Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 40 - Earlier on, Her Heart Was Moved to the Point Where She Was Scared

Chapter 40: Earlier on, Her Heart Was Moved to the Point Where She Was Scared

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On the bustling streets, crowds of people moved about. Under Mo Jingshen’s gaze, Ji Nuan happily held the chess record in her hands as she walked.

She did not turn back to look at the expression of the man she had angered.

Not too far away was Hai Cheng’s largest departmental store. Ji Nuan opened her mouth, “Actually, I have a lot of suitable clothing. There are even some new ones that still have the tags on. I’ll buy a suitable coat instead.”

While speaking, she suddenly noticed that one of the branded shops in front had a long coat on display and was about to walk over.

However, the arm around her tightened. Mo Jingshen directly pressed her back.

She suspiciously raised her head up only to hear his low voice whispering by her ear, “It’s too thin.”


“Then, what about the one by its side?”


“Right now it’s only the beginning of autumn. I feel like it’s not very thin…” Ji Nuan pursed her lips, but her gaze had already moved inside the shop, looking for a thicker coat.

She had yet to finish looking when Mo Jingshen held her hand, tugging her towards another branded shop with a target in mind.

At the front of the shop, a white cashmere coat on display fell into Ji Nuan’s line of sight. Its thickness was pleasant and suitable for wearing through autumn and into the beginning of winter. It was simple and clean looking, yet it did not lose the smooth style that belonged to the brand. It was a classic, simple, yet prominent design.

Ji Nuan raised her eyes in surprise and saw that Mo Jingshen appeared somewhat satisfied with this piece as well.

Although Mo Jingshen rarely shopped, his taste and foresight were rather good.

Ji Nuan liked this piece and asked an employee to look for a suitable size for her to try on.

She wore the coat, turning about in front of the long mirror as she looked at herself. By the side, two of the employees praised her with expressions of shock. “Miss! This piece is really suitable for you, ah! Your skin is so white, and your figure is so good! On you, this piece looks better than on a model! You look especially classy!”

Ji Nuan unconsciously turned to look at Mo Jingshen who sat on the couch near the storefront.

He sat there, handsome, exquisite, and clean.

He had a noble, cold aura that no one could ignore. He was noble and beyond ordinary.

Several of the employees and customers at the shop would often turn to glance secretly at the man on the couch. Their eyes were full of admiration and curiosity. The younger girls all held their hearts, unable to contain their bright red faces.

“Do you do men’s clothing here?” Ji Nuan’s gaze moved toward the men’s section by the fitting room.

“We do. Miss, do you want to choose some clothing for the Mister who came with you?”

Ji Nuan did not reply and turned to walk over.

Previously, she had bought a shirt for Mo Jingshen, but she did not get a matching tie for him. The shirt he wore today was coincidentally the one she had bought.

After finally selecting one, she hid it behind her back, walking out with a smile.

“Done trying on clothes?” Mo Jingshen placed down the magazine he had carelessly picked up and looked at her. His gaze immediately appeared satisfied.

The fact was that Ji Nuan was attractive regardless of what she wore. What satisfied him was the warmth that the coat could provide. It was sufficient for preventing her from catching a cold again.

“Does it look good?” Ji Nuan stood in front of him, asking with her head tilted to the side. It was as though she was a shy little girl who was on her first date with her boyfriend.

“It looks very good.” The man was not stingy with his praise.

Which woman did not like to be praised? Ji Nuan’s eyes curved in a smile. She then secretly and quietly whispered, “Stand up for a while.”

Mo Jingshen’s brows did not move as he watched her. He then cooperatively stood up.

Ji Nuan raised her head to look at the man who was a lot taller than her. She brought out the tie she was hiding and quickly placed it around his neck.

Just as Mo Jingshen’s brows slightly furrowed, she fastened the tie with well-practiced hands and looked up at the man who was beyond handsome.

Not even mentioning the rest of the employees who were lovestruck, even Ji Nuan’s heart could not help but flutter.

Regardless of character or charm, there was nothing to nitpick about Mo Jingshen.

In this life, what she needed to do was to treasure everything she had, to take back everything that was once hers, and to hold on to the people she wanted to hold on to. She would not let herself repeat the same mistakes.

Toward Mo Jingshen, she admitted that her heart was moved by him from beginning to end. She could not bear to leave him.

She felt that he was what she wanted to hold on to after her previous life, and she thought it would be all right if she did not lose him again.

She did not dare to ask for more.

Ji Nuan held on to the man’s tie. She suddenly felt warm. As her gaze met Mo Jingshen’s deep, dark one, her fingers tightened slightly around the tie.

Ji Nuan.

What you want today, has it become more than before?

For a moment, it was as though Ji Nuan could not hear the praises and envious sighs of the employees around. Her spirit appeared to have left.

Mo Jingshen pressed her hand down and held on to it while looking down at her. “Why are you in a daze?”

It was only then that Ji Nuan returned to herself and thought about all the people looking at them. She rushed to pull her hands out but was unable to. He did not loosen his grip.

“Sir, it must be because you are too handsome! Your girlfriend was too charmed by you and couldn’t speak,” the employee by the side said happily.

Ji Nuan did not speak, but her face burned.


If she spoke truthfully, of course, she was charmed!

Her heart was charmed to the extent that it scared her.

“She’s not my girlfriend; she’s my wife,” Mo Jingshen clarified the moment the employee finished her words. Seeing that Ji Nuan seemed like an embarrassed little wife, he directly said, “Bring up the bill for her coat and my tie. Are there any other things you like?”

He asked Ji Nuan. Ji Nuan shook her head. “I only like this piece. I don’t need any other clothes, so buying one will do.”

After walking out of the shop, Ji Nuan looked at the man by her side who was currently holding on to the shopping bag. For some inexplicable reason, she felt that having this big shot, Mo Jingshen, accompanying her to shop left her with a sense of accomplishment.

The two of them returned to the department store by the side and immediately saw Ji Mengran, who was anxiously pacing back and forth by the entrance.

After such a long time, she was still here?

Ji Nuan lightly furrowed her brows; her lips calmly curving.

Ji Mengran rushed forward in anger after seeing the two. “Big Sister! Why did you leave me alone! I waited outside for half a day, but I saw no one! After that, I went to a milk tea shop nearby to rest for a while, and the people at the chess hall said that you guys had left! Why didn’t you wait for me?!”

Ji Nuan coldly glanced at her. “Earlier, you were on your phone. I thought you had something important, so you didn’t follow us in. When I came out, and I saw that you weren’t there, I thought you had left.”

“I didn’t leave! I waited for so long, but you guys didn’t even pick up your phone!” Ji Mengran was angry, and her face showed an ugly expression.