Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 38 - Giving Mo Jingshen a Child

Chapter 38: Giving Mo Jingshen a Child

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The place where they got off the bus was still a distance from the town center. This time, Ji Nuan decided not to take the public bus nor the cab.

She decided to walk there.

Although it would only take slightly over ten minutes, Ji Mengran was infuriated to the point where she could restrain herself.

From start to finish, Mo Jingshen did not object to Ji Nuan’s decisions even once. They had a car, but they chose not to use it and took the tiring public bus instead. Now, they even wanted to walk!

Ji Nuan’s brain must have shrunk!

Ji Mengran followed behind them with an unhappy face. When she raised her head, she saw that Ji Nuan was resting her head against Mo Jingshen’s shoulder as she walked. They were intimately whispering god knows what to each other.

God. Could Ji Nuan be planning to show off their affection all day today?

If she had known, she never would have followed them. She had thought that she would be able to find an opportunity to speak to Mo Jingshen alone, but she could not find any.

Not only were there no opportunities, but their affection burned her eyes.


Hai Cheng City center’s bustling business street.

Mo Jingshen rarely came to such a place. Shopping was, after all, a woman’s hobby. He was in the car every time he passed and barely caught a glimpse.

Ji Nuan pulled him along, pointing at various shops—all the luxury brand shops—that she frequented in the past. However, she only walked by with no plans to go in them.

They walked around for half an hour. Ji Mengran followed behind in her high heels. Her legs were extremely tired.

“Big Sister, what clothes exactly do you want to buy? Are you planning to wear a gown or something else? Hurry up and choose, ah!”

Ji Nuan appeared as though she did not hear anything, walking forward with her arm still around Mo Jingshen’s. “What does Grandfather Mo likes? It’s his eightieth birthday. I feel like the most important thing isn’t what I wear but what to gift him to make him happy.”

“If you immediately give him a great-grandchild, he will surely be happy and live for another twenty years,” Mo Jingshen calmly whispered by her ear.

Ji Nuan glared at him. “I’m not joking with you. I really plan to buy Grandfather Mo a birthday gift!”

Mo Jingshen looked at her bright eyes. He chuckled lowly. “I’m also not joking.”

Ji Nuan did not continue the conversation, but her heart was flustered for a long time.

She was speaking about gifts, but Mo Jingshen had shifted the topic all the way to great-grandchildren.

While walking along, Ji Nuan subconsciously glanced at her own stomach.

Although she did not say it, her heart had already flown in all directions.

She wondered if her first child with Mo Jingshen would be a boy or a girl. If it were a boy, he would definitely look like him—tall and handsome—charming all the ladies. If it was a girl, she had to be half like her and half like him. After all, no matter how one looked at him, Mo Jingshen’s appearance was perfect. It was so nice.

Thinking and thinking, Ji Nuan’s gaze landed on a shop selling infant products nearby… it lingered…

In her past life, she never had the desire to have Mo Jingshen’s child. Back then, she did not even want to glance at him, much less mention having children.

“Big Sister! Over there, that’s a high-class custom-made clothing shop. My close friend often goes there to order gowns. Let’s go and take a look!” Ji Mengran suddenly came over from the side, blocking Ji Nuan’s gaze that was lingering on the infant products shop.

Ji Nuan glanced at the shop Ji Mengran spoke about. “It’s a birthday banquet, not an evening ball. What’s the point of wearing a gown?”

“But, didn’t Dad say so? There will be many people that day. We can’t just wear our normal clothes?” Ji Mengran’s lips twitched.

“There’s no need to be so ostentatious. Something comfortable and magnanimous looking will do.”

“… Big Sister, you used to like gowns. In the past, you would order a new one almost every week.”

“That was in the past, not now.”

Ji Mengran could not think of what to say and turned around to complain.”Brother Jing Shen, look at my sister. She seems especially impatient with me now! I was only offering a kind suggestion!”

Kind suggestion?

This was clearly a reminder with hidden intentions.

She wanted to remind him of how Ji Nuan used to be proud and arrogant. In the past, Ji Nuan would follow her father to various large charity and business balls. She used to wear those sorts of beautiful gowns all the time, taking other people’s breath away. Her every action was that of a rich young lady. She was beautiful and proud and was even named Hai Cheng’s number one rich young lady.

In the past, Ji Nuan was extremely high profile, yet right now, she was maintaining such a low profile in front of Mo Jingshen. This was entirely not like her.

The meaning of her words was that Ji Nuan was faking it.

Ji Mengran was trying to make Mo Jingshen remember the Ji Nuan of the past who was as arrogant as a peacock and insisted on divorce for more than half a year.

Such a woman was indeed not suitable for him.

“Her words are not wrong. Dressing appropriately and magnanimously is the most suitable. We’re celebrating a birthday and not attending a beauty pageant. Gowns are indeed not suitable.” Mo Jingshen was unruffled.

Mo Jingshen had just finished speaking when his footsteps stopped before a chess hall.

Ji Nuan also ignored Ji Mengran at the side who had turned green from anger, raising her eyes to look at the chess hall and understanding intuitively. “Does Grandfather Mo enjoy this sort of chess?”

Mo Jingshen’s voice was low and calm. “During the late Tang period, a chess master named Gu left behind a chess record. The owner of this chess hall bought it. Someone once offered 100 million yuan but could not buy it. Even now, it’s still here.”

“A chess record from the late Tang period? Grandfather Mo will definitely like it!”

However, from his tone, this chess record would most likely be difficult to obtain.

Refusing to sell it for 100 million yuan, then 200 million yuan would most likely not persuade him either.

The owner of this chess hall was evidently someone who did not lack money. In addition, hobbies and principles were incomparable to the value of money.

Her eyes shined as she suggested, “Why don’t we take a look? If we meet the owner, we can discuss with him and see how much he is willing to sell it for.”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her. “Do you want to make Grandfather happy that much?”

“Grandfather Mo treats me very well. His eightieth birthday is such a special day, so we have to gift him something that will make him happy.” Ji Nuan was very sincere.

Mo Jingshen looked at her eyes, which seemed to see things clearly. He suddenly smiled.

At the back, Ji Mengran suddenly leaned over. “Isn’t it easy? Doesn’t Dad have a jade chess board from the early Tang period? If we take that to gift it to Elder Mo or use it in exchange for the chess record, so long as the owner isn’t stupid, he will definitely prefer the early Tang period chess board over the late Tang period chess record.”

Ji Mengran seemed to want to perform well in front of Mo Jingshen and took the initiative to call back home.

From beginning to end, Mo Jingshen only looked at Ji Nuan. “You really want this?”

Ji Nuan nodded, looking at him impatiently. “But using my Dad’s chess board to exchange for it, will that work?”

Mo Jingshen calmly curved his lips. “No need.”

After speaking, he directly held her hand and entered the chess hall, leaving behind Ji Mengran who was still on the phone.