Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 37 - Would Anyone Dare to Spread Rumors About Mo Jingshen?

Chapter 37: Would Anyone Dare to Spread Rumors About Mo Jingshen?

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Ji Mengran and Mo Jingshen walked out of the villa, completely ignoring Ji Mengran who followed them at the back and letting her follow as she pleased.

Thinking about going out to shop was fine, but Ji Mengran was not allowed to even think about sitting in Mo Jingshen’s car.

Not mentioning the front seat that Ji Mengran was not allowed to touch, even the passenger’s seat was not for her. She definitely would not let Mo Jingshen’s car have the tiniest bit of Ji Mengran’s scent.

Ji Mengran was wearing expensive clothes, carrying a bag worth a few thousand yuan, and using her tasteless and difficult to breathe perfume. After arriving at the bus stop, Ji Mengran glanced at the crowd of people waiting nearby. She immediately moved to the side while looking disgusted.

“Big Sister, why don’t we take the cab after all? The public transport is really crowded, and many people are waiting here. It’s really too uncomfortable.” Ji Mengran went to Ji Nuan’s side to complain one last time.

“It’s not too many stops. Squeezing with them for a while won’t do any harm.” Ji Nuan did not even turn to look at her.

“I heard that there are often thieves on the public bus. And the smell on these people is really…”

She had yet to finish her words when she saw that the bus they were planning to take had arrived. The crowd orderly went onto the bus, leaving the three to follow. Mo Jingshen placed his arm protectively around Ji Nuan as they went to join the queue. The two of them did not listen to Ji Mengran at all.

Mo Jingshen did not seem unhappy at all. Someone like him had probably never taken the public transport before, yet he lowered his own status to queue here with Ji Nuan!

Thinking about the last time when she heard about him personally going to buy Ji Nuan glutinous rice ball soup, Ji Mengran was mad to the point of wanting to vomit blood.

Seeing that they had already boarded the bus, she had no choice but to follow them up.

The bus was not especially crowded. At the very least, there were a few available seats.

However, there were only two free seats next to each other. The rest were all single seats, and they were all at the back.

Ji Nuan naturally sat at the front two free seats with Mo Jingshen. When Ji Mengran walked over, she realized that there were no available seats for her.

“There are seats at the back,” Ji Nuan reminded her.

Ji Mengran had no choice but to go to the back. However, she never expected the seats at the end to be filled by several old men. Two of them were coughing non-stop. Compared to earlier, the air here was filthy to the extent where it was difficult to describe.

She stood there with an expression of repulsion, considering if she should sit down. The bus abruptly came to a stop when a car in front of it suddenly braked. Unable to stand steady, Ji Mengran could only angrily sit down.

Initially, when the elderly men at the side saw the young lady approaching, they all smiled kindly at her. However, after seeing her face full of disgust and unhappiness, their faces instantly turned unfriendly.

As for Ji Nuan, although she had never taken public transportation in this life, in the last few years of her previous life, she was poor to the point where she could hardly take the public bus. After being frugal for a long time, she was already used to taking cheap public transportation.

She turned to look at Mo Jingshen who did not even seem slightly unhappy about the crowd or the long wait. His expression did not show even the slightest bit of discomfort.

Even as he sat on the public bus, the aura that belonged to him did not change. It was noble and calm.

The sunlight came in from the windows. This man was really nice to look at.

“Sitting on the public bus, are you used to it?” Ji Nuan leaned by his ear to whisper.

The man lowly chuckled, his tone calm and unhurried. “Do you think I’ve never taken it before?”

“Hm? You’ve actually taken public transportation before?”

Ji Nuan could not believe it. She never thought that as the inheritor of the Mo business, the high and mighty CEO Mo had actually such an experience before.

Mo Jingshen calmly said, “Back when I studied overseas, I lived alone for two years.”

The meaning of his words was that he had a period in life when he was not followed around by his family or had helpers around him.

Such a life gave him the freedom to take the bus if he wanted to, do whatever he wished to, and not be restrained by rules. He did not have to maintain his noble and distant status and could lower himself wherever he wished to.

She really wanted to know more about the past Mo Jingshen and understand how different he was from the current him.

Ji Nuan pressed closer to his ear. “What should I do? After being married for so long, I actually only know and understand so little about you. Will you become dissatisfied with me?”

He deeply smiled and turned to meet her eyes.

With just one turn of the head, the distance between the two became so little that it was as though they could feel each other’s breath.

This car was filled with people. Ji Nuan was stunned for a moment and unconsciously rushed to lean back. However, Mo Jingshen was grasped her hand, preventing her from moving.

Mo Jingshen’s voice was low and calm such that she was the only one that could hear it. “Mrs. Mo, there is still a lot of time. We can deeply understand each other every day.”


Deeply understand?

Ji Nuan’s face turned red. She rushed to tug her hands out from his.

He did not loosen his grip.

Ji Nuan’s face was red the entire way. Her hand linked with his as they watched the people entering and leaving the bus.

Ji Mengran, who sat all the way at the back, had to endure the bad smell and coughing sounds. When she looked up, she even had to witness the intimate actions of the two.

She endured until she could get off the bus. Ji Mengran was the first one to exit. She busily patted her clothes, fearing that the scents on the car would cling to her body.

Turning around, she saw Mo Jingshen and Ji Nuan walking down. She intentionally maintained a calm facade as she said carelessly, “Big Sister, earlier, when both of you sat on the bus, you should have been more alert. Even though I sat at the back, I could still see the two of you leaning so close. It’s not good to display too much of that.”

Ji Nuan’s gaze coldly swept past her. “We are husband and wife, not a pair of secret lovers. Even when we whisper to each other, we have to worry about others seeing?”

“What I meant was that Brother Jing Shen is Mo Corporation’s CEO. If he met any of his employees and they saw that the high and mighty boss actually sat on a public bus and was even so intimate with a girl, it wouldn’t be good if any rumors spread…”

Ji Mengran’s gaze landed on Ji Nuan’s hand because her words were yet to finish when Ji Nuan had wrapped it around Mo Jingshen’s arm again.

Were they conjoined twins! Could they not separate for a moment!

The Ji Nuan who was constantly showing off their affection was really such an eyesore!

“What do you mean by being intimate with a girl? I am Mo Jingshen’s legal wife.”


Ji Nuan calmly cut her off, “Besides, the quality of employees at the Mo Corporation is not poor. They’re not stupid. Even if they really saw us, they would first check the internet to find my picture and see if I was really Mrs. Mo or if I was some other woman. They wouldn’t go about spouting nonsense without confirming it. Do you think anyone would dare to spread rumors about Mo Jingshen?”

Ji Mengran could not speak any further. She turned her shiny eyes away; her heart full of resentment.