Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 34 - Don’t Even Think About Sleeping Tonight

Chapter 34: Don’t Even Think About Sleeping Tonight

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She sat in his embrace, her hand gripping onto his open shirt. Seeing his warm chest, she slanted her head to lean against his shoulder and used her hands to poke at his collarbone.

“What Meng Ran said earlier…”

Before she even finished speaking, he grabbed onto her hand that was mischievously moving about, pressing it down.

Mo Jingshen gently rubbed her head while she was bewildered. “Marriage is based on trust. I won’t ask, neither do you have to explain.”

Ji Nuan’s heart sped up.

She suddenly felt like…

Everything was worth it!

Earlier on, Ji Nuan did not blow-dry her hair. Mo Jingshen’s fingers ran through them. After a moment, he finally sighed, “Where’s the hairdryer? Dry your hair.”

Did his conscience finally wake up?

Ji Nuan blinked at him, raising her hand to point towards the white glass cabinet next to the bathroom. “Over there.”

Mo Jingshen placed her down and used the blanket to cover up her barely wrapped up body. He then stood up to take it for her.

Ji Nuan picked up the towel by the bed, wrapping it roughly around herself and then rushed down the bed.

She did not plan on letting him help her again. If he were to spoil her any further, she feared that she would no be able to do anything by herself.

“I’ll do it myself!” She ran to his side, reaching out to take the hairdryer.

Mo Jingshen’s legs were long. He lowered his eyes to glance at her while holding his hand up. Ji Nuan could only stand on her tiptoes as she tried her best to reach up.

After trying for a while, she still could not grab it. She glared at him. “Give it to me, you!”

While speaking, she jumped. After jumping twice, she suddenly discovered the deep smile in the man’s eyes. She unconsciously rushed to gripped tightly around herself the towel that was about to drop down.

“Mo Jingshen, you’re so irritating when you’re not being serious…” She could not help but mumble under his amused gaze while rolling her eyes at him as she turned to walk away.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and tugged her back, pressing her to sit down on the couch by the bathroom. “I’m only not serious when I’m around you. Do you feel that unhappy?”

Ji Nuan harrumphed but did not move anymore.

Who asked him to be so tall? Her five feet, five inches tall, perfect figure seemed completely short in front of him. He was clearly the one who was using his height to bully her earlier.

The sound of the hairdryer rang by her ear. His actions were natural and considerate as he helped her dry her hair. A big man holding a hairdryer, yet it did not seem strange at all. Instead, he looked pleasant and elegant, causing others to wonder if this man was actually a graceful god that had descended on earth. He was the epitome of perfection.

“If you continue to spoil me, you’ll turn me from a little wild dog that is used to grass to a spoiled little Shih Tzu.” Ji Nuan closed her eyes. She sounded annoyed yet pampered and lovable.

The man patiently lifted her hair, his tone low and calm. “That’s good. That will prevent you from running about.”

Ji Nuan slanted her head back to look at him. He flipped her hair to the other side. “Sit properly. Don’t move about as you please.”

She furrowed her brows, listening to the sound of the hairdryer as she casually asked, “Do you not plan on inheriting the Mo family business at all? I heard that the Shine Group’s main headquarter has already moved overseas.”

He did not pause. Since she calmly asked, he casually replied with a normal tone, “The Shine Group has Grandfather and the Mo family’s uncles and elders around.”

She raised her hand, playing with a strand of hair that sat against her chest. “But I remember that Grandfather did not plan on giving them the company and instead wants you to return.”

Mo Jingshen did not speak. He turned off the hairdryer and rubbed the strands of hair on her forehead gently. “One Mo Corporation is enough to raise you.”

Raise her?

Raising her was extremely expensive although now she was very restricted, and no longer bought a bunch of different things to fill up her dull life.

Besides, in this life, she did not plan on having others raise her at all.

Mo Jingshen had already put away the hairdryer. Ji Nuan stood up, using her fingers to comb through her hair. She turned back to see that his shirt was still half open.

Earlier on she did not notice that CEO Mo dried her hair while being so unkempt.

However, even if his shirt was messy, he still appeared seductively lazy, making it hard for one to take their eyes off him. He did not seem like a hooligan at all. Instead, he was good looking to the point of making others angry.

In the past, she rarely had the opportunity to speak so much with Mo Jingshen. It could be said that she did not understand enough about his past.

Aside from his family background, his appearance, that he had no lovers prior to marriage, and that he spoiled her with love after their marriage, she barely knew anything about him.

“What Aunt said previously wasn’t wrong. Many girls like you. The number of girls whose family backgrounds are compatible with yours is not small either. What on earth do you like about me?” Ji Nuan propped herself up with one hand against the couch, watching him slowly fold up his sleeves.

En… even a random movement was so nice to look at…

Mo Jingshen raised his eyes to look at her, his lips lifted in a slight curve.

“Come here.”

“What for?”

Although she asked, Ji Nuan still stood up and walked over. There was only the distance of the couch between them. It was but two steps.

She had just walked in front of him and met his dark gaze when the man suddenly reached out and pulled her into his embrace. He lowered his head and kissed her.

The bright light in the room prevented her from opening her eyes. Pressed against his embrace, after being kissed for a long time, she remembered what almost happened earlier when they were in bed and was suddenly at a loss as to where place her hands.

The kiss ended. Mo Jingshen looked at her with his dark eyes. “I’m going to shower. Let’s shower together, en?”

“The bathroom in my room is too small. The tub is not as big as the one in the Yu Garden, so two people can’t shower together. And I just showered earlier…”

Mo Jingshen did not give her an opportunity to reject. He opened the bathroom door, bringing her in.

“Mo Jingshen, the soundproof effect in my bathroom is not good… don’t…”

In the next second, she was abruptly picked up. Ji Nuan yelled in a surprise before quickly suppressing her own voice. He carried her over to the sink counter. Her messy long hair caused her skin to look like snow.

Her hands tightly gripped around his shoulders in fear of falling. The shock on her face remained. “What are you doing…”

“Testing the soundproofing.” He pinned her against the marble wall behind her. Her back was pressed entirely against it.

Ji Nuan looked at him. “…”

She took a deep breath. “Put me down…”

Her words had yet to finish when the man held the back of her head with one hand, forcing her to lean down and pressed his lips against hers.

He sucked her lips. His tongue teased her and kissed her making her whole body soften. He then forced her teeth apart, entering brazenly and attacking her thoroughly.

The man’s breath landed against her neck. His low voice slowly announced, “Don’t even think about sleeping tonight.”