all ties with me.’

Furthermore, if they really did as he said, his secretary’s office was unlikely to remain purely as a secretary office.