Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 39 - : If This Woman Isn’t Disciplined, She Really Will Soar to the Skies

Chapter 39: If This Woman Isn’t Disciplined, She Really Will Soar to the Skies

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Ji Nuan completely did not know what Mo Jingshen was planning when he directly brought her in.

The owner of the chess hall was clearly familiar with him. When he heard that Mo Jingshen had come to visit, he even came out to welcome him.

The owner’s surname was Xu. He was around seventy-to-eighty-years-old. Both his hair and beard were white, and the way he spoke had an old charm.

Standing in this chess hall, Ji Nuan wondered if she had accidentally gone to the past. It had an ancient charm, and it could be seen that every item here was specially crafted. Nothing here was cheap.

Indeed, to be located in the most bustling city within the country, it held a lot of secret treasures.

Originally, Ji Nuan had planned to explain their intentions to Owner Xu. In the end, she was invited to the waiting room to drink tea while Mo Jingshen went alone to speak to Owner Xu.

Even if they were close, or this Owner Xu was an elder that Mo Jingshen was very familiar with, she felt that he would not let go easily of something he treasured so much.

Even if Mo Jingshen were to offer a higher price, it would most likely be challenging to obtain the chess record.

So, what exactly did they go inside to do?

They were so secretive…

While drinking tea, Ji Nuan dipped her fingers in some of the spilled out tea, drawing on the table surface to waste time.

“Mrs. Mo, there’s a Miss Ji outside who said that she came with you and CEO Mo. We were unable to confirm her identity, so we didn’t let her in. She said she is your sister.” From the door came an attendant who politely asked, “Should I let her in?”

Ji Nuan never thought that this chess hall was a place that people could not easily enter.

Ji Mengran was actually blocked at the door…

Then why not let her continue waiting outside.

“I don’t know her,” she responded while she drank another sip of tea as if it had nothing to do with her.

The attendant formally and politely nodded her head, leaving.

The room resumed its silence.

In such an environment, Ji Nuan did not dare to be too rushed. It was better not to let Ji Mengran in, in case she dirtied another person’s place.

Outside the chess hall, after receiving the answer, Ji Mengran angrily tried to explain but was not given entrance.

After a few minutes, Ji Mengran called.

It was obviously to interrogate Ji Nuan.

Ji Nuan switched her phone to silent mode, throwing it aside and ignoring it.

Ji Mengran made up to four to five calls before finally giving up. The phone screen silently turned dark.

After around two hours, Ji Nuan got up to use the washroom. As she exited, she suddenly noticed that the room door was open and rushed forward to peek in.

Mo Jingshen’s silhouette appeared at the same time as Owner Xu’s. Ji Nuan relaxed after seeing that he looked the same as before.

After waiting for so long, she was not sure what exactly happened.

Earlier on, she nearly suspected that Mo Jingshen had gone to sell his own body to help her acquire the chess book. She even suspected if Owner Xu had some bad hobbies…

Cough, she had really overthought things.

Ji Nuan secretly smiled, walking over. She saw that Owner Xu’s mood was rather good as he chatted and laughed with Mo Jingshen.

Owner Xu saw Ji Nuan’s expression and immediately laughed in amusement. “Look, your wife has become impatient from waiting.”

Mo Jingshen calmly curled his lip, appearing noble. “She has really waited for too long.”

“All right, my heart is still in pain. I really don’t want to speak. Wherever you little couple needs to go, hurry up and leave. I need to calm down.” Owner Xu raised waved them off.

Ji Nuan originally wanted to discuss with Owner Xu to see if they could use the chess board to exchange for the chess record, but he already wanted them to leave?

She stared in confusion at the white-haired, bearded old man. She had yet to find an opportunity to speak when Mo Jingshen dragged her off.

“What did you discuss with him in there earlier? Was he unwilling to give in regardless of how much money you offered?” Ji Nuan curiously asked.

Mo Jingshen did not speak. His gaze calm and unruffled.

He glanced at Ji Nuan.

Beautiful, confused, curious, impatient, and because he did not attain what she wanted, the little woman was also hiding some frustration.

“I say, it’s so hard to find something that Grandfather Mo likes. Since you’ve already brought me here, we can’t just leave empty-handed…”

Ji Nuan words were suddenly cut off. She stared in shock at the chess record that Mo Jingshen was handing to her.

She remained dumbstruck for a while before reaching over to receive it. After carefully opening it, she looked up at him in shock. “This… he actually let it go? How much money did you spend?”

Mo Jingshen gave an enigmatic smile, walking out without providing an answer.

“How much money exactly did you spend? This is the present I want to give to Grandfather Mo, not yours. So, this bill has to be settled by me. I can earn the money myself, just give me some time, I…”

“I didn’t spend a single cent.” Seeing her impatient figure, Mo Jingshen no longer tried to be secretive.

“How can it be…”

The two of them walked out of the chess hall. Ji Nuan politely nodded in thanks to the people inside and then gripped on to the costly chess record as she asked, “What on earth happened? Didn’t you say that someone offered 100 million and still could not buy it? If you didn’t spend money, then…”

Could it be that Mo Jingshen agreed to some problematic request?

She did not want someone to control him because of this, or to have to answer some ridiculous conditions.

“Elder Xu is obsessed with chess,” Mo Jingshen calmly explained. “I set a gamble with him. If I win in a round of chess, the chess record would be mine.”




Aside from shock, there was only more shock!

Ji Nuan’s mouth fell open and said in disbelief, “You know how to play chess?”

“Although Grandfather isn’t as obsessed with chess as Elder Xu is, he is considered half a professional. From the age of three, I was forced to play with him. What do you think?” Mo Jingshen’s words were unhurried.

Ji Nuan was shocked to the point where her lips could hardly close.

She pressed against his side quietly, asking with uncertainty, “You really didn’t spend a single cent?”

The man glanced at her. His brows were cold and handsome. “Your husband’s dignity is not even worth 100 million yuan?”


What an expensive dignity!

Ji Nuan swallowed. “Worth, worth, worth! It’s definitely worth!”


“En, en! Happy!”

“Shouldn’t you also let me be happy tonight?”

“… ah?”

The man’s low, seductive voice teased by her ear, “Tonight, we’ll see your performance, en?”

Ji Nuan stared at him in shock, the chess record in her hands felt as heavy as a thousand kilograms.

She thought about earlier when she waited really long inside and had to go to the bathroom. And when she went to the bathroom, she realized… she realized…

“Um…” Ji Nuan licked her lips, going up on her tiptoes to lean close to his lips and quietly whispered.

Mo Jingshen’s expression immediately stiffened.

Seeing his expression, she cleared her throat and pressed the chess record back into his hands timidly. She awkwardly said, “This, why don’t I return it to you first…”

She handed it to him as though she was in great pain from having to part from her treasure.

Mo Jingshen was mad to the extent of wanting to laugh.

If this woman is not disciplined, she will really soar to the sky.