Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 36 - Treat It as Accompanying Big CEO Mo to Experience the Ways of Simple Folks

Chapter 36: Treat It as Accompanying Big CEO Mo to Experience the Ways of Simple Folks

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During breakfast, because Mo Jingshen was around, Ji Hongwen suddenly brought up Elder Mo and his eightieth birthday celebration in a week.

“Nuan Nuan, it has been a long time since you bought new clothing, right?” Ji Hongwen suddenly asked.

Ji Nuan was drinking soup. She raised her head in surprise. “Weren’t you talking about Grandfather Mo’s birthday? Why has the topic shifted back to me?”

“How many years have you maintained this habit of being careless. It’s fine if you dress comfortably normally, but at Elder Mo’s birthday, you should dress more formally.”

Ji Nuan wanted to say that it was not as if she was lacking in clothes. Regardless if it was the closet at the Mo household or Ji household, whatever she wanted, she had. How much more formal did she need to be?

“Jing Shen, if you’re not busy today, why not accompany Ji Nuan to go choose some clothes.” Ji Hongwen did not wait for her to speak up and directly looked at Mo Jingshen.

Mo Jingshen calmly smiled. “All right.”

“Dad, I don’t lack clothing…”

“Let Jing Shen accompany you. Go and buy obediently!” Ji Hongwen put on the tone of the head of the family, glaring at her, as though commenting on how she was not sensible at all.

“After being married for so long, you’ve never properly returned to the Mo family. What the rumors say about you, isn’t it clear in your heart?” Ji Hongwen said unhappily. “Jing Shen usually gives in to you, but that doesn’t mean you can willfully ignore etiquette. The Mo family isn’t a normal family. How many people will be looking at you during Elder Mo’s birthday? You need to look like the status you have!”

Ji Nuan protested no further. Buying clothes was not important, but shopping with Mo Jingshen was a brand-new experience. Also, she could see if there was any gift she could buy for Grandfather Mo.

Since Mo Jingshen did not refuse, she was happy to accept.

“Dad, we will also go to Elder Mo’s birthday, don’t we?” Ji Mengran suddenly asked.

“Of course. As relatives by marriage, how could we possibly not attend Elder Mo’s birthday?”

“But Dad, I’ve also not gotten any new clothes in a long while…” Ji Mengran voice carried a tone of grievance. “Can I follow Big Sister and Brother Jing Shen to go buy clothes?”

“Aren’t you spending money every day? How are you still lacking clothes?” Ji Hongwen coldly said. “Don’t stir up trouble!”

“The ones I usually buy are for daily wear, I have little clothing suitable for such occasions. Anyway, they are going to buy clothes, not on a date. There’s nothing wrong with bringing me along…”

“You…” Ji Hongwen was just about to scold her.

“Since Meng Ran will also attend the birthday banquet, there’s nothing wrong with bringing her along to choose a few sets of clothing.” Shen Heru, who sat by the side, joined in. “They are both your precious daughters, you can’t be so biased, right?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Dad, you’re being biased.” Ji Mengran reached out to hug Shen Heru’s elbow, as though seeking to be pampered. “You don’t love me as much as Auntie Shen does!”

“Since Meng Ran wants to go so badly, let’s all go together.” Ji Nuan smiled as though it did not bother her at all.

“Big Sister, you’re the best!” Ji Mengran fluttered her lashes at her.

Ji Nuan calmly curved her lips.

If she wanted to follow, she could do as she pleased.

She had better not regret it at the end though.

“Nuan Nuan, you really spoil Meng Ran too much. Since young, you’ve always given in to her.” Ji Hongwen saw that Ji Nuan was not against it and did not continue reprimanding Ji Mengran.

Ji Nuan lips curved into an unnoticeable cold smile. “She is my dearest little sister. If I don’t give in to her, who will?”

After spoiling her for so many years, the sister she always gave in to wants to snatch away her husband to the extent where many years later, she pushed her own sister into an abyss, causing her to lose her life.


Ji Mengran did not notice Ji Nuan’s deep and profound smile. Her eyes only remained fixed on Mo Jingshen. “Brother Jing Shen, later I will quietly follow you and Big Sister. I definitely won’t interrupt both of you. When Big Sister is done choosing her clothes, then I’ll choose the ones I want, all right?”

Mo Jingshen’s cold brows moved slightly. His gaze calmly landed on her, but he did not speak.

Ji Mengran’s smile froze.

He was really stingy by not even offering her a single word…

Shen Heru tugged on Ji Mengran’s hands. “Isn’t it just buying clothes? Meng Ran, you don’t have to make yourself so uncomfortable. It’s so rare that you can follow your Big Sister and brother-in-law. Remember to choose to most expensive and the best. After all, your brother-in-law’s money cannot be spent even in several lifetimes, Isn’t that right, Nuan Nuan?”

Shen Heru spoke while looking at Ji Nuan.

She was clearly finding trouble with Ji Nuan. Yet, Ji Nuan did not speak and only smiled. Her expression was as calm as Mo Jingshen’s, who sat by her side.

Shen Heru did not receive the response she wanted. Seeing her unfazed, Shen Heru raised her eyebrows, no longer speaking.

Anyway, regardless of what she said, Ji Nuan would no longer lose her temper out of the blue like she used to, nor would she provoke Ji Hongwen’s anger. Right now, this Ji Nuan knew when to move forward and when to retreat. Only god knew what she was planning in her heart.

Ji Nuan appeared as though she did not care for the intentions of every single person at the dining table. Not long after, she placed her bowl and chopsticks down. “Hubby, let’s leave now.”

“Already full?” Mo Jingshen asked.

“En, you placed so much food in my bowl. If I eat anymore, my stomach will explode~.”

Mo Jingshen smiled calmly and said to Ji Hongwen, “We’ll leave first. Enjoy your breakfast.”

Ji Hongwen nodded. He felt comfortable from the bottom of his heart after seeing his daughter and his son-in-law seem so loving.

Seeing that the two had already stood up, Ji Mengran was startled. “We’re leaving now? I’m not done eating…”

“Who asked you to speak so much? You eat so slowly!” Ji Hongwen turned to glare at her. “If you want to go, then quickly follow. Don’t let Jing Shen and your sister wait there for long! If not, don’t follow them!”

Although Ji Mengran felt wronged, she did not speak any further. She stood up, pursing her lips. When she saw that Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen had already left the house, she rushed to run behind them.

However, the moment she stepped out of the door, she saw Ji Nuan taking the initiative to hold on to Mo Jingshen’s arm.

Ji Mengran was stunned for a moment before she rushed forward, smiling. “Brother Jing Shen, isn’t your car parked at the backyard? Why are you walking out of the front door?”

Ji Nuan turned back. “I just mentioned it. Today is the weekend, so the roads will definitely be crowded. Driving a car will take too long. Instead, I suggested to your brother-in-law not to drive today.”

“N-not driving?” Ji Mengran was surprised. “Then, how do we go?”

“Obviously, we will take a cab.” Ji Nuan’s tone was calm. Her arm wrapped around Mo Jingshen’s as she glanced up at him. “Or should we directly take the public bus?”

Mo Jingshen was calm. “Up to you.”

Public bus?!

Ji Mengran suddenly regretted following them out…

She had never taken the public bus in her life!

She was going out with someone with a status like Mo Jingshen, and Ji Nuan wanted to take the public bus which cost only around one to two yuan! Was there a problem with her brain?!

Ji Mengran bit her lips in anger. She thought to suggest something else, but the two had already walked far.

They actually did not wait for her at all!