Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 33 - Are You Sure You Only Felt Pain That Night?

Chapter 33: Are You Sure You Only Felt Pain That Night?

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Since his shirt was already unbuttoned…

As for the belt… she would just remove it too…

Since they were already at this step, Ji Nuan gathered up her nerves and attempted to open it.

Perhaps it was because she had never done it before, after what seemed half a day, she still could not open it. She lifted her eyes in defeat. “I can’t open it…”

Mo Jingshen chuckled lowly, moving her hands against a small button on the side of the belt. With a gentle press, a soft and pleasant click resounded.

Hearing his low-husky laugher as he pressed a kiss against her ears, she grabbed onto his open shirt tightly. Her voice sounded soft and delicate, “Mo Jingshen… b-be gentler…”

She was afraid that it would hurt as much as the first time. Besides, this was the Ji home. It worried her that someone would hear them.

Mo Jingshen lowered his head. Seeing her tears about to fall, he kissed her lips. “Are you sure you only felt pain that night?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She had experienced the night he was drugged twice; both in her previous and current life. Initially, it had hurt to the point of death, and she kept crying while begging him to let go of her.

However, afterward…

Afterward, she could not remember when it began, but her crying voice slowly changed. It became unlike her.

However, the last time she was still in a daze. She did not even notice that she had transmigrated. How could she still remember it so well…

Did she have to remember?

The man above her had his eyes half-lidded. “Remembered?”

Ji Nuan could not bring herself to remember the different her during that night. She turned her head over, pressing her face into the blanket and refusing to answer.

But the more she refused, the more persistent he was.

Every kiss was aimed at her sensitive areas. Every place he touched left a burning heat that consumed her.

“I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?”

“It’s already been so many days… I can’t remember…”

“You have to remember.”


This man! After forcing out the desire she had buried deep in her heart, he still did not satisfy her. Seducing her, provoking her, kissing her, teasing her, even though he was clearly ready to make a move, he still did not give in to her!

“Mo Jingshen… you…”


“Ah… Don’t kiss there…”


“I really can’t remember…”

Mo Jingshen was not usually like this!

Where is his cold attitude? His restraint? Why was it that he changed so much the moment she was no longer ill ? He was being such a bastard!

She turned her head to bury in it his neck, her tone full of grievances, “You’re too much…”

He chuckled softly. “I’m too much?”

“That’s right! You’re too much!”

“After being married for half a year, I let you go again and again. I’m too much?”

Ji Nuan buried her head in his neck without speaking.

Seeing that she had become obedient in an instant, Mo Jingshen was most likely very satisfied. His breath also became more unstable because she was breathing against his neck. His movements became rougher, but his voice kept its lazy seductiveness. “Be good. Don’t press your legs so tightly together, open them…”

Ji Nuan have no ability to think at all. She unconsciously moved her legs, completely obeying him. Her obedience and defenselessness stirred the man up even more.

“Miss Meng Ran? Why haven’t you slept?”

From outside the door, there was suddenly the sound of a helper passing by asking a question.

Ji Nuan could not believe that Ji Mengran had actually returned and was listening outside!

Ji Mengran could no longer hide the fact that she was right outside the door. She paced back and forth around the door. “I couldn’t sleep earlier. I overate, so I wanted to walk around. I’ll go to sleep after I’ve digested the meal.”

The helper nodded her head and was about to walk away with the things in her hand.

However, Ji Mengran’s eyes were sharp and saw what the helper was holding. She immediately raised her pitch, shouting, “What are you carrying around such a thing? This is what Brother Sheng gave to my sister! How can it be here? Quickly take it away and destroy it, don’t let Brother Jing Shen see it!”

The helper immediately froze, quietly saying, “This is what Madam asked me to quickly take away. I was just about to keep it…”

“Aiya, quickly hide it! It would be bad if anyone were to find out about what happened between my sister and Brother Sheng!”

How could Ji Mengran’s voice be meant to let her hide it? Raising her voice to speak so loudly was as though she wanted the people inside to hear every word she had said.

When Ji Nuan heard the words ‘Brother Sheng,’ her back immediately felt cold.

A memory she had forced herself to forget caused the blood in her body to freeze up.

“Brother Sheng has already been chased out for so many years. Back when my sister got married, there was only a small number of people that knew about what happened between the both of them. Quickly take this thing away! Quick!” Ji Mengran kept saying more and more, confusing the helper.

What was wrong with the Second Miss?

She was standing right outside of Eldest Miss and Mr. Mo’s room, yet she spoke so loudly. Wasn’t she afraid of waking them?

In addition, what happened back then… the Ji family has not mentioned it in years… Second Miss was so weird…

Ji Nuan abruptly sat up, wrapping the towel around herself and clambering off the bed.

However, because she was teased to the point of having no strength, her legs were weak. She had just stepped on the ground, and because she had moved too quickly, she fell forward.

Mo Jingshen grabbed her with his quick hands, but he could not prevent her knee from slamming against the bedside table. It hurt to the extent where she shouted, “Ah!”

Outside the door, Ji Mengran heard Ji Nuan’s stifled sound and immediately misunderstood. She turned to glare at the shut door.

She was sure they could hear clearly all the words she had said earlier!

Did Mo Jingshen not suspect about anything happening between Ji Nuan and others in the past?

Even in such a situation, they could still continue?

Could it be that aside from that night, they have also slept together recently?

“Second Miss, let’s quickly leave. You should go rest, it’s already late…” The helper also misunderstood. With a red face, she held the things in her hands and quickly left.

Ji Mengran remained standing outside the door with an ugly expression. After taking a deep breath, she then turned around to leave, afraid of hearing any other passionate noises from inside.

The moment Ji Nuan yelled in pain, Mo Jingshen immediately picked her up, placing her on his lap. Seeing her red eyes, his handsome brows furrowed. “What’s wrong with you?”

As he spoke, his hand gently touched her knee. It was only after seeing that the skin was only slightly red and that it was not serious, that he felt at ease.

After the pain, Ji Nuan’s mind was finally clear.

She knew that Ji Mengran was deliberately creating distance between them. However, such a method was not effective and only served to make Ji Nuan feel disgusted.

“Nothing.” Ji Nuan lowered her head and rubbed her own knee. She did not explain.

Mo Jingshen looked at her. His eyes held a faint sternness.

Ji Nuan knew that her actions of forcefully pushing him aside to run away most likely provoked him.