Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 250 - Collapsed to the Sofa

Chapter 250: Collapsed to the Sofa

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Ji Nuan got out of the taxi and walked up to the very luxurious gate of the Premium Entertainment Club.

She called Ji Hongwen before she came here, but he didn’t answer the call. Then she called Secretary Zhou, who said her father left his cell phone in his coat pocket and was playing cards and drinking with several old friends.

Ji Nuan looked at the club that was well located. Although her father was not a low-key sort of person, he usually chose quiet theme clubs or luxuriously-decorated Chinese style restaurants to meet his friends and business partners.

It was the first time for him to choose such a… “young” place.

However, as one of the largest clubs in T City, many rich or powerful people frequented this club. It was possible for her dad to choose to discuss business or entertain his friends here if he didn’t have a better choice.

It was seven o’clock in the evening, and the atmosphere in the club had not yet livened up. People were arriving in groups of two or three.

She was going to ask a waiter where was room 18 when a hand reached out from the side and took her arm. She jerked around only to see a thirty-something man in a formal suit standing in front of her. “Excuse me, are you Miss Ji?”

Ji Nuan looked at him vigilantly. “You are?”

The man smiled politely. “Director Ji sent me to pick you up. He is waiting for you in the room. Please, follow me.”

Her father didn’t contact her from the very beginning. Although Secretary Zhou could be trusted, he was not as trustworthy as her father.

And now a stranger came to pick her up.

Ji Nuan raised her eyebrow. “Director Ji sent you here? Did he bring a new assistant with him? Where is Secretary Zhou?”

Her father wouldn’t act this way. Ji Nuan felt more and more suspicious.

However, the man still smiled politely and said calmly as if he was the most honest man in the world. “Director Ji is drunk, and Secretary Zhou is taking care of him. I’m the new assistant of Director Ji. Miss Ji, even if you don’t trust me, you should trust Secretary Zhou. She has been serving the Ji Corporation for so many years. You should trust her, shouldn’t you? Besides, this is the first time I met you, and I don’t have any ill will toward you, so… are you suspicious of me?”

Ji Nuan didn’t answer his question. She glanced at the bathroom. OK, I came here in a hurry. Let me retouch my makeup in the powder room.”

“You need to fix your makeup when you’re going to see your father?”

“Sure. I think there must be some friends of my father over there, right? Simple grooming is a basic ritual.”

The man could only nod at her. “All right.”

Ji Nuan quickly walked into the bathroom holding her cell phone and called Mo Jingshen as soon as she entered.

Mo Jingshen soon picked up the call. She knew he was having a meeting in a branch office of his company. He mentioned last night that he would have a meeting tonight because a project of a branch office needed to be decided by him.

Ji Nuan seldom called him when she knew he was in a meeting, so Mo Jingshen immediately picked up her call.

“What’s up?” His low and deep voice rang.

Ji Nuan lowered her voice lest the man outside would hear her. “I’m in the Premium Club. My father’s secretary asked me to come here, but I haven’t seen my father yet. I’m not sure what will happen, but there must be something wrong if I don’t answer your call in twenty minutes.”

Before Mo Jingshen had time to say anything, the man outside had come up to the door of the bathroom.

Noticing the man had found out she was making a call, Ji Nuan immediately put down her cellphone and hung up. She took out a lipstick and randomly applied to her lips. Then she turned to the man waiting outside. “Let’s go. Please lead the way.”

They entered the elevator and got to the floor where room 18 was. The man took her to the innermost room, opened the door, and motioned her to get into the room.

However, there was no sound coming from the room. Ji Nuan stood at the door and didn’t get in. “Didn’t you say my father was drinking with his friends and Secretary Zhou was here too? Why is it so quiet?”

“Director Ji is in the next room. He misses you so much, but he knew you didn’t like this sort of occasion, so he asked you to wait for him here in case you were made to drink. Don’t worry. Let me go ask Secretary Zhou when Director Ji can come.”

Ji Nuan thought this was funny.

It seemed that Secretary Zhou was not reliable although she had worked in the Ji Corporation for years.

She took a step back to keep a little further from the door, and then she heard singing, and glass clinking sounds in the next room. “It’s OK. My father never lets me drink, which many people know, so I can just go there.”

The man hesitated and then said. “OK.”

He turned to walk into the next room and then opened the door. “Miss Ji, please.”

Ji Nuan came into the room. However, there was no one in this room. The big color TV on the wall was playing the video of a dinner party where people were drinking and singing.

She jerked around only to see the door behind her being slammed shut.

She took a look at her cell phone. As she expected, just like the first room, this room had no phone signal either. Specially designing this trap for her, the people who lured her here must know she was cautious.

There was only her in this room. The lights were bright, the coffee table and sofa were clean, and there wasn’t any bottle of wine.

However, there was a steaming mug of tea in the middle of the tea table, which meant that someone just left.

Ji Nuan didn’t touch the tea but looked around at the room. She walked up to the window and looked outside. This floor was not very high, but there wasn’t any fixture outside the window, so she couldn’t get out from the window.

Secretary Zhou had worked for years with her father, so he shouldn’t be easily bribed. Who on earth was so powerful as to buy over Secretary Zhou?

At this moment, she suddenly felt sleepy.

Ji Nuan couldn’t help yawning and felt her head was getting heavier and heavier.

She didn’t sit down but immediately shook her head hard, and the sleepiness was slightly relieved .

Still feeling dizzy, she unconsciously took out her cell phone to check the time.

She only came into this room five minutes ago!

There must be something wrong!

Ji Nuan turned to open the window. However, before she reached the window, she had collapsed on the sofa.

She supported her forehead with a hand, and the waves of dizziness grew more pronounced.

Her head was heavy, and her eyes dimmed. To keep herself sober, Ji Nuan clenched her fist and let her nails dig deep into her palm.

After all the things she had been through, how could she not know what was happening?

There was something wrong with this room!