Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 249 - It Wasn’t as Simple as ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

Chapter 249: It Wasn’t as Simple as ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

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The rays from the bedside table scattered across the bed and barely landed on him. However, Ji Nuan was able to see the man’s face clearly.

She played with his hand, stroking her fingers back and forth across his palm: “This is the first time I’ve heard you mention your mother. What sort of person is she? She’s able to share a lifetime with Director Mo while receiving Grandfather Mo’s fondness; she must be a woman with great emotional intelligence, right?”

Mo Jingshen raised his brows and withheld a smile: “Aren’t you the one Grandfather likes the most?”

“Every time I hear Grandfather bring up your mother, he sounds both fond and admiring. I’ve never interacted with her. You mentioned that she’s someone who enjoys studying health and wellness, so I felt curious.” Ji Nuan pressed her fingers against his, nudging their palms together before interlocking fingers with him. She then raised her eyes to look at him.

The man’s expression was composed. He answered without hesitation: “She is indeed a good mother. However, I left America for too long and only stayed by her side for a short period. After growing up, we haven’t had many opportunities to interact.”

“Then… will she like me?”

“She will.” Mo Jingshen caressed her hair. “My mother’s character is optimistic. If she isn’t, she would never have endured my father for so many years.”

While speaking, Mo Jingshen tugged the blankets over them: “She’ll like you because I care for you. There’s no need to worry about this. Sleep now.”

Ji Nuan lifted her chin, appearing proud as she asked: “Do you care for me a lot?”

“En, I do.”

The smile on Ji Nuan’s lips deepened as she snuggled closer to him. Under the bedside lamp, her gaze was bright: “Then, what do you like most about me?”

Mo Jingshen’s hand paused on her hair. He watched her bright, smooth skin and gently caressed it, pulling a few strands of her hair with him.

“Coming up with ways for me to praise you, won’t you feel embarrassed?” Mo Jingshen lost his smile as he kissed on her lips. “That day, after seeing me praise you casually in front of your roommates, you tasted the sweetness, yet you’re still not satisfied?”

Ji Nuan immediately snuggled closer into his embrace: “I’ve never heard you praising me before. Won’t you let me hear you now?”

He watched her nudging closer to him, as though trying to appear more lovable, and leaned down to kiss her. “Perhaps I’m fated to fall in your hands; my heart softens the moment I see you acting spoiled.”

Oh, then it seems like she had to do it more in the future. If absence hadn’t made the heart grow fonder, and if they hadn’t been fighting until recently, Ji Nuan would never have acted coquettishly in this manner.

He caressed her face, lowly chuckling: “Perhaps it’s because the moment I see you, I want to kiss you. No matter when or where.”

Ji Nuan glared at him: “Haven’t you kissed enough?”

“En, I’ve kissed a lot. But it isn’t enough.”

As he spoke, the man kissed her again.

Ji Nuan returned the kiss, and as her breath grew short, she frantically called for a stop. “I have a graded examination tomorrow. This sort of exams cannot be easily canceled. I need to be well-rested. Let me sleep early!”

“All right.”

Ji Nuan remained in his embrace even after falling asleep, peaceful and warm.

Mo Jingshen watched the little woman in his embrace. He ran his fingers through her hair before pausing by her ear to gently caress her.

What did he like about her?

Years ago, Qin Siting had said that, after seeing Shi Niange for the first time, he knew he would be entangled with her until he was on his deathbed.

For Mo Jingshen, toward Ji Nuan, it wasn’t as simple as ’till death do us part.’

That night, many years ago, this young lady had been in her teens when she had hauled him back to shore in Los Angeles. From the moment she performed the unfamiliar maneuver of CPR on him, he was doomed to become entangled with her.

At that time, he was unconscious due to his wounds and had heard her soft mumbles as she performed CPR on him: “You better don’t die, ah. This is my first time doing a good deed. It’s also my first time performing CPR. You see, I’ve even offered my first kiss to you. You’re not allowed to die. Quickly, come back to life…”

At that time, he really could not speak.

Otherwise, he would definitely have told her: Little one, CPR isn’t as simple as blowing into someone’s mouth as hard as you can manage. A first kiss also isn’t as simple as touching lips with someone else.


Three days later. T University.

The result of their exam was released. As expected, ‘everything will come to him who works for it.’ Ji Nuan’s performance was ranked first in Professor Lin’s class.

Since she was young, Ji Nuan always managed an ‘A’ grade for all of her classes; this applied even in America when she was half-hearted in her studies. Her ability to absorb knowledge could be considered one of her talents. As long as she made some effort, she would always remember things better than others. Her understanding would also be more thorough. Thus, she rarely struggled with things like exams.

They were about to head to the classroom building when Ling Feifei suddenly called Ji Nuan from behind: “Ji Nuan, you haven’t been returning to the dormitory for the past few days. Could it be that you’re seeing someone outside of school?”

Ji Nuan did not turn around as she calmly replied: “We’re not underage children. It’s none of your business if I’m seeing someone. Even if I am, is it a problem for you?”

Ling Feifei rolled her eyes: “Don’t think that I can’t tell. When President Mo visited us previously, you kept looking for ways to talk to him. Afterward, you definitely took the opportunity in the bathroom to meet him privately. Did you think that you would be able to click with him just because you’re both from Hai City? Have a good look in the mirror; with your looks, would you be able to stand next to him?”

“In this world, even fools have difficulty surviving. You haven’t even taken a clear look of your own appearance, and you are sending the mirror to someone else’s hands. Are you afraid that your facial features are too ugly, and the reflection will frighten you, or can you only see others? Have you already arrived at the stage of insanity where you’ve forgotten about your own existence? Ling Feifei, you have an illness, ah! You have to see a doctor and cure it!” Ji Nuan snorted. She paid no mind to Ling Feifei’s choked expression and at once headed into the classroom building.

Ling Feifei stood in her position and glared at Ji Nuan’s back in anger, as though hoping to dig a hole into her back. She picked up her phone and read the message she had received earlier.

[Fei Fei, I saw your roommate Ji Nuan this morning. She actually stepped off from President Mo’s car! She’s your roommate. You definitely have the inside scoop. Quickly, tell me. Is Ji Nuan hugging President Mo’s big thigh?]

After reading through this message once more, she lifted her eyes in Ji Nuan’s direction. She had already entered the building.

Ji Nuan was always unfazed, and she always kept everything to herself. She never revealed much about what was happening to her. Could it be that she had really secretly gone to take advantage of him?

President Mo already said that he was married. If Ji Nuan was daring enough to interfere in someone else’s marriage and seduced Mo Jingshen, she couldn’t blame Ling Feifei for taking advantage of her weakness!