Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 32 - Was the Courage You Had When You Talked About Stripping Me Eaten by a Bear?

Chapter 32: Was the Courage You Had When You Talked About Stripping Me Eaten by a Bear?

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Ji Mengran was right outside the door. Ji Nuan really could not help but be distracted.

“If we don’t chase Ji Mengran away, she could really stand outside for the whole night,” she softly protested.

Mo Jingshen’s hand gently rubbed her head. He got up to open the door.

Ji Mengran was still knocking the door, but because she was afraid of waking her father, she quietly spoke while knocking. “Are you guys sleeping? Big sister, you don’t usually sleep so early…”

She had yet to finish when the door in front of her suddenly opened.

Seeing it was Mo Jingshen, Ji Mengran’s gaze lingered at the portion of his shirt where the first few buttons were opened before she looked up. “Brother Jing Shen, I’ll bring the supper in for the both of you!”

Mo Jingshen’s tall body blocked her from entering, his voice was indifferent, “Take it back. We won’t eat it.”

Seeing him act so coldly, Ji Mengran pursed her lips and said, “But, Brother Jing Shen, you came back so late after working all day. You definitely haven’t had…”

“No need.”

Her words were yet to finish when she heard a “peng.” Right before her eyes, the door was directly slammed shut.

Ji Mengran’s eyes became big. She stared in disbelief at the door that was ruthlessly slammed shut.

Ji Nuan who had just sat up on the bed after gathering up the clothes did not expect that things would be resolved so quickly. Although this was Mo Jingshen’s style of handling matters, this place was the Ji family’s home. He still had to take into consideration the Ji family’s face.

However, he clearly did not plan on giving Ji Mengran any face.

As she was thinking, she raised her head to see Mo Jingshen walking back.

The moment she met his dark eyes, she jumped up from the bed. She grabbed the white stuffed bear and threw it towards him, turning to escape into the bathroom. “I’ll go shower!”

Mo Jingshen received the bear she threw and then looked back at her escaping back view. He sighed with a smile, throwing the eyesore of a bear to the side.

Ji Mengran still wanted to knock on the door. However, there were barely any sounds coming from inside. She raised her hand and placed it back down. Her hand that was gripping the bowl turned white from the force.

After a moment, she gritted her teeth and turned around to go back to her room. She poured all the supper into the rubbish bin and then tossed the bowl as well.


Ji Nuan dilly dallied in the shower for half an hour before walking out in a towel.

As she walked out, she rubbed her wet hair with a towel while holding on to the other towel wrapped around her body. She was subconsciously afraid of the towel dropping. As she walked, she looked at Mo Jingshen who sat by her bed with an old photo album.

“What are you looking at?” After rubbing her hair until it was no longer dripping, she walked over to him.

Mo Jingshen placed the album down. She lowered her eyes to see the photo of their family of four taken over ten years ago.

Back then, Shen Heru had yet to interfere. Then, the Ji family was filled with joy. It was a place of happiness.

“This is my mom.” She only glanced at it for a moment. “She was beautiful, wasn’t she?”

Mo Jingshen’s voice was low, pleasant, and magnetic. “Based on this photo, it seems like you’ve never been similar to your sister.”

“That’s right. Although Meng Ran and I are blood-related sisters, we really don’t look alike at all.” Ji Nuan curved her lips. “It isn’t just that we don’t look alike, I don’t even look like my own mother. If it isn’t because my father has always prioritized and loved me the most, I would have suspected if I was truly his daughter.”

Mo Jingshen suddenly looked at her.

Ji Nuan met his dark, deep-set eyes. His expression of what seemed like a smile yet not affected her. Subconsciously, she looked down at the towel wrapped around her body. It did not seem like anything was revealed.

“Um… My hair is still wet, I’ll go dry it…” She turned around.

She had yet to take over two steps when she was easily tugged back by the man and pushed onto the bed.

Ji Nuan reflexively tried to sit up, but Mo Jingshen’s hand was already holding onto her waist. His left hand was pressing on the bed by her side, trapping her under him.

His low voice was seductive. “Did you think that I would let you off over and over again?”

Her long hair was slightly wet. It spread across the bed like seaweed, thick and soft.

Due to his position, her face became redder. Her heartbeat also became frantic.

Ji Nuan moved her lips, wanting to speak up, “Mo Jing…”

He did not allow her to speak another word and lowered his head to kiss her. Ji Nuan wanted to raise her hand to push against his chest, but both her hands were easily pressed above her head by one of his.

This pose…

This pose!

Ji Nuan’s face exploded in red.

“Ai, you… ah… don’t… don’t pull on my towel…”

It had not been easy trying to wrap the towel so tightly around herself earlier!

“Don’t touch there…”

“Uu… don’t…”

Ji Nuan’s face was red to the extent where blood was about to rush out. She had never experienced something like this. She was somewhat used to being kissed and hugged tightly and even having her sensitive spots rubbed. However, having her towel being tugged at while lying on the bed was really…

His hands even entered from beneath her towel!

“Not bringing any clothes in and coming out only with a towel, wasn’t it all to make it easy to remove? En?”

His voice was bewitching, causing the small excitement and embarrassment that belonged to Ji Nuan’s little girl heart to be exposed.

She admitted that she did not plan to escape tonight. However, such an overwhelming amount of passion was beyond anything she had ever known. Her mind was utterly blank, and she was reacting entirely on instinct.

She felt that Mo Jingshen was completely suppressing her. His burning kiss prevented her from thinking.

He leaned near her ear, the warm breaths causing her whole body to tremble as he whispered.

“Was the courage you had when you talked about stripping me all eaten by a bear? I drove at 200 miles per hour to get to the Ji household, yet I still have to strip by myself?”

She already said that no matter how close the company was to the Ji home, he could not have arrived so quickly. Who knew that he had actually drove at 200 miles per hour!

The burning passion was about to eat her alive. Ji Nuan was teased to the point where she was almost crying. “Don’t touch there… ah… don’t kiss…”

Her voice was ardent and soft. She could not believe it was her own.

Unexpectedly, this caused the man above her, who was already tightly wound up, to lose control. He lowered his head to kiss her lips harshly.

He pressed Ji Nuan down while their tongues intertwined. The towel on her body had long been thrown aside. She had never been so aroused before, and her body had never trembled from apprehension and excitement the way it was right now.

She no longer wore anything, but the man above her was still completely dressed.

Suddenly, he held up her hands. From the buttons he had already opened, in his grasp, she was urged to open the rest one by one. He then slid her hands down to his belt…

Her hands pressed against the expensive and exquisite metal clasp of the belt. The ice-cold sensation caused Ji Nuan’s brain to blank out for several seconds.

She only heard his seductive coaxing voice, “Be good. Open it.”