Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 248 - You Even Know How to Make This; Did You Intentionally Learn to Make It?

Chapter 248: You Even Know How to Make This; Did You Intentionally Learn to Make It?

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After chatting for a while, just as Ji Nuan was about to leave his embrace, she heard the man’s indifferent, low voice from above her head: “What’s that?”

Ji Nuan lifted her head to follow Mo Jingshen’s gaze to the wastepaper basket by the sofa. The pink packaging for the pregnancy test was especially small. When she threw it away earlier, she had even taken care to push it inward and out of sight. Despite this, he still noticed it.

“For some time, my appetite wasn’t very good, and I kept feeling nauseous and dizzy. But right after that, my appetite suddenly grew immensely, and I started eating and sleeping very well. I passed by a pharmacy today and bought a pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant, but the test concluded that I wasn’t. It’s probably because I wasn’t fully acclimatized to T City’s environment.” Ji Nuan leaned against the man’s chest. “It seems like Grandfather’s dreams of having a great-grandchild will take a little while longer to come true.”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her expression and casually reached over to fish the packaging out. He lowered his head to scan the instructions and related information provided. After finishing, he directly picked Ji Nuan up from the sofa.

“What are you doing?” Ji Nuan was suddenly placed down, her feet landing firmly on the ground.

“Let’s go to the hospital for a checkup,” He said: “These sorts of tests only promise a fifty to ninety percent accuracy. Only a checkup at the hospital will be fully reliable.”

“There’s no need. I haven’t been sleeping excessively recently, and the nausea has faded as well. It shouldn’t be pregnancy. Not to mention, at such a time, only the emergency room is open. The gynecologists and obstetricians have all gone home. Even if we go, we won’t be able to receive a detailed checkup. Even the doctors in charge of blood tests have gone home.”

Ji Nuan could tell that Mo Jingshen had no intention of being even slightly careless with handling the possibility of pregnancy.

She smiled and stood on her tiptoes, holding the man’s handsome face to kiss him deeply with a smacking noise. “I promise I’ll pay careful attention to my body. The moment there are any signs of pregnancy, I’ll immediately and obediently head to the hospital.”

Mo Jingshen took another glance at the packaging, so Ji Nuan brought out the picture of the results she had taken earlier; a single red line across the paper.

Afterward, Mo Jingshen eyed the time and did not say more. However, he headed into the kitchen and began boiling some brown sugar water for her.

Ever since arriving in T City, without Auntie Chen’s urging, Ji Nuan did not continue with her habit of drinking warm beverages at night or taking brown sugar water for health.

Seeing Mo Jingshen is in the kitchen, Ji Nuan kept away the packaging and turned on the television to look for more channels to watch; she gave up on the horror film.

After flipping through several channels, her phone rang.

She glanced at her phone screen. The call came from Ji Corporation’s secretary manager; the very secretary that her father, Ji Hongwen, usually trusted and depended on the most. Ever since arriving in T City, Ji Nuan barely contacted her family. It was also a while since her father called her. Why would his secretary suddenly call her?

She answered the call: “Hello.”

After several seconds of silence, a familiar voice spoke from the other end of the call with a tone that was polite and respectful: “Miss Ji, hello. I’m Secretary Zhou.”

He then continued: “Director Ji has recently arranged to visit and sightsee T City with several old friends. As Miss Ji is in T City, I was told to arrange a suitable time for both of you to meet up. It’s been quite a while since Director Ji has seen you. May I know on which days will Miss Ji be free next week?”

“Since my Dad plans to visit T City, why didn’t he personally call me?” Ji Nuan replied unhurriedly. “I’ve never heard him mention any close friends from T City. Coming to sightsee this season? The land is surrounded by cold wind and dead leaves; what is there to see?”

“Director Ji just went off for a meeting. Right before the meeting, he made the decision with several business partners and friends. I was told to quickly make the arrangements for the visit to T City and immediately called you, Miss Ji. After all, Director Ji only agreed to visit T City because you are there. He misses his daughter, but it’s difficult for him to put down his face to admit it. I can only do my best to arrange everything well.” Secretary Zhou chuckled warmly. “It’s also because Director Ji has discussed several new projects in T City and decided to invite some old friends living there.”

Secretary Zhou has worked by Ji Hongwen’s side for many years. She was likely around 34 to 35 years old this year. She always displayed her capability and experience in her work and could be considered one of her father’s most trusted assistants.

However, Secretary Zhou rarely interacted with Ji Nuan. Whenever they met, they would only exchange a nod. Nonetheless, she still knew that Secretary Zhou had worked in Ji Group for many years.

“All right, I understand. Thank you, Secretary Zhou. I’ll talk to you after I’ve confirmed my schedule for next week.”

After hanging up, Ji Nuan sat on the sofa. She stared at the ground, lost in thought.

She wasn’t sure if her father had placed his feelings aside to handle Shen Heru’s matters firmly. She could understand him, so she never urged him. However, Shen Heru could be considered a considerable threat to their Ji family. Since her father was suddenly visiting T City, perhaps she could borrow this chance to have a proper conversation with him.

Several minutes later, Ji Nuan’s phone received a message. She subconsciously looked at it.

It came from Secretary Zhou’s number and included only a simple line: [Next Wednesday, CEO Ji will be at T City’s Premium Entertainment Club. If Miss Ji’s time permits, you can head there after 6:00 p.m. on that day.”

Ji Nuan quickly replied: [All right.]

She wanted to give Ji Hongwen a call for more details about his visit and considered picking him up at the airport.

However, Secretary Zhou said earlier that he had gone for a meeting. Her father was usually really busy at work. As Ji Nuan was considering, Mo Jingshen brought out the brown sugar water he had made.

“Test the temperature; drink it when it isn’t too hot.” Mo Jingshen placed the cup in front of her.

Ji Nuan picked it up and took a sip. Mo Jingshen must have already placed it by the window to chill for several moments. It had already cooled down slightly.

After drinking some, she made to place it down, but the man watched her: “Finish it.”

Ji Nuan could only raise her glass and chug it down.

The brown sugar water was prepared with ginger. After drinking it, Ji Nuan went to shower. An hour later, she still felt that her stomach was warm and comfortable.

She thought to shut the windows before sleeping, but the man tugged her back easily with his long arm. He placed her back on the bed, saying, “In the future, avoid standing in the wind before you sleep. I’ll close it.”

Whenever Mo Jingshen was by her side, she would be well taken care of. He laid down, and Ji Nuan leaned in his embrace. While playing with the man’s hands, she said, “Your brown sugar water tastes much better than Auntie Chen’s. Even if you were independent for a while in America, you can’t have learned even this. Did you intentionally learn to make it?”

Mo Jingshen glanced down at her: “No. My mother is someone who enjoys studying health and wellness in her free time. I heard a lot about these things from her when I was young.”